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    changingtuna88 reacted in Spawn Town Fun-House Remodeling [OFFICIAL]   
    How about a room with multiple secret entrances that have to be found to get out? I've seen some amazing secret doors on YouTube.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in The countryside is being taken over...   
    So me and madrad went for a 11.2 mile walk today, down many pathways:

    Across our travels we encountered a gate opening of some sorts.

    Interesting we thought, what could be inside.

    In we walked, encountering barren waste land.

    It looked like something was built here at one time, but what we wondered?

    So much laid in ruins, this place looked like it had been destroyed by TNT.

    Then we sssssssssspot ssssssssssssomething!

    BOOM goes the creeper! Now we know what happened to this place....

    Minecraft is everywhere and no this was not photoshopped or made by us, we actually did find this in the middle of nowhere!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Disney Infinity   
    I have enough real debt to deal with, without a raccoon bullying me for more xD
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Disney Infinity   
    I am happy playing Animal crossing New leaf
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Dream and Among the Sleep   
    I've recently purchased a game called "Dream" (steam link here) and while I had some technical problems with it at the start which I've solved now (it's an early alpha game), I am really enjoying it, the texture quality of it is quite amazing along with the background music and sounds, it reminds me quite a bit of "Dear Ester" which is what intrigued me about getting the game in the first place.
    I really cant wait to see what other additions they add.

    I then started to think if there are any other games like Dream and Dear Ester out there, I've seen a few on steam recently and I came across this page: http://www.notgames.colognegamelab.com/exhibition.html
    I started browsing through some of them and through "The Plan" link I found another game called "Among the Sleep" (main site link here), I'm not sure if any of you have heard of it? There was apparently a kick starter fundraiser back in May but I missed it, but I've preorderd it anyway through their other route, though it's going to be coming to steam too. (steam link here).
    Anyway it really looks interesting, here's the kickstarter intro video about it.

    You can also download an alpha version of it from their kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krillbite/among-the-sleep
    On a side note, Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey looks set to be interesting.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in North: Snowheim   
    That has previously been established ruddles  The terraforming step next to be tackled is the Southern Overhang, as I have said in my previous post. Basically what needs to be done is to add to the bottom of the overhang so that it looks to be better supported and more realistic (ie. less square). However to do this scaffolding will need to be used to get to the bottom of the overhang. I personally would recommend carpets! When I recently rebuilt my house I used carpets to get to the roof easily! Basically if you fall off you only have to break the bottom carpet and they all fall down, making them easy to clear up or remove.
    I would also recommend using stone for terraforming the underside of the overhang. The top however should look quite shear, however as you point out it does look too flat. We can easily solve this however by chipping away at the flat surface I will be on to help anyone who wishes to help terraform this area! All you have to do is ask! However even if I'm not on you can still help, there is plenty of stone at the top of the mountain!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in YAMS Meetup!   
    i'm going coz someone mentioned 'ROAD TRIP!!' 
    bonus is meeting other Yamsians (think that is correct terminology for our civilization    )
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Minecraft Parodies   
    I like the "A nether brick in the wall" based on Pink Floyd's "Another brick in the wall".
    Seen/heard the other 2 before!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in How to tame a creeper!   
    Ever wondered how to tame a creeper? Well I found this and thought it was quite cool and I thought I would show you it!
     I'm not sure if it works though, but I found it quite interesting  
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    changingtuna88 reacted in YAMS Meetup!   
    I think I will be heading there on the Saturday or Sunday (workin' Friday)
    Also I officially challenge you for your Air Hockey crown Darren.
    (btw Hi all)
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    changingtuna88 reacted in New Mother Board, New Graphics Card, and the Lag   
    How about Microsoft Security Essentials? It's done alright for me and is free too.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in YAMS Meetup!   
    Sorry but I don't think I can come, after all, it's only about 4000 kilometers away from where I live!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Google Maps street view goes inside Doctor Who Tardis   
    i sat gazing in here for 5 mins or so last night
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Google Maps street view goes inside Doctor Who Tardis   
    That is really cool!
    I don't want to venture too deep and find a magma version of myself, or maybe get stuck in a maze and wait for ever... 
    Oh and it worked fine for me with the UI beta.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Hide and Seek!   
    This Friday is Hide and seek day!
    All day long, as long as there are enough players!
    Meet at the Halloween Mansion ( on the road to Maplehold from spawn ).
    I expect to see all of you there!
    1 no leaving the mansion.
    2 no going in secret rooms.
    3 no going in the basement.
    4 once found you are then an additional seeker.
    5 the first person found is "IT" next game.
    6 players may request a reversal round (sardines).
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Google Maps street view goes inside Doctor Who Tardis   
    this is awesome!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in YAMS Meetup!   
    Its awesome you guys are meeting up there but i dont think my mom will let me fly overseas alone 
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Google Maps street view goes inside Doctor Who Tardis   
    Calling all doctor who fans.
    Google maps street view has managed to get inside the tardis...
    Here's how to see:
    Click this link Move your mouse around a bit. The standard Google Maps directional arrows should pop up, with one little addition: a pair of double arrows. Click those. (Note: If you’re enrolled in the new Google Maps UI beta, the arrows might not appear. Instead, hit the up arrow on your keyboard.)  Enjoy!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in New Mother Board, New Graphics Card, and the Lag   
    I'm like this with norton on the new pc haha. Getting kersperky on mine as soon as I can.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Images as requested!
    Click to enlarge, thought better not post all as big!








