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    darrenstraight reacted in Places of interest in the new mining world   
    I thought I'd start a thread where we can put the coordinates for any places of interest we have found in the new mining world.  I or others have posted most of these in different threads so I thought it would be good to gather them in one thread.
    First off there have been 3 ocean monuments found at this point (at least that I know of).  The first 2 can be found at the coordinates below and have been mostly, if not completely, drained of water so everyone can move around easily in them.  Also, the elder guardians have been slain in both.
    ocean monuments
    x = 2185, z = 3177
    x = 2000, z = 700
    The third one I have found just recently.  With this one I thought it would be a good idea to not drain it completely so that everyone can use it as a "hunting ground" for guardians.  The elder guardians have been slain but there are plenty of regular guardians to hunt down.  I have gone through and created air pockets in almost every room so a player can easily get to air while hunting.  In certain rooms I have only made partial air pockets in because of openings between floors.  Leaving the water in these ceiling spaces is important for both players and guardians to get between floors.  (Added note: there are some rooms that are completely drained.  Use these to rest from swimming or to place crafting tables and furnaces as needed.)
    ocean monument for hunting
    x = -1957, z = 2343
    Near this third monument is a jungle that contains a jungle temple.  When I got to the temple the only thing in the chest was rotten flesh.  However, there are ocelots in the area and I saw a couple of melon patches as well.
    jungle temple
    x = -2302, z = 2569
    The other day a came across a dungeon with a zombie spawner.  I also saw some wood planks on the ceiling nearby.  I didn't have the time to explore but I wouldn't be surprised to find it to be part of a mineshaft.
    dungeon/zombie spawner  - likely mineshaft nearby
    x = -720, y = 19, z = 49
    The last thing I have for now is the location of a stronghold.  I have explored a little bit of it myself.  So far I have found one library.  I suspect someone will have to do some mining to get to the rest of the stronghold.  The coordinates I am listing is for the ground level entrance I made to get to the stronghold.
    stronghold entrance
    x = 726, z = -114
    That's all I have for now.  If anyone has found something not listed above please post it to this thread.
    Thanks and have fun mining, hunting, exploring!
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    darrenstraight reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    A villager in the middle of a bunch of ice and switches?  Do I sense a new minigame coming our way?
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    darrenstraight reacted in 09/01/2015 - YAMS 4th Year Anniversary   
    I have an idea! Why not hold another Quintathalon? Since the last one, tons of new games have been added or changed (could even have color shuffle/TNT run). Also, this doesn't require much set up, the hardest part would be arranging a time when people would be able to participate. For anyone unaware the events done last time were maze race, PVP, spleef and boat race (we now have the super long course available to us). This time around the PVP place is a samurai dojo thing, and we also have color shuffle, tnt run, strike a light, lights out, chess and checkers. There are also some team based games like blocky, paintball, and capture the flag if we wanted to have a tournament type thing there. Again, this is just an idea, but if you would like to see an event like this feel free to voice your ideas and comment when you would be able to join us.
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    darrenstraight reacted in Full Server Day [SUGGESTION]   
    I was on the server today, and I thought about how much more fun it is with more people online. So, I had the idea of attempting to fill up the server, it doesn't matter how long it's full, but just seeing that "16/16" would make me really happy. Comment below any days/times that you are free and we can try to organize a day when we can fill the You don't necessarily have to participate, but I will be playing tons of mini games (16 player hide and seek ) to keep us entertained. If we don't want to play any of those, we can certainly work on one of the build projects going on right now, like the roller coaster or castle (Remember: you can work on these at any time no matter what town you are from, even if no one else is online). This isn't really an event per say, but I think we should bring the server back to its glory days, and at least get a decent amount of people online.
    I am free pretty much any time, however not before 4 PM GMT, on the weekends. That is unless I have something going on Don't feel obligated to come, at this point it is just an idea. Remember, its all about having fun
    To Darren: I didn't know if I should have put it here with a [sUGGESTION] tag or in General YAMS discussion...sorry if I placed it  wrong >.<
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    darrenstraight reacted in MCM London Comic Con October 2014   
    Was a great weekend
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    darrenstraight reacted in TheCanadian would like to join   
    Hello Im asking to be whitelisted because i would like to join your community i love minecraft i heard about your server from a friend and i would like to join and enjoy minecraft with other people who enjoy it too 
    My name Is Nicholas but you can call me nick my in game name is the Canadian13 i have played Minecraft for a wile and i am 14 years old (truing 15 very soon) i Live in southern Canada i will be active almost everyday 
    I hope to see you on the server if i am accepted  
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    darrenstraight reacted in TheCanadian would like to join   
    Hello and Welcome to YAMS   


    You will be happy to know that you have been whitelisted for our server. Once you login, please wait for a member of staff to show you around. If there are no staff members online, then perhaps a willing member could take their place. If there are no members online (   ) then please proceed to he rules room and read every sign on the floor. 


