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  1. YAMS may be on it's way out, but this will always be the best community server I've ever been on and I do not regret having over two years of fun on this server.  
    I may not be much of a minecraft guy anymore, but no server can top the fun and friendships I've had here. 
    *glass raise* Here's to the passing of YAMS.  It's going away, but will not be forgotten.
    You all have a good one.

  2. I'm beyond thrilled at how the provincial election within my province just went when I was able to vote for the first time.  The Conservative right wing party has just had it's 43 year reign shattered by the NDP left wing party.  


    The NDP gained over 30% more votes this time around compared to last election and have made history by having a majority government for the first time ever in what is normally the most solidly right-wing province in Canada.  



  3. I came on to and checked my shop inventory and many of my enchanted books are missing.

    I am missing:


    sharpness III

    feather falling III

    fire aspect I

    protection III, thorns II


    I double checked and triple checked my chests and they are most certainly unaccounted for.  I may be missing other things, but the books were what I noticed.


    (they were in the valuables chest)

  4. After some time spent hunting for the necessary resources, I am finally able to reopen my potion shop!


    My shop is now based out of the downstairs of my house and as such, I have set up an order board that orders can be placed on if I am not on while you are looking to buy one of my potions.  Look for the purple house on the red railway!


    A new addition to my shop is that I now deal in enchanted books on the side as well which will become available as I gain the necessary experience to create the books.


    One last thing to note, due to the nature of how difficult it is to acquire ghast tears, potions of regeneration will not have a set price and must be negotiated with me in how payment will be made.


    With all of that out of the way, I hope to do business with you!  ;)


  5. I'm not sure if anybody else has had this problem, but I have yet to see a single slime in the new world so far.  Since I am trying to reopen my potion shop this is a bit problematic as it is a very important ingredient.  


    If anybody happens to get their hands on any slime balls I will very much make it worthwhile if you are willing to offer me some.  :)

  6. Hey. Just posting to ask if anybody has found a mesa biome yet in the mining world?  I need the clay for my house but I have been unable to find one so far.


    If someone manages to find one before I can, it would be much appreciated if approximate coordinates could be given so that I can gather the necessary clay for my house.  :)

  7. I have chosen a plot that I will use as my home for the new world (to the right of aoelos_), but there is a large pond that takes up likely about half the plot and is rather intrusive to me building my house.  


    Would it be alright if I terraform part of the pond to make it a bit smaller so that I can have my house fit?

  8. Just here to post that because of personal circumstances, my access to a decent wireless connection is going to be very limited for a t least a little bit in the coming month because I will be living somewhere for a little while where the wireless connection is very slow and cannot support online play for me. 

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