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    changingtuna88 reacted in Rent a Shop at the Shopping Centre   
    Shopping centre update:
    Just to make you all aware, namscupcake is now in charge of the shopping centre/collecting rent.
    If you don't pay on time she will use her kitty claws on you, as well as throw hard cupcakes at you!
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    changingtuna88 reacted in 01/04/2012 - April 2012 recruitment of CSO's   
    This month it will have been a year since we first created the Community Support Officer group on YAMS and I’m pleased to say it’s worked pretty well so far. So I want to continue to build on that and recruit more CSO’s.

    We have been relying heavily on whitelist for the past few months because of all the updates and because it helps us have a more structured community by having them sign up to the forums. However by doing this we are limiting the amount of players we get through our doors... every day I see players try and join the server and get refused, we are in top 1-5 of various Minecraft Searches.

    So why not just take whitelist off and try and get them to sign up to the forums? Well it’s the amount of people with authority we have on the server; we still have various time zones in which no member of staff is on! We have of course various protections in place but I like for new players to be shown around and explained everything when they join. Of course this can be done by regular members if no member of staff is on but this doesn’t always happen or happens badly as they are missing the required training or don’t fully understand the rules themselves.

    Yesterday whitelist was of for most of the day. Iit got pretty busy with at least 16 new players joining, however not all of them were good and when I woke up I found out we had been griefed, luckily it had already been taken care of but still if we had more staff during them time zones it wouldn’t have happened. You try and be nice by allowing people to come on your server and they treat your server like that – it’s nice for anyone. Safe to say they are now globally banned.
    So this has promoted me to recruit more staff so we can have whitelist off more often!

    Here's a little information about what a Community Support Officer job entails:

    [b]1. Greet new players.[/b]
    If you love to meet new people, you are proud to show them around this great server, help them find resources, give building ideas, or just chat them up for company then you already have the most important skills.

    [b]2. Reinforce Server Rules.[/b]
    Are you familiar with the server rules posted in Spawn Tower? Do you encourage players to read or re-read them when they don't seem to know/remember how to behave? Would you feel comfortable muting players who can't seem to control what their fingers type in public chat? Can you handle the pressure of putting someone in jail when they get caught breaking the rules? Are you willing to investigate the reason behind the behavior and give them a second chance? Do you set a good example for others by just being you?

    [b] 3. Report bannable offences to Mods/Admins.[/b]
    Occasionally there are times on the server when all the Mods/Admins are offline for a moment. As a CSO, it is important to document griefing by taking screenshots of the damage or the playerlist of people online at the time. Do you mind taking a little personal time to contain/clean up griefed areas? Do you feel comfortable posting in the forums, something along the lines of “I saw so-and-so do such-and-such today and here are some screenshots of the damage along with locations."

    [b] 4. Enjoy knowing that you are part of the reason YAMS is the best place to spend your Minecraft time![/b]
    Think about what you like most about YAMS and how to keep it being a place you visit to get a good dose of community spirit. We have such diversity here with people from many ages, interests, and countries. We might each have differences but the best thing about all of us is that we have so much in common. We just have to get to know each other to find out what those common interests are and to introduce new ideas to share. That's what community is about, so if you would like to support the YAMS community, apply to be a trainee CSO.

    [b]5. Acceptable to job role change.[/b]
    Understand that from time to time you job role may change and you may be asked to help out on other things that are totally unrelated to what you normally do but that give a benefit towards the community. You may also get the opportunity to be in charge of a public building or specific Job.

    To apply, you must be registered on the forums in order to reply to this post. Please give a brief summary of why you think you would be right for the job. Take a moment to look back over previous applications ([url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/1047-01092011-october-recruitment-of-csos/"]here[/url] and [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/127-24052011-cso-applications-for-june/"]here[/url] and older one [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/54-12042011-community-support-officers/"]here[/url]) if you need ideas of what to say but be original and bare in mind that a lots changed since them applications. We want to know which assets you will bring to the staff team. Why you and not that other person?

    Good Luck!

    [b]Closing Date:[/b] 1 week from date/time of post.
    [b]Amount of positions available:[/b] undisclosed.
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Going Away :)   
    Haha yes sir! Sorry sir
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    changingtuna88 reacted in Minecraft toys!   
    Hello everyone!
    I have browsed the interwebs and found these 2 remarkable company's that create your skin onto durable plastic!
    First up is Minefigures, minefigures are £10 and come with a sword (removable), this company also creates slimes (Nick ), Endermen (Ryan ), ghast, wolves and 2 types of creepers! (All different prices) In this video you will be able to get more info!
    Next is Endertoys, Endertoys is an American company and the pricing of the figures are $13.99 so if you do the math the sword in minefigures is only £1 more, anyway this company is new and improving so they do not have mobs yet! Here is a video for more info!
    P.s here are the websites
    Minefigures: www.minefigures.com
    Endertoys: https://seusapps.com/store
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    changingtuna88 reacted in South: Maplehold   
    A roller coaster is a great idea, I recall Woodbridge (a wooden town in the previous world) also had a roller coaster. The hills behind the treehouse where the bridge is would make an ideal area to build it in, as we can make use of the unused space, and the bridge which links the two hills
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