    After the rules room please proceed down the tower, and head north (marked in ground level floor) to sandbox. Once there please read the sandbox rules, the board on your left, and then pick out a plot. Make sure the sign says vacant, and then break it and put your name and the date on it. It is also a good idea to set your home in your plot at this point.   


    When you look for resources, wood can be found in the tree farm at the back of sandbox, as well as wool/sheep (if there are any animals in stock). There are two huts by the farms. One leads to the food farms, where carrots, pumpkins, melons, potatoes, wheat, sugar cane, and cocoa beans can be found. The other hut will lead to the mining world. Once you are teleported, please read the mining world rules, and then you may mine anywhere away from the spawn (please keep it neat!!!).


    That should answer any initial questions, if you have more, please feel free to ask!


    Hope to see you in game



    P.S. If any of you other people were wondering I was that friend...I'll keep this one more active than all the other people I have brought here
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    darrenstraight reacted in Hello to the YAMS world from Silly_Ray!   
    Thank you for accetping us!
    Wow, I can already kinda tell just how friendly this community must be.  It's a great vibe.
    We'll make sure to learn all the rules and keep them.
    Looking forward to making new friends and having a great time on YAMS!
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    darrenstraight reacted in YAMS Castaway July 2014 #4 [OFFICIAL]   
    Have been waiting to see when we do another one of these. I quite enjoy them
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    darrenstraight reacted in North: Snowheim   
    hey folks,
    ultra busy time of the year for me, however after tomorrow it should calm down a little to allow me time to come and finish a few things around town.
    I will hope to get on either Sat afternoon or Sun evening to have a bit of a tidy up and sort out our 'hobbit hole' in the middle of the houses. If anyone is around just give me a shout and we can play a game or do some work or just even chill out for a bit.
    hope you are all behaving and keeping well.
    see you in game soon
    p.s massive thanks to Darren for being understanding in regards to my current absence in game
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    darrenstraight reacted in Spawn Town Fun-House Remodeling [OFFICIAL]   
    Okay, the room is pretty nether-ish. All that's left now is to build the actual jumping puzzle
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    darrenstraight reacted in South: Maplehold   
    I am pleased to announce that progress has been made on the roller coaster! I have continued the abandoned mineshaft and turned into an existing cave. After the turn, we will switch to a nether theme. This will require a large area, and a good portion of lava, I will be heading to the nether soon, hopefully tomorrow, to get more lava. We will also need cobwebs for the abandoned mineshaft, however these will be more difficult to get. Either way, its good that the project is on its feet again
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    darrenstraight reacted in North: Snowheim   
    just a quick note to the folks of Snowheim,
    due to recent work increase my time has been limited on YAMS, but be assured I have not forgotten about you. I was able to get on during my weeks holiday at the beginning of the month and made a few small changes around town and tidied up a few things as well.
    I am hoping to get online this Saturday for a couple of hours before 6pm(UK time) to look at changing the animal farm design and to attempt some terraforming of the castle grounds.
    If you are around I would appriciate the company and additional input from another Yamsian (regardless of where you live in YAMS - doesn't have to be Snowheim). If you find me online but AFK then I am probably just getting food/drink and shouldn't be long.
    anyway midnight for me now so sleepy time again
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    darrenstraight reacted in Build Challenge #5 - Theme park [OFFICIAL]   
    Hi Folks!
    In support of this project I've gone one a small  mining trip and have donated the following to the Spawn Town community room:
    Iron - 132 Redstone - 708 Diamond - 19 Gold - 32 Coal - 572 Lapis - 168 Smooth Stone - 1683 Quartz - 448 Wool (white) - 32   I hope this is sufficient to at least get you guys started and it probably isn't a patch on the kind of resources you guys can deliver but I hope it helps. If anyone thinks they'll need anything else please let me know and I'll go and grab it.   -gtadvance.
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    darrenstraight reacted in Build Challenge #5 - Theme park [OFFICIAL]   
    So I've been to the test build area and built something, its currently in its beta test but I though I'd share it:

    Automatic gates when a player has gone a certain distance on the ride

    A cart will comedown within 5 seconds on button pressing

    This is how it works (A lot of redstone under too) Only problem is the refilling of carts...

