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    Lord_Verigan reacted in 14/05/2015 - YAMS gets a Creative World   
    NEWS FLASH! YAMS now has a creative world as promised in the future of YAMS post!
    You can find the portal for it at the bottom of spawn tower inside the event portals room.
    I really hope you enjoy this, I've tried to be as fair as possible.
    Below is a copy of the rules on the forums for the creative world, but please read the signs when you go there as its explained in more detail including commands you need to know.
    The creative world is not the main part of YAMS, it's an addition to YAMS so you can test your ideas out and show your creativity with others easier. From time to time this world may reset. There is also a plot expiry time of 2 months, so if you become inactive for 2 months your plot will be removed. Each player is allowed one plot, you can however invite others to help on your plot by giving them permissions with a command. This world should be treated with respect don't abuse our trust, remember YAMS server rules apply as we are a family friendly minecraft server. Buildings should be family friendly. You can not /sethome in this world as its not the main world of YAMS, we still want players taking part in the main world. The only way home from this world is to die in lava or such. You will lose all expeirence levels and items you have on you so make sure you leave them at home. You can find more information and commands in the creative world, for which the portal is located at the bottom of spawn tower. Have fun!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Places of interest in the new mining world   
    I thought I'd start a thread where we can put the coordinates for any places of interest we have found in the new mining world.  I or others have posted most of these in different threads so I thought it would be good to gather them in one thread.
    First off there have been 3 ocean monuments found at this point (at least that I know of).  The first 2 can be found at the coordinates below and have been mostly, if not completely, drained of water so everyone can move around easily in them.  Also, the elder guardians have been slain in both.
    ocean monuments
    x = 2185, z = 3177
    x = 2000, z = 700
    The third one I have found just recently.  With this one I thought it would be a good idea to not drain it completely so that everyone can use it as a "hunting ground" for guardians.  The elder guardians have been slain but there are plenty of regular guardians to hunt down.  I have gone through and created air pockets in almost every room so a player can easily get to air while hunting.  In certain rooms I have only made partial air pockets in because of openings between floors.  Leaving the water in these ceiling spaces is important for both players and guardians to get between floors.  (Added note: there are some rooms that are completely drained.  Use these to rest from swimming or to place crafting tables and furnaces as needed.)
    ocean monument for hunting
    x = -1957, z = 2343
    Near this third monument is a jungle that contains a jungle temple.  When I got to the temple the only thing in the chest was rotten flesh.  However, there are ocelots in the area and I saw a couple of melon patches as well.
    jungle temple
    x = -2302, z = 2569
    The other day a came across a dungeon with a zombie spawner.  I also saw some wood planks on the ceiling nearby.  I didn't have the time to explore but I wouldn't be surprised to find it to be part of a mineshaft.
    dungeon/zombie spawner  - likely mineshaft nearby
    x = -720, y = 19, z = 49
    The last thing I have for now is the location of a stronghold.  I have explored a little bit of it myself.  So far I have found one library.  I suspect someone will have to do some mining to get to the rest of the stronghold.  The coordinates I am listing is for the ground level entrance I made to get to the stronghold.
    stronghold entrance
    x = 726, z = -114
    That's all I have for now.  If anyone has found something not listed above please post it to this thread.
    Thanks and have fun mining, hunting, exploring!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in No Slimes to Be Seen   
    Not really an issue when I can see 6 swamps at least in the mining world. http://maps.yams.me and at the right hand side there's an arrow that pulls the sidebar out allowing you to view mining world.
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in The Trade Centre - Trade with your friends!   
    Looking to trade with someone? Be it buying or selling you can use this topic to find people to trade with!   Post below with specific details of what you are looking to buy/sell.   Bad example post: Need glass Good example post: Looking for 64 pieces of blue stained glass (normal block not pane), I can pay in iron or gold. Can try and pay in other items if needed. We can arrange price in game.   You can find the trade centre in spawn town, there's also warp to it, you'll find the warp somewhere inside!  

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    Lord_Verigan reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    Our new world spawn is good as done as are the rails. New mini game still needs finishing, been busy with more important foundations to the world layout. Will be finishing off configuring and testing the last few plugins within the next few days. Still need to work out new set of rules, I am hoping to get this done within the next few days, without this we cant move! Some of the original things I mentioned such as a creative world are currently not present, we will see how the normal world goes first before starting work on this. Other minigames such as paint ball dont currently have an arena, I may use the old world for these as we already have the arenas there, but this probably wont be ready for when we go live with the new world so please be patient with us. Providing the things that need doing are done by the end of the week, we could be looking at moving sometime next week!
    I'll let you know when I know more.
    P.S. Chairs are working again!

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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Yams Hospital [SUGGESTION]   
    Interesting idea, we used to have a very small YAMS Hospital back in our first world from 2011, of course a lot of changed since then with Minecraft (new materials etc) and there's quite a few references in our new world to the old 2011 one so having an hospital would be a good reminder of that!
    Anyway I think its doable, but yes lets wait until we have the new world and see how that goes.
    Here's some screenshots of the old 2011 one, I'm sure we can do even better this time!





