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Status Updates posted by Lord_Verigan

  1. Reopening my potion shop! Now with enchanted books too!

  2. NAME CHANGE! My ign is now Zinc_Chills.

  3. Happy 3 year anniversary of YAMS to everyone!

  4. Was fun being part of staff while it lasted. :)

    1. changingtuna88


      Hope to see you on the server some time, good luck with school! :)

  5. NOTE: Am currently on a temporary leave from YAMS.

  6. Camping takes a lot out of you! :P

    1. changingtuna88


      Never gone...unless plopping a tent down in the backyard counts ;)

  7. NOTICE: I am away until sunday. (p.s. over 40 likes? Right On!)

  8. Woo! First part time job! :)

    1. changingtuna88


      :D where?

      And, congrats!

    2. Lord_Verigan


      I'm an attendent at our local skating rink. :)

    3. changingtuna88
  9. Alright! Back for more yamsian antics! :P

  10. IMPORTANT! I am away for ten days at the time of this update!

  11. Let the University scavenger hunt begin!

  12. Braces are finally off!!! ;D

    1. changingtuna88


      Yay! :D I still have mine for like 6 months, but they may keep me longer :(

  13. Time for a skin change! :D

  14. Itchin' for some awesome building action!

  15. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Been way too long since I changed my picture, so I made this myself! :)

  17. Woot! Back from camping! :D

  18. Reminder: Will not be back from camping until around July 7.

  19. Summer Holidays here I come! :D

  20. I'm on pins and needles! :O

  21. Phew, building a foundry can really take a lot out of you. :P

  22. The big one seven! :D

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