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  1. YAMS has provided me with a great 2 years 4 days of fun where I could, and still can, work with the community! I am very happy that it will now be going on for a third year.  I think that YAMS has a positive future and I would like to give some feedback based on my ideas and past 2 years of experience.


    First of all, I think that Darren and the staff have done a great job with keeping the server running properly and organized, so thank you all for that! :) I love the mining world and Sandbox how they are, along with the house plots in all of the towns. I enjoy the test build world because it is a nice place to build ideas that have the potential to be added to the community.  Personally, I would not like a free build world because there would be less focus placed on the projects in the new world and players would go there instead of the normal world / test build due to it having fewer building guidelines.  I still think that plots are great, although I would like to have plots be more like Snowheim (on different levels of ground with different views) rather than in Maplehold where it is practically one giant flat area with plots. 


    Every year (or about 14 months), it seems that YAMS transfers to a new world, and I would like to continue that tradition. We have been in the current world since February 2013, and I think that we could possibly move this February 2014, or whenever is most convenient.  I love the current world, but it is also fun to mix things around and start all over again. When this 2013 world was created, the community all came together and built the warehouse, spawn town, beginnings of the university, and other builds very quickly. The point is that a new world could cause players to come on more and build public builds. I liked the world back in 2012 (with Winter Wonderland, the Redstone Museum, Highland Cliffs, etc.) because I enjoyed having many towns that were close by.  For example, Winter Wonderland and the Beach town were neighbors, and it was easy to travel around on minecart and solely by walking.  Changing to a new world could allow new biomes from 1.7.4, new/revised towns, and fresh builds.  It would be nice to have the towns within 500 blocks of spawn rather than 1000, just to make the community more centered, and make it more appealing to travel to another town without having to go on a 7min cart ride.  Additionally, towns in the new world could be made to fit all of the new materials added in 1.7 (one town could take certain types of wood while another town could take one type of wood and stone brick, etc.) I am not against staying in the current world, but am just throwing out ideas if we happened to move to a new world.


    The current town themes are good for the most part; I would just like to see a town that can implement the acacia / dark oak wood, along with the other new materials from the last update.


    I enjoy playing on YAMS and am excited to see what happens in the future! Thank you, everyone, for making it a fun, safe place to be (especially Darren and staff)! :D

  2. I read all the posts about the rollercoaster and took at look at it in Maplehold as well. I am glad to work on it anytime! However, I just need to be shown the area that we are trying to build it in (like can I go inside mountains or are we trying to keep it on top of the land only?).  I will be online tomorrow to help! :)

  3. This is totally random, but I came across this awhile ago and wanted to know what you lot thought of it.


    It is a sport called "Cheese-Rolling". Basically, a bunch of people run down a steep hill for a block of cheese.  I personally think it looks super fun, but dangerous :P  Unfortunately, it is in Scotland, so I couldn't play the sport in forever... Has anyone played this sport before?


    Here is a youtube link for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GdVnzDFyLg

  4. Ok Mapleholdians!


    We need to finish this lumberyard and start some new project!

    Remember #2 and #5 on Darren's list need to be worked on and completed!  I have enclosed more land with fences in which the lumberyard needs to be built in.  The ground should be changed to grass in order to match the original lumberyard. 


    I have created a pathway for more vehicles.  In the new area, add some more vehicles and wood storages and trees.  Feel free to expand more if you would like!

    Please come and work on it.  I don't have to be online for work to be done! :) 


  5. I'm going "camping" on those days too!! No joke! :O


    Except, instead of camping in tents, I am in an old lodge and ever day I collect science data from water, fossils, animals, etc.  Part of a biology course I am taking :)


    Have fun to all those YAMS Campers! :D

  6. any recent projects? i want to participate in maplehold projects... you know, the more the merrier! thnx~!


                                                                                                                                                               - DJ

    Numbers 2 and 5 in Darren's list still need to be finished. That's always a possible activity!

    Also, if you can suggest or think of any ideas that would work in Maplehold that you might like to see, that would be good.  We need ideas before we can start a project! :)

  7. Dock is getting built....almost done (needs more fancy details).


    The forest and grass area in the orange wool region is complete.


    Later today, I can work on foresting the rest of Maplehold.


    Thanks ben for ur help!



    EDIT!: Maplehold has been forested on most parts now. Once some of the desert is changed to grass (on the west side), we can add more trees there too! :)

  8. I have just finished building the Tower Bridge idea in the test build world.  Tell me what you all think....


    I have made one of the 2 towers, the bases of the towers to both, and a road in between.  Just imagine that there is an idential tower on the other side of the road.


    Please leave signs or message me in the game or post on forums if you have any suggestions?


    Does everybody like this idea? Also, make sure to think of your own ideas!

  9. A player built beautiful roman buildings in the test build world (I forgot which player and did not want to mix up name).  This inspired me to ask the community what they thought about a Roman Town build.


    Obviously, we would wait until the YAMS University is further sorted out and until Snowheim has its castle going and the other towns making progress. But, I was thinking about this idea as a future build that we could do.  There could be bathhouses, forums, olympic stadiums, tall arches and columns, along with many other ancient Roman town features.


    What do you all think of this?

  10. Also, I was thinking we could make a version of Tower Bridge between the 2 hills. The bridge connecting the 2 hills could be the road towards the bottom of tower bridge, and then on each side of the bridge (the 2 hilltops), we could have the two tall towers with a small bridge connecting them in between.

    I did post this idea a few posts upward.  I have not gotton the time yet to build design in the test build world, but will hopefully rather soon. :)


    To all others, feel free to build ur own design of the tower bridge or think up new ideas! 

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