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    SwanofWar reacted in a friendly goodbye... :) / :(   
    Sorry to hear that you feel you have to leave but you seem to have made your decision, of course you are always welcome to return, just less trolling!
    When I whitelisted you I was very hesitant because your previous griefing/trolling elsewhere, but I decided to give you a chance, I can only hope that you appreciated that chance.
    You should know that while you can be annoying at times that you also did good things for me and YAMS, on a few occasions I complimented to others the fact that you were doing things that I liked, the most recent two being: The motorways in metropolis and The Lumberyard.
    Thank you Jorg and have a good summer too.
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    SwanofWar reacted in Alberta Floods 2013   
    Stay safe
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    SwanofWar reacted in out of town   
    Your house will be removed and all items donated to the feed the admin donation fund! Of course I joke Thanks for letting us know, hope everything ok!
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    SwanofWar reacted in So, we gonna celebrate 4th of July?   
    Well I don't see why not... its not like we'd stop you 8P Might just not be a whole server wide thing, since us UK lot will still be working and doing normal stuff while you lot paaarrttaaayyyy xD
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    SwanofWar reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Ok! So tonight we started work on the North side of the mountain, and we've dug out a pretty big area already. It still needs to go down further so we remove the entire square looking section-but we've made a good start! This area in particular I think will need to slope up slowly so we have room for the entrance/path up to the castle. Tomorrow night I hope to be on to help with carrying on with the North side. A big thanks goes to Swan, Tuna and Specialdiddy who helped tonight! And thanks again to anyone who's been donating materials
    Anyway I'm off to bed now-I need my beauty sleep
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    SwanofWar reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Ok well castle wise we have made some headway on the eastern side of the mountain-thank you to everyone who has helped by the way, either through terraforming or donating, either way you're awesome!  We've managed to get most of the eastern side up to the current peak level, and after exams have died down for me and others I hope to get underway with making the North and South of the mountain more natural (particularly on the overhangs, as they look a little too unsupported). Once the base is done we can start work on creating the peak-which I think should perhaps be made of stone (leave your thoughts below obviously!). I think a steep peak with the castle built into it will look much better than a simple castle built on a flat mountain
    Down below the mountain a new park has been finished with some seating and lots of trees and flowers have sprung up everywhere!
    I have also managed to set up an area on the peak now for donations and stuff if you'd like to give materials. There are also instructions for terraforming up there for if I'm not on and you'd like to give it a go!
    I have to ask though before you take any materials from the donation chests to get an ok from me-just so we know what's been taken, otherwise it could get pretty confusing! There's also a chest up there for ores and minerals collected through terraforming.
    Finally I'd like to say thanks again for all the help so far in the project that's been given-and I know it's only just started but I'm sure it'll be a fun build!
    PS. I'd also like to see a few more members helping out-us staff don't bite you know!
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    SwanofWar reacted in 02/06/2013 - Malware   
    Just thought id post a public statement regarding the recent issue of the yams forums being reported as containing malware.
    I was first aware of the issue Saturday night where one player (aoelos_) was being redirected to a different website. I thought this might be spyware his end as I could not seem to reproduce this my end and scans showed nothing wrong.
    But a few hours latter and another player (ZhonLord) was reporting the problem, explaining that his antivirus AVG was telling him that YAMS forums has a blackhole rootkit. Barty informed me of this, but my phone was on silent so I did not receive the message till much latter.
    Once I was aware that others were experiencing issues and I too was getting the problem, I started to investigate.
    It became apparent that a lot of my web hosted files had become infected with malware. Malware had embedded itself in the code.
    I was up till past 4:00 am in the morning clearing all the malicious code.
    Unfortunately however when I woke up after 4-5 hours sleep I found out that the malware had returned, there was only one  way forward now, this was to completely backup all files and do a fresh install of the forums and my blog and everything else that had become infected. This is did which took quite a while as I had to reupload all your forum attachments and all my blog images and such.
    I believe the problem is now fixed but If you believe there is an issue again, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    As a precaution I have signed up to a premium version of a Website Malware Scanner (http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/scanner/), it costs £60 / $90 but I believe it's in the best interest of everyone so we know we are protected.
    Thanks to everyone for your support both in terms of informing me of the issue and supporting me trying to fix it.
    And lastly my apologies for any problems this may have caused you.
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    SwanofWar reacted in The Spawn Treasure Hunt Event [OFFICIAL]   
    Well done to everyone that found the clues and the treasure!
    Swan please can you remove all signs now and put everything back to normal, thanks.
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    SwanofWar reacted in The Spawn Treasure Hunt Event [OFFICIAL]   
    Just ran it with Zhon, was a lot of fun!  Thanks for putting this together swan
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    SwanofWar reacted in The Spawn Treasure Hunt Event [OFFICIAL]   
    Just ran it with Jorg, was a lot of fun!  Thanks for putting this together swan
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    SwanofWar reacted in The Spawn Treasure Hunt Event [OFFICIAL]   
    Just did the treasure hunt with Izzyair, Aoelos_ and Darren. It was great! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it swan!
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    SwanofWar reacted in Building party [SUGGESTION]   
    I'd suppose that you could do that for normal building anyways... like "Saturday blah blah time blah blah date - Lets Build a Castle!!" then throw out stuff and things for people... 
