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  1. so, i'm looking to download and use the planes mod, will this effect anything when I play multiplayer? also, does any one even know how to get the mod things working on linux? all the tutoriols are for windows.... keep in mind, I use Ubuntu, so i'm not exactly as tech savvy as other linux users. thanks for the help in advance

  2. I'm Toy Soldier number 30132 in Dr.Steel's army, taking over the world one toy at a time. I like techno, house, dupstep♥, trance, punk rock, and classical music. my IGN is TS30132, and i'm IRL friends with tubesock and eightbit. when i'm not playing minecraft, which unfortunately is often, i'm usually at school, which is also the only place I can play it atm until i get my video card drivers... which are taking forever. I occasionally do parkour with ben, tho i'm not very good at it. and yeah, that's who I am at the moment
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