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  1. Things getting a bit hectic, play is gonna start soon, so staying really late at school for stage crew

    1. darrenstraight


      You playing a tuna righr?

    2. changingtuna88


      No, im in stage crew, the play is the sound of music...so I dont think there are any fish related roles

  2. I'm at a payphone trying to call home, All of my change i've spent on u

    1. changingtuna88


      Where have the times gone baby?

      It's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two?

  3. great now another storm causing power outages. :/

  4. Thanks for the melons.....And remember revenge is a dish best served cold...

  5. All my finals are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D get out on the 21st, and am free untill start of september :)

  6. Hope y'all are succesful with yur charity group thing!

    1. d8g4cnd24_h7


      THanks! Went VERY well!!! :D

  7. Happy birthday specal kitty :D:D:D

    1. nams cupcake

      nams cupcake

      Thank you Specal Tuna :D

  8. May the 3 amazing americans we lost rest in peace, and the 170 injured americans have godspeed in their recovery, Remember, pray for Boston :(

    1. d8g4cnd24_h7


      Very sad moment for everyone. I agree, praying is the least we can do. I hope they all get better as soon as possible.

  9. Luuuuuuuuke stooooooooooooooooop tempting me :P

  10. Haven't been on much because of track...now i feel soooo bad that I missed it :( anyways, happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!

    1. aoelos_


      Ah no worries man! Thanks! :D

  11. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I am a bit late, been really busy recently :P Hope your birthday went well :D

    1. d8g4cnd24_h7


      Don't mind at all about late birthday wishes :P Thanks tuna! Bday was great :D

  12. Happy birthday! Skype does a good job of notifying people of this kind of stuff :P Hope your day was brilliant!

  13. ok have landed at jfk :D still have an hohr long car ride till im home tho :(

    1. changingtuna88


      Just realized this did post xD

  14. Yet Another Snowday...they getting wuite old to be honest

  15. I mean, I don't really know you, but I guess you should have a good day, if it makes ya feel better.

    1. darrenstraight


      You dont know who Tyler is? :O

  16. Happy birthday lord! Hope to see u online gain

  17. My minecraft is like broken....think a bunch of my files got corrupted tho >.>

    1. changingtuna88


      O nvm...aparently abunch of my folders were hidden so it coukldn't access .minecraft >.<


  18. :D YAMS is the best! Thanks everyone for making it so great!
  19. Lol i tried to change my house but now it just looks really bad :P

  20. YAY! It's almost my one year of YAMS :D

  21. YAY! It's almost my one year of YAMS :D

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