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    CapnWalnuts reacted in The Second Edition Of: 'Free Bread Day'!   
    Great I'll be there..... but can I just say something? Nams do a free cake day! And ryan... free record day?
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    CapnWalnuts reacted in Account Migration   
    No, you're pretty much stuck way, try mojang support....

    I migrated myself a while back as I thought id give it a go! And now I have to sign in using my email address! >.<

    My concern as I discussed here:

    Is the fact that your email address always shows up, regardlesss of wether you untick remember me, at least with a username if you were to login on a public PC (no access to C Drive to delete the username/password file) it would only show your username which could be anyone, well not in my case but hey!
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    CapnWalnuts reacted in Big Build Project #1 - University of YAMS [OFFICIAL]   
    Finally I can learn to conquer my arch enemy, Redstone.
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    CapnWalnuts reacted in Whitelist   
    Hello and welcome to YAMS,

    Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself, we like to know what things you like before you join the server
    You should get whitelisted either today or tomorrow by our admin or one of the mods, also who are your friends on this server?

    See you in game,

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    CapnWalnuts reacted in Whitelist   
    Hello thank you for your intro, very well thought out. Who are you friends on here?
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    CapnWalnuts reacted in PLEASE READ: Welcome to Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)   
    Welcome to YAMS, short for Yet Another Minecraft Server. We are a public family friendly community focused minecraft server. We have strict rules in place for playing on this server; these rules help us to guarantee that the server is always a fun and relaxed place to hang out and play Minecraft especially as we cater for players of all ages.

    We are open to the public on a daily basis 24/7, but occasionally we do whitelist in order to make renovations or to clear out our sandbox starter area. Our whitelist requirements are light enough to give everyone the ability to join, while also ensuring that the only people who join are active and friendly members of the YAMS community.

    All guests to the forum will need to register for a forum account and introduce themselves in the introduction section before being able to join in other discussion topics. Please make sure you create a separate topic for yourself instead of adding to someone else’s and make sure you tell us a little about yourself such as what you like to do in and out of minecraft.

    If whitelist is on you will also need to post your in-game name (with correct capitalization/punctuation) in your introduction topic so that we can enable you to join our community. Please put your name as the topic title instead of 'whitelist', as we know why you are here, we just need to know who you are and what you enjoy doing in and out of Minecraft to give us a better feel for who you are.

    Once you are in game, you will start at the top of Spawn Tower where you can get a great overview of spawn town and surrounding areas. As you make your way down the stairs of the tower you will come to our rules room where you will learn what kind of behaviour we expect from our players. Each subsequent floor has more information such as beginner and advanced tips. Some of the server's history is available for those who like background information as well. The ground floor of the tower points out cardinal directions as well as directions to some of the attractions.

    If you go north from Spawn Town you will find our "Sandbox starter area (SB)" where all new players are required to start so that we can get an idea of each person's style of building. There are a couple of demonstration houses available to give you ideas, and a community resource farm just beyond them to help you get started. The public mine entrance is in front of the farms on the left hand side, or feel free to use the one located in Spawn Town just outside the tower. The rules board will explain in great detail what you can and cant do in sandbox.

    There is a separate approval signboard on the right hand side of the sandbox rules board. When you think your house is ready please post your name, date, and lot number as well as choosen town on this board, please ensure you have read all instructions before hand.

    Once Darren has checked out your house he will either leave suggestions for improvement or he will post a notice on the "approval" wall letting you know you are approved to move to your choosen town for your permanent residence. A demonstration of your skills enables us to be sure you reside in a compatible town once you become a regular citizen. We appreciate the diversity that comes with people from all over the world but we like for our neighbours to get along too!

    We welcome you once again to YAMS, and we hope you enjoy your time on our server!

    You can find rules and guides in the Server Rules and Information section, here's a list of each topic within:
    YAMS Server Information and Commands Server Rules Forum Rules E-Saftey Guide Good luck and watch out for those Mobs!
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