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    Shadow7690 reacted in Minecraft Snapshot 13w16a   
    The new snapshot is out...with HORSES!
    Here's the additions so far:
    Added horses, based on the work of John Olarte (DrZhark), of Mo’ Creatures fame Added hay bales Added leashes Added carpets The “Respiration†enchantment now also helps seeing underwater Also, there is a new Minecraft laucher so if you would like to try the snapshot out you can go to http://mojang.com/ and click on the corresponding links there
    Here's a video on the snapshot:

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    Shadow7690 reacted in Dyable leather armour and wolf collars   
    I was just talking to shadow about these new dyable items coming to minecraft, that is:[list]
    [*]The ability to dye leather armor different colors.
    [*]0xFFFFFF amount of potential colors. (Approximately 16 million.)
    [/list][*]Wolf collars will be dyable.
    What do you think about this change? Is minecraft getting to many changes? Remember it used to be a simple sandbox block game and that was why it was fun, it was simple and not bundled with loads and loads of features!

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    Shadow7690 reacted in 09/08/2012 - August 2012 recruitment of CSO's   
    Next week it will have been 6 months since we started the new map we are on now (look out for an upcoming post this week sometime) and while we have been steadily growing we have lost quite a few players along the way either due to their personal lives, not agreeing with the way I run this community or because they got themselves banned.

    It's time we started promoting YAMS more and work on having more active players instead of players that come and go months at a time, we do great things at YAMS it’s just such a shame that so much of this is not seen by people out there.

    We have yet again been relying heavily on whitelist for the past few months, normally because of a lack of staff on (thats not saying I want my current staff to have to be on 24/7, it's not fair on them).

    With this said I do routinely take whitelist off, but every time I do it seems like the staff suddenly disappear at no fault of their own (lunch, dinner time, going out etc). I on many occasions recently have been the only member of staff on the server and have had to do multiple tours, now I dont mind doing the tours one bit but as admin I have loads of other stuff to do to, do I give a tour to a new person of fix a bug that’s been annoying current players? Trying to balance it all out can be quite stressful at times, so I end up putting whitelist back on until more staff comes back.

    Now most of YAMS is setup so if there is no staff on new players can still work things out (if they read all the signs) however I like the personal touch, it's not something you see at a lot of servers someone greeting you and actual helping you around, though some people say things like "what dont you trust me why are you spying on/following me" its not that at all, its more to help them out so they know exactly what to do and wont get in trouble latter.

    Though a lot of players do.. And that’s mainly due to there not being enough follow up from CSO's. Once they have left someone in Sandbox they should regularly keep checking up on this player over the next couple of days or more ensuring they are doing well and understand the approval process, even help them on their houses if need be.

    So this should be happening but it doesn’t always, the other day for example I found out that there was a player in sandbox that had been there nearly 2 months and a half. This is something that should have been picked up on my by CSO's ages ago but yet no signs what so ever had been left in his house even though the player had been on a few days ago... did this player never get a tour? Had he not read the rules? Had he not been explained by anyone the approval process?

    I need to spend some more time with my CSO's individually and actually work out why things like this are happening/not happening, but unfortunately right now I’m stuck doing lots of other jobs that could easily be done others, as an example, the other day on the day of the update I planted cocoa bean plants for everyone in sandbox, the next day I come on and they have all been taken and not replanted, so I wasted time organising replanting and talking to the person who didn’t replant (there were signs saying to do so). Another example is everyday people keep on putting their signs up asking for approval (but hasn’t followed the instructions) I waste inspecting someone’s house only to find out they haven’t completed all the required steps.

    I expect the same somewhat happens for the other staff were they are caught up in things that could have easily been solved if we had more time, staff etc.

    Anyway id like to get these things sorted and take whitelist off more, every day I see people join and get refused becuase of whitelist, we are in top 1-5 of various Minecraft Searches. Searches such as: Family friendly minecraft server,
    Family friendly minecraft servers, banned from minecraft, cool and awesome minecraft names and many more....

    So why not just take whitelist off and try and get them to sign up to the forums? Well as i said above it’s the amount of people with authority we have on the server; we still have various time zones in which no member of staff is on! We have of course various protections in place but as I said earlier I like for new players to be shown around and explained everything when they join. Of course this can be done by regular members if no member of staff is on but this doesn’t always happen or happens badly as they are missing the required training or don’t fully understand the rules themselves.

