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    changingtuna88 reacted in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!!   
    I had that as well. Its the chin...you know...pointy
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 18/11/2013 - YAMS Christmas 2013   
    Just loaded the forums and this screenshot was on the random YAMS Screenshot thing in the sidebar, seemed fitting to post here.

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    changingtuna88 reacted in Spawn Town Fun-House Remodeling [OFFICIAL]   
    What type of fish is tuna?  Hes a changing tuna...
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    changingtuna88 reacted in North: Snowheim   
    No we don't have any stables, sounds good to me, may have to have an access shaft (slopped tunnel to outside with slabs) to get out quick with horses though, as its down in the tunnels!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Minecraft server list icon for YAMS [OFFICIAL]   
    It doesn't matter if its rubbish, its the participation that counts!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Platform Power [SUGGESTION]   
    Looks good, cant test it properly on YAMS yet as needs 1.7.2, without it textures are missing and not all command blocks work, here's me testing it in YAMS haha....

    I will test again in YAMS once we are on 1.7.2, but a few things I know I'll have to do/check:
    Disable /spawn for the event Allow monster spawn eggs to be used. Possibly allow xp bottles, if they spawn. Allow pvp, there seemed to be no friendly pvp fire on teams, make sure this works. Allow creeper explosions Allow ghast explosions/fire Will you be able to hit ghast fireballs as in previous adventure maps on bukkit spawned ghast fireballs bugged  out. Other things. A better video explanation is this tutorial:
    Also check out this video of people playing it, you should recognise quite a few of them!
    Good find tuna!
    Also worth noting that xisuma's cube control game inspired this to be made, xisuma is in the gameplay video above, so maybe we could try cube control while we wait for 1.7.2?
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    changingtuna88 reacted in YAMS Halloween Mansion Hosts Infected [OFFICIAL]   
    If the castle ever gets done, it could be used for Infected... likewise the university. 
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Minecraft Highway Ramp   
    If we ever do another Metropolis build challeneger, we could have something like this by Yazur, reminds me of SimCity!

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    changingtuna88 reacted in YAMS Central Park hosts Capture the Flag [OFFICIAL]   
    Just a quick post, thought id let you all know that the capture the flag game in YAMS central park, has had a little upgrade.
    Winning team is announced in chat, with colour! Wining team noteblock sounds removed and replaced with an xp level up sound, heard within 30 blocks radius of the centre bridge. Removed medic class as barely got used. Added a heal button in each team room. I've had a quick look to see if I can make anything else any better like adding scoreboard/teams and such and I could try providing the reset button is pushed at end of game, but I also quite like how its old fashioned redstone at the moment with the team ready levers and such.
    I'll have a think about it when 1.7 comes to YAMS, as that will allow us to use the /setblock command so I could have the game completely reset its self after a game, as a lot of people forget to place wool blocks back after a game even though it says to do so...
    If anyone else would like to suggest anything, post below.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Where would YOU like Minecon 2014?   
    London! Bring on another meet up
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 02/10/2013 - YAMS Halloween 2013   
    Halloween is nearly here, so I done a few things:

    - Added random Halloween sounds/curses/haunts!
    - Disabled Battle Arena, Mob Arena to take it's place for a little bit, games to be initiated by me when there's enough players who ask me for a game to be started. Rewards available!
    - Zombie infection game... Someone becomes a zombie the rest become humans who are hunted by the zombie, humans who die become infected and help the zombie. But that's not all, there's also classes, points and a shop. Need at least 3 players to play a game. It's not ready yet but very soon.
    - Zombie apocalypse, type /za help in game for more info.
    Want anything else? Just ask your town mod or me.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 28/10/2013 - New spawn tower   
    We finally have a new spawn tower, come and check it out.
    As I'm sure you all know by now, signs cause huge FPS drops (lag), there's a bug report about it on the Mojang issue tracker, you can and I suggest you up vote the issue!
    But in the mean time while we wait for a fix (wont happen if Mojang doesn't see it as an issue - hence needing votes), we are trying our best to cut down signs and find other ways to reduce lag, which is why we have this new tower, we have cut out 3 floors of signs and placed them elsewhere:
    The events section is now located in the park. The tips section will move to the University of YAMS. The stories section has been lost in time, though I do hear there's an archaeological dig happening in the desert just outside of spawn, on the red Perivale line, might be worth a look. The new tower is a combination of the winning spawn tower design from the spawn tower competition along with a lot of added features to tailor it to our needs. I'm hoping you will like this new tower design, thanks to those that helped me. 

