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Real Life:


Allo! My friends call me Ash and I'm a professional writer and college student. I've been a gamer since I was very small and been playing Minecraft for a few years now and been on YAMS for nearly a year. I'm a very passionate person who loves friendship and making friends. Fantasy lover, artist, brony, and all around geek. Fedoras are awesome.


In Minecraft (and in my head in general :3)


I'm a drakitty witch with a bad habit of setting myself on fire. Being a drakitty, I'm half dragon and half cat, making me both cuddly and fierce. Witchery is my trade and way of life. I love making potions, casting spells, hunting for precious jewels, and setting things on fire. As a YAMS resident, I live in Snowheim with my pig Rosie, my chicken Nams Bait, and my treasure guardian golem Jub. My hobbies include swimming in the rain, hoarding treasure, and cannibalism. Pleased to meet you :D Meow!

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