    Disappear into the colour tube

    Up turn and drop

    Down into a water place (Wont need to use glowstone as it is hard to get a lot of (can use torches))

    Then the end, as I said its only a beta so might need a bit of working on. Also some of you might be thinking about all that Lapis, we don't have to use it, it was just the first think I saw
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    darrenstraight reacted in Three Way Tie - Need Your Votes!   
    It's decided!  Darren is the winner!  But since this is his third time, he's decided to pass on the honor for December 2013 to the entire YAMS Community   Congratulations, guys!
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    darrenstraight reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Attention residents of Snowheim and YAMS!!!


    Snowheim is proud to announce the grand opening of the unique underground stables.

    There is a horse friendly access point to the underground tunnels just outside of the current farm location. Signs lead the way to the old 'horseshoe' area which has now been transformed almost overnight (2 days and one very late night to be exact), into a fabulous Stable area.


    ride your horse around the back of the stables and chose one for your horse to stay for a while. Signs will be available to let others know what your horse is called and who it belongs to

    There will be chests provided soon with some hay and carrots as a welcome gift for your Horse.


    hope you like and enjoy using the new town feature


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    darrenstraight reacted in Won't be on for a while.   
    Well the move has just been completed as of about an hour ago. I'm shattered but at least it's done. Now onward to cleaning up my old place!
    The build was partly based (mostly the exterior) on a sustainable house in New York State but with more windows and I just thought the 1.5 floors showed off the space better.
    I can add some oak wood trim. I think it would go well around the bottom as I like the oak planks for the roof. I think I'll also make the patio/decking area out of oak wood too.
    Alas this can't be done until I get the new internets and have generally unpacked at least some things. Hopefully it won't take too long.
    I shall see you all soon!
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    darrenstraight reacted in 18/11/2013 - YAMS Christmas 2013   
    so who wants to team up?
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    darrenstraight reacted in Please add me to the whitelist - creepersam65   
    Hello and welcome to YAMS creepersam65!
    I'm so sorry about the delay with whitelisting you, been quite busy lately, but.... I have gone ahead and whitelisted you!
    When you join you will be greeted by the community and given a tour by a member of staff, or a member if there isn't any staff are on.

    If no one can give you a tour, please go to the rules room on your own and read all the info from that room and then make your way down spawn tower, reading the rest of the information on the other floors as you feel needed as the rest is optional, but it's worth coming back to read later if you don't when you join.

    Once you have reached the ground floor of spawn tower with the compass directions in the floor please go north towards sandbox.

    Once you are i sandbox please read the sandbox rules, the front board on the left. This board is pretty big but has a lot of information explaining that you are in sandbox to build a house and get to know the community better before you decide which town you would like to move too.
    Please make sure you read everything that you need too, as it explains everything very well and ensures everything runs smoothly for both me and you and everyone else on the server.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask, we are all here to help.  

    Hope to see you in game soon!
    Nams cupcake
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    darrenstraight reacted in Technical issues!   
    Just as an update it worked wonders aha! I never thought optifine would work so well I seem to have no lag at all now and I can connect from my home computer-it must have been massively laggy to not even connect in the first place-thank you Darren!
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    darrenstraight reacted in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!!   
    Well, the BBC released a short prequel to the 50th Anniversary special earlier today! Here it is! Fans of the classic series may particularly enjoy this one
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    darrenstraight reacted in Spawn Town Fun-House Remodeling [OFFICIAL]   
    I like the yellow in Nick's design personally.  Gonna try to get on this weekend to see if we can start actually building something
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    darrenstraight reacted in Minecraft Snapshot 13w41a   
    Two new things for server owners too. Multi line MOTD's and server icons
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    darrenstraight reacted in Who remembers Chucklevision?   
    Ahh classic British kids tv, does anyone remember Bodger and Badger or the Sooty and Sweep show
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