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  1. :D YAMS is the best! Thanks everyone for making it so great!
  2. 2 hour delay!!! Hopefully no snnowday bc I want my break :(

  3. 20/20 On meh Italian speaking Final!!!!!!!!! Woop Wooop

  4. 50th anniversary got me obsessing over doctor who again :P

  5. 9 days!!! ( 8 for u lot :P)

  6. All my finals are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D get out on the 21st, and am free untill start of september :)

  7. Am back, no swimming a few of the days :-( but was a good trip :D found the best commercial too xD (dont have link but on youtube you can search "french door obx" without the quotes :P)

  8. Anyone play SImpsons: Tapped Out? need more friends to upgrade my socialism :P

  9. Barth I watched that red vs. blue fight video, but am no closer to learning the importance of Grif :P

  10. Can't wait till I can get you lot back for rubbing your "half terms" in my face when I get a month more of break :D

    1. aoelos_


      I'm already on holiday right now-and I've had half terms! >:D

    2. changingtuna88


      As am I, but I don't go back till september :)

  11. Comment "Tuna rox the sox!" If u see this by next Monday night :P

    1. changingtuna88


      Come on, time is running out! Click the comment button below and leave the above message and you might just find a treat

    2. changingtuna88
    3. changingtuna88
  12. Congrats on standard!

  13. Congrats on the promotion!!!

  14. D: puked because of sweet air at the dentist, and havwn't even got my braces on. Wish me luck, i get them on frday the 13th...i

  15. Felt kinda sick all day yesterday...went to the walk-in clinic amd turns out I got the flu D:

  16. First performance of the play went quite well :D

  17. Going to buffalo so tyler can look at colleges now :P won't be back till friday nighgt (my time) :P

  18. Going to the outer banks in north carolina tomorrow untill next saturday evening. Won't be on much, but will probably check forums :)

  19. Gonna try gettin one of meh mates on today :)

  20. Gosh! I'm just like rollin' out the ideas today!

  21. Got chains on my braces, it feels like i got them on all over again ;'(

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