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    philymon4 reacted in East: Farefall   
    The next Farefall public build is going to be an observatory
    I have marked out a hill with a glowstone pillar where the observatory will be built. Before anything is built though, the hill will need terraforming so there is more space at the top for building. I have cleared some of the trees at the top and have left some dirt in a chest at the top for people to get started.
    Get people server wide to help out

    Good Luck

    Here are some examples of observatories.
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    philymon4 reacted in Dungeonville [SUGGESTION]   
    Underground would be niffty. I've always wanted to do an underground city Maybe a off shoot from a ravine?
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    philymon4 reacted in Dungeonville [SUGGESTION]   
    Me and Dan quite like the idea of a underground cave town and I actually built one and suggested to Darren, Maybe in the future one will be made but for now I know it's not happening until the new world is all good and running
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    philymon4 reacted in Dungeonville [SUGGESTION]   
    I like the Ravine idea with some cool bridges and walkways connecting it across would also make a cool water features as well
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    philymon4 reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    1.2 will have a new biome (Jungle, It looks great!) so wouldn't it be worth the wait? I guess if we move around the time of the update we would need to find a new seed etc. There's also a new mob (cats) and fireballs, but thats all I know. I guess we could find a seed while waiting for bukkit to update?
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    philymon4 reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    [quote name='Murasna' timestamp='1327986076' post='9205']
    im hoping 1.2 comes out before February and we move!

    I can't see it coming out way before we move, at the best it could be the week we move which will only cause more havok for us....potentially delaying the new world at leasty 2 months as I made sure I had the time off work for this, though we could get round the 2 months (do it at weekends) but still it would be delayed... so yes though I really would love to have 1.2 (meawwww), it isn't really feasible, dont forget we would have to wait for Bukkit again too, we are not even on 1.1 fully yet!

    Here's some dates for you to go by:

    Minecraft 1.0 - November 18, 2011
    Minecraft 1.0.1 (server only) - November 24, 2011[list]
    [*]11w47a - November 24, 2011
    [*]11w48a - December 1, 2011
    [*]11w49a - December 8, 2011
    [*]11w50a - December 15, 2011
    [*]12w01a - January 5, 2012
    Minecraft 1.1 - January 12, 2012[list]
    [*]12w03a - January 19, 2012
    [*]12w04a - January 26, 2012
    [*]?????? - February 2, 2012
    [*]?????? - February 9, 2012
    [*]?????? - February 16, 2012
    Minecraft 1.2 - January 23, 2012 ?????
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    philymon4 reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    [quote name='philymon4' timestamp='1327970823' post='9199']
    hey i heard there was a temporary server set up, whats the IP?

    Lookup above your post, a little bit higher!
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