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    SwanofWar reacted in Building party [SUGGESTION]   
    ok just an idea that is as simple as it sounds. lets get together one weekend and have a massive scale building party. we could maybe do it over a few weekends and build something new in each town, for that town
    there is loads of suggestions in each of the town posts, so plenty of things that can be built. we could all get on mumble to make communication easier.
    i figured if we could get some players together at same times then the builds would be quicker and progress could be made for the benefit of YAMS.
    maybe as a bonus when finished we could play games etc (possibly for prizes - i would be wiling to donate some items for this)
    If anyone would like to make a suggestion as to what weekend we could do this, then others could add a yes/no or other possible dates and we can work something out from there.
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    SwanofWar reacted in Toy Story 2 Comes to YAMS! [OFFICIAL]   
    Hope you all enjoyed it, again sorry it was short notice. I just thought it would be nice to do something as it's been a while.
    Running events like this especially on such short notice can be very stressful for me, it requires all players to listen carefully to instructions and follow them and not talk over me or run away from the rest of the team, so sorry if I got stressed a few times, you have to remember I sacrifice my enjoyment in taking part so you lot can play while I actually run the event and make sure it goes to plan, so when people don't listen it makes me sad.
    Anyway, here's some images:






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    SwanofWar reacted in North: Snowheim   
    ok here goes.......
    first of all thanks for all the congrats i have recieved over the last 2 days.
    i am looking forward to hopefully making a difference to snowheim, even if it is slow and steady at least it will be in the right direction.
    having just finished moving all my stuff to my new plot i will be taking a few days to get my new house built and get settled before having a good look around to see what we need to make a priority. (i have already had a small wander    and have a list of things to do).
    i will be on holiday for a week from 12th-19th may, so its unlikely that much will happen before then. However when i get back things should start to change/improve.
    if anyone has any ideas regarding what they would like to see in snowheim then as before just leave ideas/suggesions in here as before.
    if u have any major concerns that you may wish to keep a bit more private then feel free to pm me on here.
    although am not always online, my phone is a constant resident on the forums so if i cant get on to help straight away i can at least give you a better idea of when i will be online.
    i am sad to be leaving perivale in a way,   and want to thank Steer and fellow residents for making my time there a great one.
    i deem this topic now open, lets make it an active one and catch up with the pages of perivale  filling it full of new ideas and great communication for the town.
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    SwanofWar reacted in Fixed some broken water   
    Thanks swan. I saw this yesterday when looking around, and it was on my list of things to do. I have one less thing to do now
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    SwanofWar reacted in Roman Village [SUGGESTION]   
    Definately! All that you can think of that is Roman! Time to go back to my World History notes
    I was thinking temples, libraries, bathhouses, aquaducts, olympic stadiums, oracles, etc.!
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    SwanofWar reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Hello everyone,
    As you are all aware madrad has been in charge of Snowheim, however as of late he's been preoccupied in life so snowheim has been suffering greatly. Every day I'm finding things that have not been done.
    I want to get snowheim back on it's feet, it's such a great town it deservers more attention!
    So I have discussed this with madrad and we think that its in Snowheim and it's residents best interest that someone else takes charge of Snowheim, someone who can be enthusiastic/passionate and has the right mind to organise and get the job done!
    There was an internal staff application process, from which I had two very good applicants apply.
    The first was from aoelos_ and the second from NIkki_Nutta, I took my time in deciding who was the best candidate for the job and I have chosen Nikki_Nutta as the new snowheim town Moderator overseeing the whole town including projects and aoelos_ being in charge of organising the castle project which is way over due. They will both be working closely together along with other staff and members to get snowheim back up to scratch!
    Madrad will return to being in charge of the university of YAMS, yet another project which is way overdue.
    This decision is not something I have undertook lightly however I do believe its necessary and that it's for the best of YAMS and it's community.
    This topic will remained locked till Nikki has had a chance to reply.
    Thank you,
    P.S. Nikki_Nutta will be moving to snowheim.
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    SwanofWar reacted in I had a little accident ^^;;;   
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    SwanofWar reacted in Best minecraft parody ive seen so far :):)   
    Like ryanfentonman. wop wop wop
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    SwanofWar reacted in Chess tournament [Suggestion]   
    You weren't the only one man.  *pats shoulder then goes to check out the chessboard*
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    SwanofWar reacted in Chess tournament [Suggestion]   
    I kept thinking we were talking about one in YAMS Central Park.   Silly me!
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    SwanofWar reacted in Enchantment Exchange [SUGGESTION]   
    Devon has an enchantment shop in the mall-it might be worth getting her perspective
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    SwanofWar reacted in Enchantment Exchange [SUGGESTION]   
    I think, thumbs up lets do this:)
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    SwanofWar reacted in Enchantment Exchange [SUGGESTION]   
    If there is not another enchantment shop, I am willing to give donations to help pay for the shop's rent in the shopping center.
    Also, I think it is a good idea if you can trade level I books for different level I books; level 2 books for different level 2 books, etc.  I don't think we should necesarily put five level 1 books in for one level 5 book because that is unfair. It is almost like making 5 level 1 books using one level of enchantment "glitter" for 1 level 5 book that took 25+ levels of enchantment "glitter".
    I can check around the shopping center tonight to check for another enchantment shop, unless someone gets to the shopping center before tonight.  If we have one, then I don't think we should ruin their business and continue through with the project, but if not, I am willing to help set up, gather books, help pay rent, etc.
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