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    Devon_HD reacted in YAMS Screenshots on Flickr Album Set   
    Just to let you all know I have upload more screenshots for the past year so as of today there are 4338 screenshots of YAMS.
    Same link as before, screenshots are arranged from new to old:

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    Devon_HD reacted in YAMS Screenshots on Flickr Album Set   
    hee hee its me!!!
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    Devon_HD reacted in No Slimes to Be Seen   
    I went to the green line and managed to find two slimes and got the slime balls that I was looking for, but the world boundry blocks off likely 80% of the swamp, so it's hard to get the slimes if they aren't almost at the edge of the swamp.
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    Devon_HD reacted in Ocean monument locations for prismarine and sea lanterns   
    Well we are in the new mining world now and as of the 13/04/2015 a new ocean monument has been found by Tombuktu.
    Please be careful when going to ocean monuments, they are dangerous!
    This one is a long way out, if you know others who need prismarine, sea lanterns etc.... please help them! Don't be greedy, we help each other here on YAMS!
    The coordinates for the current ocean monument in the current mining world are:
    X = 2185
    y = 62
    Z = 3177
    P.S. Remember to share locations for other ocean monuments and post topics about other things you find too!
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    Devon_HD reacted in The Trade Centre - Trade with your friends!   
    Looking to trade with someone? Be it buying or selling you can use this topic to find people to trade with!   Post below with specific details of what you are looking to buy/sell.   Bad example post: Need glass Good example post: Looking for 64 pieces of blue stained glass (normal block not pane), I can pay in iron or gold. Can try and pay in other items if needed. We can arrange price in game.   You can find the trade centre in spawn town, there's also warp to it, you'll find the warp somewhere inside!  

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    Devon_HD reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    Well, it is indeed sad Yams is reseting, but out with the old and in with the new! 
    What will happen to the Towns? Will they be re-incarnated in the new world? I will miss snowheim dearly! 
    See you soon, 
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    Devon_HD reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    I can supply the iron blocks, snow blocks, and diamond blocks. I don't have silk touch sadly.  I'll see what else I can get.
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    Devon_HD reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    Time for some teasers screenshots!
    Neighhhh....  Followwww meeeee saysssss the Horsey!

    Horsey says going once... going twice... sold to the Villager!

    Congratulations on winning a ticket to an all inclusive feeding frenzy with you on the menu!

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    Devon_HD reacted in Glitched Mobs and Chunks   
    It's been a while since I was actively involved in YAMS, but I currently have a rather large problem with my minecraft at the moment that one of you might know about.
    I was working on a single player map for myself that was a floating island, so I brought down my render distance to make it foggy enough to ensure that the ground below could not be seen, which worked just fine.  However, once I was working on another world that did not require the fog, I turned my render distance way up back to what it would normally be and the problems started.  
    Once I put my render distance back up, the chunks started behaving very erratically where I had brief moments of being able to see through them and blocks that were being broken did not visually appear to be broken.  Once this happened, I put my render distance back down and the chunk errors stopped happening.  
    However, once night arrived, it became apparant that mobs had become messed up too.  They appeared almost always invisible with only a shadow, held bow, or occasional floating head to display where they were (they acted normally other than visual issues).  I decided to bring the render distance back up to see what would happen to the mobs.
    Once I turned it up, the mob issue became even worse as they were still mostly invisible, but certain textures to the mobs became grossly enlarged and rather frightening-looking.  To make matters worse, instead of chunks just appearing momentarily invisible, chunks started flickering duplicate glitched chunks that were almost identical and appeared seemingly infinite.
    I have closed my game and tried bringing up the render distance again, but the chunk errors and mob visual glitches are still prevelent, although some mobs look completely normal while chunks still glitched out and other mobs maintain the glitched state.
    I cannot find how to fix this at the moment and was hoping that one of you may have come across this before.
    Here is a link to some of the screenshots I managed to take of the chaos.
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    Devon_HD reacted in 13/02/2015 - Valentines Day 2015   
    Valentines day is here, don't forget to put your sign up in the love heart grotto in the shopping centre!
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    Devon_HD reacted in 13/02/2015 - Valentines Day 2015   
    Its valentines day tomorrow in YAMS our Minecraft home, so why not make someone's day special and leave them a sign in the valentines day grotto in the shopping centre?
    This is the hearts 3rd year so I have left all previous signs in there so you can read.

