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  1. Barth I watched that red vs. blue fight video, but am no closer to learning the importance of Grif :P

  2. Thanks for the melons.....And remember revenge is a dish best served cold...

  3. Comment "Tuna rox the sox!" If u see this by next Monday night :P

    1. changingtuna88


      Come on, time is running out! Click the comment button below and leave the above message and you might just find a treat

    2. changingtuna88
    3. changingtuna88
  4. Happy Birthday YAMS, And here's to another great year!

  5. Woooo commenting on my iPad mini!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the likes :D and happy holidays!!!!

  7. It's beginning to look alot like christmas :).....

  8. Radio city was spectacular, exceeded all expectations, and was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! they also had parts of the stage that went up down and turned :O

  9. Omg so ecited going to theradio city music hall to see the 85th year aniversary christmas spectacular, tomorrow!

  10. Two hour delay do to snow :O

  11. great now another storm causing power outages. :/

  12. Probally going to loose power tomorrow. :( Stupid hurricane sandy.

    1. changingtuna88


      Still going strong, though most of my friends lost power, wish me luck :)

    2. nams cupcake

      nams cupcake

      Good luck Specal Tunaaaa!!!! :)

    3. changingtuna88


      Stealing my friends power :P

  13. Got stungby a bee while pumpkin picking :'(

  14. Loving the three day weekend, thanks columbus :P

  15. Got chains on my braces, it feels like i got them on all over again ;'(

  16. Got chains on my braces, it feels like i got them on all over again ;'(

  17. Last day of vacation D: well atleast itvwas fun :)

  18. Hurray, braces don't hurt anyomore :D

  19. Happy Birthday, have a good one! :D

  20. D: puked because of sweet air at the dentist, and havwn't even got my braces on. Wish me luck, i get them on frday the 13th...i

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