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    Lord_Verigan reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    Just a reminder plans for this new world is still going ahead, currently working as much as can on the new world.
    Please make sure you enjoy the current world while you still can and don't forget we still need resources donated!

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    Lord_Verigan reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    I'm currently looking at April as being the month we change worlds, however there's still quite a bit to do especially in terms of finalising how YAMS will be run now, rules and such. So my apologies if we don't move over in April.
    In the mean time, here's some teasers of the new world.





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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Name Changes   
    Thank you for letting us know, your display name on these forums has been changed to: Zinc_Chills
    Your login name remains: Lord_Verigan
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Name Changes   
    You do not have to make a topic that tells us (it should say your previous username in parenthesis), however posting it would be appreciated, just so we can keep up to date
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Glitched Mobs and Chunks   
    I thought I replied to this yesterday! I must not have clicked reply!
    The screenshots you posted were certainly not what I was expecting and I was very shocked when I saw them, I don't think I've seen this problem before....
    Well.... That's what I was thinking yesterday, I saw the following on reddit today:
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Been A While   
    Glad to hear you've been well! I actually first joined YAMS because my older brother told me not to (maybe it was reverse psychology ) even though he told me that whitelist would be on, however it wasn't. I thought I would only be on for a few minutes, but I got absorbed into a huge tour group, and found the server and its players to be alot of fun . 
    These days I am kind of losing interest in minecraft, but whenever I go on the forums I can't help but want to stay. It really stinks that as unique a server as YAMS is, it still can not compete with all the other servers out there. On most servers now it is impossible to keep up with the chat, and no one forms lasting relationships. 
    Similarly to Lord, YAMS has taught me lessons about how to treat not only other player's work online, but also the players themselves. Most people don't realize that the experiences we have online, especially in games, can shape who we are.
    I would also like to thank everyone on YAMS for making this minecraft server outshine all the others. 
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in 28/10/2013 - New spawn tower   
    We finally have a new spawn tower, come and check it out.
    As I'm sure you all know by now, signs cause huge FPS drops (lag), there's a bug report about it on the Mojang issue tracker, you can and I suggest you up vote the issue!
    But in the mean time while we wait for a fix (wont happen if Mojang doesn't see it as an issue - hence needing votes), we are trying our best to cut down signs and find other ways to reduce lag, which is why we have this new tower, we have cut out 3 floors of signs and placed them elsewhere:
    The events section is now located in the park. The tips section will move to the University of YAMS. The stories section has been lost in time, though I do hear there's an archaeological dig happening in the desert just outside of spawn, on the red Perivale line, might be worth a look. The new tower is a combination of the winning spawn tower design from the spawn tower competition along with a lot of added features to tailor it to our needs. I'm hoping you will like this new tower design, thanks to those that helped me. 

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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Herobrines Return October 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    Ok done some final testing, mostly ready for tomorrow, unfortunately there's quite a few bugs, but there's not much I can do to fix them... so if herobrine is still hanging around all chilled out when he shouldn't be, just ignore him!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in East: Farefall   
    I was thinking of throwing a mini opening party, which will include two cakes, a single firework, and some buckets of milk.
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in East: Farefall   
    The Foundry is now finally complete. Thanks to everyone who has helped, even if it was only a small bit
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in The countryside is being taken over...   
    So me and madrad went for a 11.2 mile walk today, down many pathways:

    Across our travels we encountered a gate opening of some sorts.

    Interesting we thought, what could be inside.

    In we walked, encountering barren waste land.

    It looked like something was built here at one time, but what we wondered?

    So much laid in ruins, this place looked like it had been destroyed by TNT.

    Then we sssssssssspot ssssssssssssomething!

    BOOM goes the creeper! Now we know what happened to this place....

    Minecraft is everywhere and no this was not photoshopped or made by us, we actually did find this in the middle of nowhere!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Wacky Boat Races August 2013 #2 [OFFICIAL]   
    That's half the reason its called 'wacky' races
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Huge build...   
    i feel like this is going well! Thanks to you few who are helping me, you know who you are...

    REALLY big shoutout to Nikki! Cos you're great, and I love you (but I'm still huffing for the lack of Cadbury land trips >_> )
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Rent a Shop at the Shopping Centre   
    Shopping centre update:
    Just to make you all aware, namscupcake is now in charge of the shopping centre/collecting rent.
    If you don't pay on time she will use her kitty claws on you, as well as throw hard cupcakes at you!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in YAMS Meetup!   
    Its awesome you guys are meeting up there but i dont think my mom will let me fly overseas alone 
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Going Away :)   
    NO, No sleeping allowed - go on YAMS NOW!
    Haha just kidding, rest well.
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Computer being upgraded   
    his computer
    *runs and hides*
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Octodad: Dadliest Catch   
    This game looks fun Its not out yet but i cant wait for it
    It is about a octopus that is a undercover dad and no one knows he is a octopus!!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Pokemon X and Y - Generation 6   
    Apparently, only one pokemon can mega evolve in a battle and the stones aren't aquired during normal gameplay so that seems to balance it out a bit. Although, we don't know full details on the whole thing
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