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    Devon_HD reacted in 09/01/2015 - YAMS 4th Year Anniversary   
    While I'm not sure if anyone did anything for the anniversary, I hope you all cherished the moment in your own little ways!
    4 years of YAMS is quite an achievement and I'm glad we have a way forward from here, progress with the new world is getting there so Id publicly like to thank all those staff members who have helped me out so far, its been a great help and is giving me that boost that I needed of hope that we can still make YAMS a place to call our home on Minecraft.
    Best wishes for the future whatever it may hold.
    Topic will now be closed. 
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    Devon_HD reacted in Rent a Shop at the Shopping Centre   
    I have decided that from now until we move to the new world that all shop rent will be stopped.
    If you would like to build a shop, please still post in here with correct approval request but you will not have to pay any rent as it would be nice to fill up all shops before we move!
    So claim your shop today before there's no spaces left!
    To those who always paid their rent on time, a big thank you!
    To those of you who still owe rent... shame on you.... but as rent as stopped I guess you get let of the hook... for now anyway! With that said signs will be placed in front of your shop door to warn customers you are not around as its only fair so they don't buy from you! If you become active then you may remove the signs.
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    Devon_HD reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    Still lots to do in preparation for a new world but here's a very small teaser.... *shivers* I feel I'm being watched...

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    Devon_HD reacted in 02/09/2014 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.8   
    New mining world up, enjoy!  Found a Elder Guardian in an ocean monuments. Evil thing killed me!

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    Devon_HD reacted in Can I move into Perivale?   
    Walk outside your house and turn right ---> towards the south (/compass) along the gravel path.
    At the end of the path you will find a sign board, place your Lot number + today's date + name + town you want to move too.
    Then I will visit your house and check you have all papers and approve.

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    Devon_HD reacted in 02/09/2014 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.8   
    Update: After lots of hard work I have got us updated to Minecraft 1.8, so we can now use Minecraft 1.8 items.
    I am sorry for the delay, I was relying on plugins and such to update. Its still not perfect, there are some bugs here and there such as spawn tower messages not being formatted correctly but its good enough for now.
    Thanks for being patient.
    EDIT: Formatting issue fixed.
    EDIT 2: I will try and sort out a new mining world at some point when I have time.
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    Devon_HD reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    Yes I'm sad too but unfortunately towns in their current state are no longer viable. They need players to be active in them for them to work, it also doesn't help that there are so many blocks in minecraft now that some towns have more options than others. Things are just not working and need to change, no point paying out money on something that isn't being used to its full potential. This is one last attempt at saving YAMS!
    Yes there will be a spawn town, we will be using the same tower as it wasn't that long ago we made changes to it, slightly different layout to the town this time though! We will also have farms.
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    Devon_HD reacted in Build competition #3 - Village houses [OFFICIAL]   
    I have a competition for you all... ohh wait....
    Have you ever heard of The YAMS Adventure? Somewhere out there is an epic adventure on a grand scale just waiting to be found... Have you ever seen the pumpkin monster around spawn tower? He is very mysterious but I hear if you're nice to him he will help you on your journey by showing you the way!
    Now where was I.... ahh yes I was going to say that I have a competition for you all, I am need of small but elegantly detailed village houses! If you can design one that I like it will be used somewhere in YAMS... Your name will be on the village house for all to see when it's found...
    Are you interested in taking part? If so please take a wander down to the bottom of spawn tower where you will find the events portal section with a portal to the village houses world. You'll want to make sure you leave your items at home, you will also loose experience to use it up before visiting!
    There is currently no deadline on this challenge but once I've got enough houses that I like the world will be closed! You may make as many houses as you like but please make sure you finish them off properly before starting on another house and also don't forget to put your name! If you want to build a house as a small team you can just remember to put all your names on it!
    Let me show you an example of what it is I'm looking for:

