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  1. The Foundry is now finally complete. Thanks to everyone who has helped, even if it was only a small bit :P


    I was thinking of throwing a mini opening party, which will include two cakes, a single firework, and some buckets of milk.

  2. I would like to be a CSO because I want to help improve the YAMS community. I have been on this server for a long time (almost a year and a half) and I really want to help out in a bigger way than I have in the past. I would like to show new players around and teach them about the YAMS community. I like helping out other people, especially new players. I believe that i may be one of the only people from the Pacific time zone who play on YAMS. I would also like to get to know some members of the YAMS community better and make some new friends.



    Thanks for reading,



  3. i just watched Minecraft: The Story of Mojang on XBox live.

    I am amazed by how well it was made and how many people gave money to have the documentary produced. My favorite part of the whole thing was that Mojang expressed greatly that Minecraft thrives in communities like the amazing YAMS Community we have here. Notch also expressed that you should not spend tons of time planning because than you are not getting anything done. I kinda had an epiphany during that documentary, I read about great ideas for what we should build on this server. We plan everything we should do to make the project amazing, but we do not execute properly and we don't meet our deadlines (like this year's Halloween area (no offense to anyone involved with that project)). I think we should change how we get stuff done on this server. We should just have a basic outline of what we are doing, by basic I mean something like as follows:

    [indent=1]Giant cathedral[/indent]
    [indent=2]Must be:[/indent][list]
    [*]spacious on the inside
    [indent=2]Must have:[/indent][list]
    [*]large windows
    [indent=2]Build Directors[/indent][list]
    [*]Captain Marbles
    Then the people helping build would use their imagination and construct the structure how they like, the people in charge of the build (I called them build directors above) would tell the people building the project how they should adjust what they have built. As you can tell from the example, there is not list of what the project would be built out of, how big it would be, and where it would be. The people in charge of the project would figure that out.

    I would like if we did a trial run of this method to see how good or bad it would work in action. I thought this might help improve the effectiveness and uniqueness of this server and community.

    Please let me know what you guys think of this

  4. [quote name='ryanfenton' timestamp='1354048500' post='17224']
    [b]The next project I have for Farefall is to transform this area (marked in red) to something more appealing.[/b]


    [b]The Library and brewing room have been squeezed into the small area to fill it up but now I think its time for them to go, as well as the market stall and fountain. I need you to come up with ideas and building designs for the area, even if its just one building, try it out in the test build world :)
    One of my ideas was to have a coffee shop where the brewing room is and have brewing stands in there.
    (maybe like this?[/b][b]) [/b][url="http://s9.geograph.org.uk/geophotos/02/59/11/2591105_a853f1d0.jpg"]http://s9.geograph.o...05_a853f1d0.jpg[/url]

    [b]Can't wait to see what you come up with :)


    maybe we could have a tall building go there. We could put shops, a brewing room, a fountain, and other stuff that we may find useful. I also suggest making a basement in it.

  5. i really like the top one, it looks very realistic. i say we do something like the top one

    Also with 1.4 coming out soon, i think we should think of making a blacksmith area with anvils, furnaces, and crafting tables for everyone to use

  6. [quote name='ryanfenton' timestamp='1348916319' post='16032']
    1. Not everyone will want to wear the leather armour :P
    2. Need to defeat the Wither Boss before you can make a beacon block.
    3. Don't know if it'll look better or not, you can try though :)
    4. Can be a public build idea for when the update goes live.
    5. Don't think this will fit in. What sort of monument were you thinking?

    1. yea i guess, i was also hoping that they would add the ability to dye all armor
    2. yea that might be a roadblock, but Darren does come up with some pretty fun boss battle events
    3. having the ends of the logs exposed doesn't look too good
    4. sounds great to me
    5. maybe we could tie in the observatory and beacon, get a basic idea of what it should look like, add a fountain, a plaque with a dedication to all who helped with the building off all the public buildings in Farefall, some art of any sort, [u]get the community to help with the buildin[/u]g, and we have a monument

  7. Hello Farefall,
    I was just looking at the new and cool stuff in the snapshot, and then i came up with some ideas to help make Farefall better.
    1. some sort of town "uniform" where everyone wears the same color leather armor
    2. a beacon with some sort of power that will best fit Farefall
    3. have everyone rotate the logs on their homes to make it look nicer
    4. a leather-worker shop where you can dye and make armor and clean off any failed dying attempts
    5. a monument to everyone, past an present, who has dedicated their time and effort to making Farefall an epic town :)

  8. [quote name='SteerpikeSister' timestamp='1330945510' post='10253']
    how odd, we've done the same thing at Perivale, why not come see what other ideas you can steal! :P
    Hey i have never been out there since before the addition of that stuff, by the way it is not bad if i steal your ideas because they are not copyrighted. Oh new idea for a shop, YAMS copyrights!

  9. I like the idea, i guess i should start to make some stone bicks so we can start building. Is it ok if I start to pick out the areas for building and digging for the lake and path ways? We could host a triatholon-like compition that includes swimming, running, and minecraft tracks.

  10. Hey guys how about we build some nice parks on/around the mountians/hills and lakes that are nearby so our town looks nice and pretty.
    I can help with design and construction if needed, I have sone cool waterfall and bridge ideas.
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