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    changingtuna88 reacted in 25/10/2013 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.7.2   
    Minecraft 1.7.2 has been released.
    May I remind you that as before with previous updates, we cant update the server to Minecraft 1.7.2 straight away for the simple fact that we have to wait until Bukkit / CraftBukkit and plugins have updated themselves to the latest version of Minecraft, without these plugins we could not guarantee the smooth running of YAMS.
    I expect this update to take a while as a lot has changed. There is currently no statement from Bukkit concerning Minecraft 1.7.2, however as soon as they post one, if they do, I'll let you know.

    Minecraft 1.7.2 is not a backwards compatible update, meaning if you update to 1.7.2 you will not be able to connect to a 1.6.4 server (what we are currently on).

    If you are using the default Minecraft profile which automatically upgrades its self and would like to come back onto YAMS, you will need to create a new profile within the Minecraft launcher using version "release 1.6.4".
    As always I will keep you updated on the latest news of updating, if you have any concerns relating to YAMS and Minecraft 1.7.2 please feel free to ask in here and I'm sure someone will be able to answer you. Though some questions we wont know the answer too till it happens!

    As explained in the past, please remember things may take a little while to be fully sorted once we do update.

    Thank you,
    Darren and the rest of the YAMS Staff.
    P.S. On other news, 1.7.2 does not fix the issue of signs causing huge FPS drops, want this fixed? Up vote the issue!
    P.P.S We do have something in store for next week that will help a little.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Arts and Crafts   
    Hi all
    Quite a few times the YAMiSh people have shared their art and craft projects with the community.
    So as I have just finished one I thought I would put a picture of it (and my last one) up here to see what yall think.
    (updated to use Flickr)
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Spawn Town Fun-House Remodeling [OFFICIAL]   
    Spot the difference.. We missed a lilly pad!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Spawn Town Fun-House Remodeling [OFFICIAL]   
    Well, Darren and I have replicated this in spawn town!

    All we need now are more ideas for rooms!
    If you go to the testing world there's already the one that Zhon and I build, so feel free to experiment.
    Lets try and get this done before Halloween
    Sorry the picture is so big...
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 02/10/2013 - YAMS Halloween 2013   
    The Ghost Train is amazing! It's definitely the best ride I've ever been on in Minecraft aha! Does anyone know how much wool we'll need approximately? I've been shearing quite a bit in the sheep pen-think I may end up breaking my right click soon
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 02/10/2013 - YAMS Halloween 2013   
    The Halloween Ghost Train is pretty much completed, I just need to go round doing some final touches tomorrow.
    We have now moved onto building a wither boss and after that we need an enderdragon!
    A massive thank you to everyone involved so far in getting Halloween stuff done.

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    changingtuna88 reacted in Who remembers Chucklevision?   
    Another late night mumble discussion! This time about Chucklevision, who remembers Chucklevision?
    Mademo and ElseJon are already considering getting tickets for next years tours... and poor tuna is left silence not knowing what everyone's talking about.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in South: Maplehold   
    I Agree, I think we should demolish all the parkour, maze and rail things and build new ones to keep things fresh!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 02/10/2013 - YAMS Halloween 2013   
    Some of you may remember the Halloween Ghost  Train from YAMS Halloween 2011... well I'm very happy to say, we are going to have another one!
    Me, ElseJon and mademo have been testing out our ideas in the test build world and I'm quite happy with the result so far, go and take a look!
    But.... to build in the real world we need lots and lots of black wool, please help.

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    changingtuna88 reacted in Spawn Town Fun-House Remodeling [OFFICIAL]   
    Update from Captain Marbles and me:  Our funhouse room design is complete!

    And when you enter the room, this happens:
    The goal is to get across the ever-shifting floor, choose the right pit to drop down, and make it to the next room.  If you pick the wrong one, you have to start the funhouse over from the beginning.  Come try it out in testbuild when you've got time!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in South: Maplehold   
    just popping by to say hi to Maplehold residents and new town Mod, Tuna. Hope you are not missing Perivale too much ha ha
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Cannot seem to connect to any server from uni   
    Good News! I can play from the Computer Science building, although it's slightly awkward, so I won't be spending as much time on YAMS as I would like too (will not be able to do much on community builds, although I'll do what I can ).
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Freebuild weekend - September 2013 #2 [OFFICIAL]   
    Free build weekend is now over, I have closed access to the world and removed your items, if you have a ridiculous amount of xp on you (obtained from freebuild world) please could you get rid of it by dying in lava or something, saves me having to clear it myself, I'm sure I can trust you all right?
    Here are some images of the world, I'm sorry they are not as good as last time, some of you have decided to go a bit far out this time, maybe next time you can stick closer? I know quite a few people had troubles finding stuff because you are all spread out.
    As before, we will return some day!

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