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  1. Hi Darren, i have a question to ask you. I currently have the status effect hud mod and the inventory tweaks mod installed and was wondering if they are okay to use.
    Those are the links to information on both.

  2. [quote name='darrenstraight' timestamp='1345222142' post='14801']
    No, you're pretty much stuck way, try mojang support....

    I migrated myself a while back as I thought id give it a go! And now I have to sign in using my email address! >.<

    My concern as I discussed here:

    Is the fact that your email address always shows up, regardlesss of wether you untick remember me, at least with a username if you were to login on a public PC (no access to C Drive to delete the username/password file) it would only show your username which could be anyone, well not in my case but hey! :P
    [/quote] Ok, thanks anyways!

  3. I just need help, my minecraft account is under my moms email, and i decided to migrate my account to a mojang one. Then it asked me if i wanted to switch my email or keep my moms. i changed it to mine. Now, i have to sign in with my email instead of my username but on minecraft.net it is under my moms. I dont really like that, so does anyone else have to do that or know how to fix that? i like to sign in with my username. thanks!

  4. Hello. My name is CapnWalnuts and i would LOVE to be on your server. Two of my friends are and they say its great. My favorite block is the Sticky Piston. I like the idea that you are able to make so many things with it! I do not have a best build because i like to think of minecraft as "do what you can to survive" and not "hey lets make a golden castle with a working drawbridge and a mob trap and a farm and....." and so on. I like to listen to alot of music and i LOVE sports. My favorites are basketball, baseball, soccer, and skateboarding. So, if you may, please add me to your server. it will be greatly appreciated. thank you. :)
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