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  1. Random question of the weeked! Why were timezones created in the US? Answers on sunday!

    1. dalejr88


      Because that's the only way we can have fun in life, we get to brag to everyone else that we traveled backward/forward in time. Its our very own time machine! Am I right? I've got to be! Please give me 5 diamonds as a reward for getting this question right :D /me feels so smart :D

    2. darrenstraight


      And there's me thinking it was to do with train timetables and that before 1883 or so... There were lots of different time zones, near enough for each town in the US. This was very complicated in terms of knowing when a train would arrive/depart therefore somethIng had to be done. 4? Separate times ones were created. A year latter or so worldwide time ones came.


      Anyway that's all wrong... Dale must be right! :(

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