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    Tyler reacted in Hiya, My Name Is Sky!   
    welcome to yams I am sure you will be whitelisted soon, in the mean time could you tell us a little about your hobbies outside of minecraft and maybe your favorite block to build with? Also can you please read the server rules [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/991-server-rules/"]here[/url] and the forum rules [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/992-forum-rules/"]here[/url] thanks.
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    Tyler reacted in South: Maplehold   
    What about a proper tree farm? i think maplehold is the only one without a proper one..
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    Tyler reacted in Songs are important to our life?   
    yes. they take our minds off things.
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    Tyler reacted in Battlefield 3 baby   
    Pfft, MW3 all the way - got mine already
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    Tyler reacted in 07/09/2011 - YAMS and Minecraft Beta 1.8 Adventure Update   
    Congrats goes to Tyler for wining a special prize from me for being the first to login to the server after the release of 1.8 as he did not update!
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    Tyler reacted in Bens vs Michaels   
    [quote name='Shippinu' timestamp='1314226899' post='3252']
    True story Insanity!

    I bet JB's loving you lot right now.... Time for a battle of the sexes on YAMS maybe? Lol
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