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  1. Capaldi is a fantastic actor and I knew he'd be able to fit his foot into whatever role they through at him. Glad he fought his cases on Accent, costume and his wedding ring though. Not enjoying the latest twice but hey, lets see what Moffat does with this one. 


    (PS, yes, I'm alive and stalking this place now and then. Deal with it :P)

  2. I'm gonna get on and just build it. I've been busy and skint to the point of having to not be online much. More important things happened... And as I said I couldn't get on here to read what you had said. I should have time tonight.

  3. i'm giving the go ahead for the firestation build, in the area next to the blacksmiths.


    Barty, i'd like to ask you to oversee the project, would you be up for that?


    as usual warehouse materials can be used for this project.

    I can do. I won't be around much this week though, work these next two days then away from fri-mon then work again... Holidays and all, busy times. Will attempt to get online though.

  4. This is my 1000 forum post! For me, thats impressive, since usually I give up on forums before 5 posts through. Kinda shows how interested in YAMs I really am. 


    Thats... pretty much it. I mean, whoo, go me! xD

  5. Eh, it was alright. Wasn't overly blown away, but that might be because I kept falling through the world map or glitching at most times xD Ahhh the funs of a beta run. I doubt I'll pay to be in it, simply because I wouldn't use it much at all, same reasoning as I'm not buying WoW. I'd probably love the game, but I'd never play. I have enough issues getting on minecraft, haha. 


    But yeah, it was pretty, nice, seems like it'll have a good run really. 

  6. Dude, this place means very little compared to your own happiness. Don't be worrying about silly stuff like this when you obviously have a lot more on your plate to deal with. End of the day, Yams isn't going to get you an award or a scholarship or anything to help you in later life really. 

  7. Glad you like the Engine, it was a pain. I had Mad in there trying to figure out how to make the lights flash and all sorts haha. But yes, I know all of what you said about the redbrick... But its so DIFFICULT. We have so many materials, but we have two. 8/ Just makes it a little difficult to create something that resembles a firestation with just those two bricks. I will go back to it (soon I think... got nothing to do tonight, trying not to sleep til later so I'm tired and can nap tomorrow before my long early train on saturday...) So I'll give it a shot. I just feel its gonna look like a normal garage 8/



    To me, this is a Multi story carpark, rather then a firestation.. Its a DayZ Firestation, apparently...


    Something like THIS however, I feel fits.




    And I would like to say I'm not commenting on the farms because I have no idea whats going on other then apparently we dont want lots, just one? Or thats what I'm getting. I have no idea. 


    Also, I think Devon was talking about re-doing the animal farms. I do feel like they're now slightly too small, and they can escape somehow now... not entirely sure how they're doing it, but they all. Maybe too many in one area now that the horses are put over there too? Dunno. I think I'll go with the second design and try to change it up. Its basically what I was aiming for anyways...

  8. I've saw a picture of it once upon a time. Never saw it really, I don't think. Was only in the other world for a few months, and those few months weren't anything much. Especially since most of it was spent going "What does what? Wheres that? I need to do a arc? Wait... there is a arc? I need to apply yesterday? AWESOME. Let me get right on that."

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