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  1. Hurray! Less than 10 days of school left for me. :D

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! :D aorry i didn't send this already; i was too wrapped up in what I was doing at the warehouse to notice. Hope you had a great day :)

  3. Happy Birthday, have a great day! :D

  4. D: puked because of sweet air at the dentist, and havwn't even got my braces on. Wish me luck, i get them on frday the 13th...i

  5. Happy Birthday, have a good one! :D

  6. Hurray, braces don't hurt anyomore :D

  7. Last day of vacation D: well atleast itvwas fun :)

  8. Got chains on my braces, it feels like i got them on all over again ;'(

  9. Got chains on my braces, it feels like i got them on all over again ;'(

  10. Loving the three day weekend, thanks columbus :P

  11. Got stungby a bee while pumpkin picking :'(

  12. Two hour delay do to snow :O

  13. Omg so ecited going to theradio city music hall to see the 85th year aniversary christmas spectacular, tomorrow!

  14. Radio city was spectacular, exceeded all expectations, and was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! they also had parts of the stage that went up down and turned :O

  15. It's beginning to look alot like christmas :).....

  16. Thanks for the likes :D and happy holidays!!!!

  17. Woooo commenting on my iPad mini!!!!!

  18. Happy Birthday YAMS, And here's to another great year!

  19. Barth I watched that red vs. blue fight video, but am no closer to learning the importance of Grif :P

  20. Happy birthday! Have a good one :)

  21. Since we're married, I thought I'd leave u a gift at ur shop! (Dia pick and some iron :D) Show ur thanks :P

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