    Good luck and thank you,
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    Devon_HD reacted in 09/01/2015 - YAMS 4th Year Anniversary   
    I have an idea! Why not hold another Quintathalon? Since the last one, tons of new games have been added or changed (could even have color shuffle/TNT run). Also, this doesn't require much set up, the hardest part would be arranging a time when people would be able to participate. For anyone unaware the events done last time were maze race, PVP, spleef and boat race (we now have the super long course available to us). This time around the PVP place is a samurai dojo thing, and we also have color shuffle, tnt run, strike a light, lights out, chess and checkers. There are also some team based games like blocky, paintball, and capture the flag if we wanted to have a tournament type thing there. Again, this is just an idea, but if you would like to see an event like this feel free to voice your ideas and comment when you would be able to join us.
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    Devon_HD reacted in Happy birthday YAMS!!!   
    If I have my dates right today marks the 4th birthday of YAMS. (If dates wrong I'm sure it's about this time of year).
    Just wanted to say massive thanks to Darren and everyone for all the time and effort put in to yams in that time.
    I know this last year has been a quiet one for us, some folks off to university others working more etc but yams will always remain my number 1 server.
    Unfortunately I am working tonight and most of the weekend so don't know if able to get online. Might try and get daughter on at some point soon too. She been let loose in single player and seems to have the hang of things now.
    Happy mining and stay safe
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    Devon_HD reacted in 09/01/2015 - YAMS 4th Year Anniversary   
    I am proud to say YAMS has been a part of my life for the past 3.5 years! I have so many great memories here and got the chance to make so many friends from around the world. While it will be bad to see the server go, I agree that we should go out in the biggest way possible. I don't mind how others want to celebrate, even if we just want to play some mini games or mess around on the server, as long as we enjoy the server while its here.
    Similarly to Luke, I lost interest in minecraft a while ago, but the community here is so close and awesome that I stayed. Seeing the server so dead recently has made me pretty depressed and I just wish more people came on :/
    Thank you so much to everyone on YAMS, the players, the many staff members we have had over the years, and of course Darren. I can definitely say this is my favorite and the only minecraft server I play on, and I have made memories that will last for years and years to come. 
    Cheers to year 4!
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    Devon_HD reacted in 09/01/2015 - YAMS 4th Year Anniversary   
    I for one would like to celebrate! I understand many people now are starting to hit busy times what with Christmas, the New Year and now all of the mock exams coming up - but I'm sure if we all got organised we could pull something off! As for planning I'm hopeless! But I wouldn't mind doing a game or two again - I really enjoyed walls, maybe we could even load a few hunger games style maps? I think that would be amazing - we've never done it on the server before, unless there is some giant arena I don't know about tucked away in some far corner of the world !
    I never played much for the game itself - more for the community, and that's what's made YAMS so special, so even if this is the last year - let's go out with a bang!
    Whatever you decide to do Darren you have my full support - and thank you yourself for making YAMS a reality!
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    Devon_HD reacted in 09/01/2015 - YAMS 4th Year Anniversary   
    Today our beloved YAMS is 4 years old which is great news, we have come so far and there's so much more that could be done!
    Unfortunately however I also have sad news as it will more than likely be its last year, last year I asked everyone in The Future of YAMS post for their feedback on how we could progress with the server but feedback wasn't as forthcoming as I had hoped, I was hoping we could really change things, be less restrictive in areas and allow more freedom but I think a lot of people were happy with how things are currently.
    From the feedback I decided to make some changes and renew the server for another year with the following conditions:
    However a year on and I don't think we have truly celebrated YAMS as it should have been, if anything things have got worse, there's hardly any players on any more and I haven't seen some staff on in over 5 months, it feels like people have given up which makes me very sad as so much love, time, money and effort has been put into YAMS!
    I don't currently have anything planned event wise for this anniversary as I'm quite upset about how things have gone, doesn't help that the last few events I have done not many people have turned up if at all.
    But if you would like to celebrate YAMS, please go ahead and celebrate, it would make me very happy!
    We have all made friends here and had some great times with some of us even having the chance to meet in person, all the good that has come from YAMS should not be forgotten.
    Remember YAMS always, because while it is "Yet Another Minecraft Server" it isn't just any old server, it is a family friendly community that brought joy to many peoples hearts.
    Also Id like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me personally or YAMS, from donations to helping me with feedback, it's all been appreciated.
    Thank you everyone.
    Previous anniversary posts:
    YAMS 1st Year Anniversary YAMS 2nd Year Anniversary YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary
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    Devon_HD reacted in Freebuild weekend - November 2014 #4 [OFFICIAL]   
    Ok free build world has now ended, left it open longer than I said as.... 'Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la la. 
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