    Whitelist is currently off now, so I'm going to see how things go. It's just a shame we end up putting it back on a lot because of griefers and such. You try and be nice by allowing people to come on your server and they treat you, your staff and the server badly – it’s not nice for anyone. Safe to say these kind of people are always dealt with but again, it's wasted time especially if you give them a 15 minute tour only to see them banned an hour down the line.

    Ok so enough rambling, all of this yet againhas prompted me to recruit more staff so we can have whitelist off more often!

    Here's a little information about what a Community Support Officer job entails:

    [b]1. Greet new players.[/b]
    If you love to meet new people, you are proud to show them around this great server, help them find resources, give them building ideas, or just chat with them for company then you already have the most important skills.

    [b]2. Reinforce Server Rules.[/b]
    Are you familiar with the server rules posted in Spawn Tower? Do you encourage players to read or re-read them when they don't seem to know/remember how to behave? Would you feel comfortable muting players who can't seem to control what their fingers type in public chat? Can you handle the pressure of putting someone in jail when they get caught breaking the rules? Are you willing to investigate the reason behind the behavior and give them a second chance? Do you set a good example for others by just being you?

    [b]3. Report bannable offences to Mods/Admins.[/b]
    Occasionally there are times on the server when all the Mods/Admins are offline for a moment. As a CSO, it is important to document griefing by taking screenshots of the damage or the playerlist of people online at the time. Do you mind taking a little personal time to contain/clean up griefed areas? Do you feel comfortable posting in the forums, something along the lines of “I saw so and-so do such and such today and here are some screenshots of the damage along with locations."

    [b]4. Enjoy knowing that you are part of the reason YAMS is the best place to spend your Minecraft time![/b]
    Think about what you like most about YAMS and how to keep it being a place you visit to get a good dose of community spirit. We have such diversity here with people from many ages, interests, and countries. We might each have our differences but the best thing about all of us is that we have so much in common. We just have to get to know each other to find out what those common interests are and to introduce new ideas to share. That's what community is about, so if you would like to support the YAMS community, apply to be a trainee CSO.

    [b]5. Acceptable to job role change.[/b]
    Understand that from time to time you job role may change and you may be asked to help out on other things that are totally unrelated to what you normally do but that give a benefit towards the community. You may also get the opportunity to be in charge of a public building or specific Job.

    To apply, you must be registered on the forums in order to reply to this post (we like to keep things open). Please give a brief summary of why you think you would be right for the job. Take a moment to look back over previous applications ([url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/1951-01042012-april-2012-recruitment-of-csos/"]here[/url], [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/1047-01092011-october-recruitment-of-csos/"]here[/url], [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/127-24052011-cso-applications-for-june/"]here[/url] and an older one [url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/54-12042011-community-support-officers/"]here[/url]) if you need ideas of what to say but be original and bare in mind that a lots changed since them applications (dont just copy and paste we will know). Also it doesnt matter if you post now, or wait untill someone else posts, your post should be your words not someone elses and anyway your post is not the only part we base your application on, we will also base it on things such as your previous forum activity, severity of past crimes and how much time of course you spent in game and when you are are you helping others.

    We want to know which assets you will bring to the staff team. Why you and not that other person?

    Good Luck!

    [b]Closing Date:[/b] 1 week from date/time of post.
    [b]Amount of positions available:[/b] undisclosed.
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    Shadow7690 reacted in 1000 YAMS Forum likes, thank you!   
    A massive thank you to everyone who has liked my posts over the past year or so, I have now achieved my 1000 like goal. I guess I better set myself a new forum goal now? In the meantime, please find a little present in your town house. Sorry sandboxers I haven’t got round to you..
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    Shadow7690 reacted in 31/07/2012 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.3.1   
    Not long until Minecraft 1.3.1 now, though I expect the version number will change again a few times by the time we move over to it.

