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    changingtuna88 reacted in Town public building suggestions   
    public build storage (for that specific town)?
    Trade Stations Such as this:
    (not really needed in YAMS but its still nifty!)
    @ grinndboy the problem with a potion stand is all but 1 potion requires netherwart and it is hard to get even in the nether
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Town public building suggestions   
    for future reference i'm compiling a list of public buildings that any town could have. i'm not talking about attractions, i mean buildings that could be built in every town.
    so far i have:

    cafe, park, pub, clinic, library, swimming pool, post office, town hall.

    i'd like to hear your suggestions.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in West: Perivale   
    Hopefully there will still be room here when I start.This town sounds brilliant!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Enchanting - will you be decoding the Standard Galactic Alphabet?   
    [quote name='Dynamo12xr4 (Joe)' timestamp='1323879027' post='7638']
    NO it will be too much hassle too

    Actually you can just edit the text file/coding whatever it is so that the symbols are just the regular alphabet, a lot easier and quicker than decoding each individual letter and it just appears in game

    Edit - you open minecraft.jar in an archiver and in the "font" folder theer is the normal font and the "alternate" font, change the symbols in the alternate font to the alphabet and you're sorted

    Another edit - if anyone wants it i'll post the changed alternate font so that you can just swap the two images around and it's decoded
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    changingtuna88 reacted in What's your favourite YAMS memory ?   
    I'd agree. I have very good memories of the good old 8 slot days. In fact I used some google know how to specifically looks for a newly set up server to be my first. However every time I log on there is a new adventure or thing I've achieved that would be a contender for the top YAMS memory, finding the site of my current house, finding the insanely huge cave system below it, playing during the first impromptu mob arena, and then more recently building my epic automated farm and searching the first abandon mine with Jon and Steer.

    If I had to pick one I'd probably go with the first mob arena, so much fun :-)

    Good times past and I'm sure good times to come <3
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    changingtuna88 reacted in What's your favourite YAMS memory ?   
    Hi there everyone !
    its been a big thing for me seeing the server change as its gotten older, so many new things have been built, so many new people have joined (good and bad ) and so many things have happened so i was thinking of a topic to get the community talking and so i thought....

    What is your favourite YAMS memory so far ?

    it could be anything really, a person you met, something you built, an event you took part in, anything !

    id have to say one of my favorite memories was when i first logged on. i remember looking for my first ever minecraft server that i was going tom play, no intention of staying as i just wanted to buidl something cool...anyway i logged on to find no-one else online and so i decided to build my own version of a treehouse up on a hill i then remember someone with a green name log in, me being the minecraft newbie i was i had no idea that it was the admin we got talking and he seemed very friendly, the server was laid back and had a good atmosphere. after a few more visits i remember more and more people joining and building and eventually there were some small, but brilliant, buildings cropping up and the YAMS community was beginning to form, although there were some grieffers, we all stuck together and i believe there might be a few of the originals that pop online from time to time. And that was my first experience of YAMS

    cant wait to hear what you lot have to say

    Ben AKA Satch2096
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    changingtuna88 reacted in What's your favourite YAMS memory ?   
    When I first joined YAMS I lived in a hole in the ground! There wasn't a sandbox area then, though the lodge and hotel were there but I just wanted to find dungeons anyway so I figured might as well stay close .

    Next I moved out to the desert to run acme and Darren built a road for me so we had a grande picnic with disco sheep which is probably my most favorite memory.

    During one of the updates when not many people were on, Darren and Brainsss were working on a secret project and I was supposed to stay away from them while they were building, so I was just wandering around the server collectiong mob droppings and pestering the guys with random questions cause I was lonely and I accidently stumbled upon them building the church out west! They yelled at me till I left and I laughed and laughed!

    ohhh all the memories... firefrak helping me build the first library in woodbridge, when Deathlinaty lived in that huge place near woodbridge and used to grow reeds for me to make bookshelves, falling off Ben's wall to my death (repeatedly), Dale monopolizing all the trade shops in every town, the spleef arena games, the grande opening of the creeper cafe, the tours I used to give to new people, leetmurdoc stalking me all over the server, jonieye's house being taken over by mushrooms, when everyone on was digging the hole for sinkcity, tyler splashing in pools all the time, when darius was trying to teach me how to use redstone and I couldn't concentrate and he got frustrated with me for chatting to other people while he was trying to explain, wolfprincess hosting comicon, trying to secretly build a cake for Darren's birthday, all the statues made for madrad's birthday party, and, and, and and....
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    changingtuna88 reacted in What's your favourite YAMS memory ?   
    My first day in YAMS and within 2 hours I had a house that was ready to be looked at by darren! only visited the public farm once and the mine 0 times lol. everyone had donated stuff for me to use so i didnt need to.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in What's your favourite YAMS memory ?   
    i loved my little sandbox house in lot 40. and there i first met Elsejon when i was invited to play tag with them. i was so worried about inadvertently breaking a rule that i was quite timid and nervous but having friends really helped!

    and Castaway, when i really took to building for the first time! the saloon i was so proud of and the gardens around the railtrack, working with Darren for the first time was amazing.

    well before long i was on YAMS every minute i could spare, helped out with whatever i thought i could manage and in what seems like such a short time i've been promoted to moderator! i love this server!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in What's your favourite YAMS memory ?   
    my best memory was also my first.I remember first logging in when there wasn't a whitelist and being shown around by Benjamin(or Benjamen,i forget :3)I was supprised that everyone was so nice:) all the other servers i went to were rude.Thanks for the good times!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in What's your favourite YAMS memory ?   
    My favorite memory in Yams is probably when i first logged in and everyone was so helpful and nice. I also liked my very tiny sandbox house. Also the first time i logged on mumble everyone was as nice as they were in game if not nicer. So I guess i have many good memory's in Yams.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    it has to do with the server being down! and i guess i could just ask tyler for something...
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    [quote name='Bigtycoflex' timestamp='1328154445' post='9223']
    Tyler or Tyler v 2 (me)?

    Psst.... Tyler.... He doesn't care xD He just wants something
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 12/01/2012 - Minecraft 1.1.0 Update Released   
    Tyler or Tyler v 2 (me)?
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Packed for the move yet?   


    Easier for me to just upload photos of my chests than actually type everything lol
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Whitelisting   
    Welcome to the greatest server on the planet today, YAMS!!!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 09/12/2011 - The Future of YAMS for 2012   
    hey when is the ark going to be finished?

    Edit: Hey I noticed the frame of the ark and the walls of the rooms are done, but has a cabin design been decided on yet?
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Its Doctor Who Day!   
    I have actually eaten fish fingers and custard (I've eaten alot worse) they're nice until about the 6th one then it gets abit weird. Rather nice tbh
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