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Nikki Nutta Palmer

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    Pine Lane - Snowheim
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    snow, snowmen, snow golems, snowballs..... did I say snow?!?

About Me

Hi all thanks for stopping by my profile,

My Name is Nikki (if u hadn't guessed already) and I am one of the older members of YAMS. I have been playing minecraft for just over 14 months now and YAMS was the first server I ever joined. I have recently been given the opportunity to join the great Moderation team we have here and I am now the town mod for a quiet little snowy part of YAMS, aptly called Snowheim.


 I like to unwind and chat with the friends I have made here on a regular basis, also because I work night shifts a lot you may often find me on when a lot of other UK players are not around.

I think I spent the first 4 months mining as being totally new to the game it was the only thing I seemed to be good at. since then I have learned how to do loads of things including games. I love playing games in minecraft like spleef and hide & seek.


anyway enough from me for now, hope to see you in game at some point.


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