    The reason we can’t move over to Minecraft 1.3.x straight away is for the simple fact that we have to wait until Bukkit / CraftBukkit and various plugins have updated themselves to the latest version of Minecraft, without these plugins we could not guarantee the smooth running of YAMS. Statement from Bukkit concerning Minecraft 1.3 can be found [url="http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/when-will-craftbukkit-for-1-3-be-released.88921/"]at this link.[/url]

    We have in the past sometimes run castaway world, in which we go pure vanilla with a new world, this means no plugins at all and anything like that. However this time round with so many projects on the go within YAMS we will not being doing this.

    So I suggest you do not update to Minecraft 1.3. However should you wish to go and play 1.3.x without us then please make a copy of your bin folder or the minecraft.jar file so you can come back and play on YAMS if you get bored!

    It is important you do this before you update if you wish to come back to us before we update.

    Bin folder located at the following locations ( “~” = username):

    [b]Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003: [/b]C:\Documents and Settings\~\Application Data\.minecraft
    [b]Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and R2:[/b] C:\Users\~\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    [b]Linux:[/b] /home/~/.minecraft
    [b]Mac:[/b] ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

    You can also find this location by going to Texture Packs (on the main menu) -> Open Texture pack folder -> Then going up a level till you see the bin folder. Or for example on windows you could type in your explorer bar %appdata%/.minecraft

    If you forget to do take a copy of you bin file etc, you will need to use a program like [url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/800346-tool-mcnostalgia-211-now-works-with-124/"][color=#0F72DA]McNostalgia[/color][/url] to come back, however bear in mind this takes a while to update.

    As always I will keep you updated on the latest news of updating, if you have any concerns relating to YAMS and 1.3.x please feel free to ask in here and I'm sure someone will be able to answer you. Though some questions we wont know the answer too till it happens!

    Thank you,
    Darren and the rest of the YAMS Staff.
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    Shadow7690 reacted in Big Build Project #1 - University of YAMS [OFFICIAL]   
    Citizens of YAMS

    Our world is seriously lacking in educational institutions of any sort. The world contains no Schools or Colleges. So the YAMS Government have commissioned the building of the University of YAMS an institution where all can come to learn about all things Minecraft.

    The university will be made up of several colleges each specialising in a different subject area. Our current proposed colleges include:
    - College of Foundation Studies
    - College of Construction
    - College of Farming and Agriculture
    - College of Interior Design
    - College of Applied Redstone
    - YAMS College

    Each college will be housed in its own building with two - three floors above ground and other floors below. Within this centre of learning you will be able to complete courses and earn various qualifications.

    As well as the colleges there will need to be some other amenities to help with University life, such as:
    - Library
    - Sports Facilities
    - Medical Centre
    - Student Housing
    - Cafe
    - Restaurant
    - Pub


    Chancellor MadRAD BSc (ICT) MA (Redstone)


    So this will be the first of YAMS Big Build Projects.

    The ground will be broken on 28th July 2012 and unlike the Build Challenges this project will have no fixed end date. It will be located somewhere in YAMS.

    So as everyone should know before we start we will need some resource gathering and some idea planning. We will need designs for each of the colleges as well as the amenities not to mention planning courses.

    Also if you have any other ideas for extra colleges or amenities post them.
    (an example of 3 universities can be found here [url="http://www.medway.ac.uk/"]http://www.medway.ac.uk/[/url], [url="http://www.ox.ac.uk/"]http://www.ox.ac.uk/[/url], [url="http://www.cam.ac.uk/"]http://www.cam.ac.uk/[/url])
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    Shadow7690 reacted in Summer Resort [SUGGESTION]   
    Here's a picture I took last year. I would like to see something like this but bigger
    This is the mountainside town I was talking about for my old town suggestion

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    Shadow7690 reacted in Baa, Baa, Black Sheep [OFFICIAL]   
    Your favourite YAMS Admin needs black wool, at least 8 double chests full!

    If you would like to help then please head on down to the sheep shearing pen just east of the shopping centre near the chess board on the blue line.

    Bah, Bah a black Sheep,
    Have you any Wool?
    Yes merry have I,
    Three Bags full,
    One for my master,
    One for my Dame,
    One for the little Boy
    That lives down the lane.

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    Shadow7690 reacted in Minecraft Documentary: The Journey of Greenfeet   
    May interest some of you!

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