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    SwanofWar reacted in Verigan Soda Shoppe Auction #2   
    The stuff that will be up for auction is gonna range from foods to redstone logic stuff to even possibly leaked potion recipes/ingredients! You'll just have to come and see for yourself! 
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    SwanofWar reacted in Big Build Project #1 - University of YAMS [OFFICIAL]   
    Not much has happened on this project in a while, once we have finished the oasis Id like to make this a priority!
    Reminder when we start again: We have a nether and end room, we need a mini stronghold too, under the glass dome? Also maybe a jungle temple somewhere in a park?
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    SwanofWar reacted in The Withers Challenge April 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    thanks Darren for setting this up, had a great time. and have to agree mumble was fun, made things easier and was nice to put voices to pixels
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    SwanofWar reacted in The Withers Challenge April 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    Yeah! Thank you for the event Darren! I really enjoyed it and wouldn't mind doing it again sometime
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    SwanofWar reacted in The Withers Challenge April 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    Thanks to everyone for a very fun and exciting event, a few hiccups along the way but overall it went quite well.
    People who attended are as follows:
    10:00 - darrenstraight, kolayhe, namscupcake, ryanrenton 12:00 - NO one turned up only SteerpikeSister, so we didnt play. 14:00 - darrenstraight, SteerpikeSister, madrad 16:00 - darrenstraight, SteerpikeSister, Nikki_Nutta, benjamine12 18:00 - darrenstraight, CoolKill21, Shadow7690, Blitzkrieg_HOSS, SwanofWar 20:00 - darrenstraight, SwanofWar, ElseJon, Jorgmeisterwork 22:00 - darrenstraight, BartyJnr, SwanofWar, SteerpikeSister, Nikki_Nutta, namscupcake, ryanfenton Takes a while to setup this event and coordinate it but I'm sure we can do another one some day!
    Good talking to everyone on mumble, especially on the last one, was really enjoyable.
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    SwanofWar reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Lets get this built! Madrad please approve and sort out an area for this!
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    SwanofWar reacted in Stronghold!   
    Thanks for sharing Ninja... never seen one before.. I think I'll go check it out right now! -- even though I should be sleeping :-) 
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    SwanofWar reacted in Summer Resort [SUGGESTION]   
    just a thought.... would it be possible in the future to have a summer resort area, and everyone can have a mini vacation home. (sb size maybe). we could do beach hut, life guard stations on the beach itself, and set further back are everyones huts/vacation homes.
    ppl from different towns would be able to meet for holidays/ day trips/bbqs etc
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    SwanofWar reacted in A Language Blacklist? [SUGGESTION]   
    Sorry but I'm with madrad here, there's a difference between saying it while at home and going to the effort of typing it. There is also the problem of different words can mean different things in different cultures. One that comes to mind is damn and crap. Some people see these as vulgar, others do not. We can tolerate once maybe even twice use of not so nice words, but when one keeps typing it out every time then that's when you make us unhappy bunnies!

    As for a blacklist of words that can't be used, interesting concept (I assume you mean on the forums in a post) however they would have to be wrote out on the forums, which is just as bad as typing them in game even if it is for a useful purpose, however I dont think people will stop themselves saying words and be like wait let me check forums can i say it.... oh no I cant.. let me say so and so instead!

    Anyway hope that explains a few things, thanks for your suggestions.

    If they would, then as madrad says just don't say anything at all or use common sense and find a better less grey word.

    It has also been said before why don't we install a plugin to block these words? Well I don't really like doing that, id like to think as my community as sensible and just because the server allows them to say words they wont abuse that trust. Of course people who do use really bad words or insult my staff or other with them get banned etc.
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