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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Spawn Town Police Station Replacement Building [OFFICIAL]   
    I was the drakitty guard!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Spawn Town Police Station Replacement Building [OFFICIAL]   
    I was also the kitty gaurd
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Build Competition #2 - Mining world hub [OFFICIAL]   
    Greetings fellow miners, I would like to invite you all to a sort of collaborative competition.
    It involves building a new mining hub for the new mining world we will have for 1.6.
    If you are interested please come to the bottom of spawn tower where you will find the portal to take you there, don't worry you wont loose your items or experience levels!
    All is explained through the portal!
    Have fun and good luck, please work together and get as many people involved as possible!
    You have 1 week, better get to it!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Horse Names Ideas...   
    are you saying Darren's horse is going to be dense?
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Build Challenge #4 - Metropolis 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    all the builds look brilliant on here
    well done again to everyone who helped out
    and thanks again darren for orginising it all  ......
    and special thanks to Nams for wishing for it
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in West: Perivale   
    phew! my baby looks good still.
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in West: Perivale   
    The theatre was amazing! I visited it this morning and it is one of my favourite minecraft builds I've seen
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in 22/06/2013 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.6   
    I have been testing CraftBukkit 1.6 this morning with the YAMS world to see what happens and I can confirm ocelots are a problem! The spawn rate of them is way too high. It's crazy!
    Horses can be found in our current world (plains biome) but requires a lot of wild animal killing before you find one, this is because animals are persistent which means in theory they wont despawn (even unloaded chunks) and no more will spawn when the limit is reached. So you have to kill animals to allow for new ones to spawn!
    I do have a command to kill animals (only works if chunk is loaded) and sometimes I use it to get wild animal count flowing again however it also currently kills horses, both wild and tamed... so animals in the plain biome will need killing manually if you want to see horses appear.
    I spent a long time going around killing stuff and eventually nearly an hour latter I saw 2 horses, I stole the parent horse away from the baby and took him to spawn, the foal didn't follow.
    I will keep you updated as always but for now we are staying on 1.5.2. Also 1.6.2 will be out soon so it's pointless updating now to 1.6.1, this release does fix quite a bit of the non bukkit bugs, like not being able to place signs on fences with text! :S

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    Lord_Verigan reacted in ruddles1325 (Druid of Lûhn) introduction   
    Thank you for this and for all the information provided. I hope to play on YAMS soon (after supper).
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Not gonna be on for a while   
    Hey guys,
    I'm sad to say I'm not going to be on for a while! I am going to Latvia for three weeks starting this sunday! If I'm really lucky I maybe able to go on for a little, but no promises. I know this is a little short, but...well.
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Build Challenge #4 - Metropolis 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    So a couple of you tried out my airport security earlier and gave feedback  Thanks to you the skies of metropolis will be much safer!
    Others however somewhat failed security (looks at lord)

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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Build Challenge #4 - Metropolis 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    /me wishes for extended time in metropolis
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in :) great game music   
    Of course!
    I think many People dont know ho much great game Music that is created. In super Mario Galaxy they used a full symphonic orchestra. I can just imagine how much that have to cost to produce
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Alberta Floods 2013   
    I'll say a prayer for everyone there :/
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Build Challenge #4 - Metropolis 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    Wow we haven't done a build challenge in so long!
    That's why when namscupcake made a wish in the indoor wishing well (inside the shopping centre) that she wanted to do another Metropolis world that I jumped on this opportunity to revive them. After all the first build challenge we did was a Metropolis, so seemed fitting that the next build challenge after so much time was another Metropolis.
    I have consulted with nams and she has chosen (I wanted it to be her choice as its her wish) that this Metropolis (City) will be made from scratch in a new world using creative mode (last year we did it in survival).
    Ok so basically I have setup a creative world where you "should" all work together to build a Metropolis, a city that could be out of real life. The city should have a road system and can include skyscrapers that reach the limit of our atmosphere.

    There should also be some sort of public transport system. An example for this could be an underground rail system (styled on the London Underground) or an above ground one (like the Nolan Gotham City)

    Tell everyone that you know to come and help out you only have 1 week. Let's make this better then last years.
    Wait what happened last year?
    Well it just so happens that I have reopened last years metropolis 2012 world as a view only world, you can find the portal at the bottom of the spawn tower in the build challenge section. You will not loose any items or experience levels by going to this world, just /home or /spawn to get out of it. 
    What about this years?
    The portal for the current Metropolis is also down there too, just be aware to not take any items or experience levels with you that you don't want to loose as once in that world the only way back is to go into survival mode (/gm 0) and kill yourself.
    Well I hope you all have fun, please use your imagination and creativity to it's fullest to build a wonderful city.
    Thanks to nams for her wish, if you want a wish to come true visit the shopping centre indoor wishing well and make a wish too, this isn't the first wish I have made come true from there and certainly wont be the last...
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Camping   
    Welcome back... Hope you had a nice time! Now come on yams!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Alberta Floods 2013   
    Hope you and your family/friends stay safe!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Alberta Floods 2013   
    So sad, the flood in Norway some weeks ago was only peanuts according to this
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Alberta Floods 2013   
    Hope you and eveyone else up there stay safe!!!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Alberta Floods 2013   
    Wow, that's not good!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Alberta Floods 2013   
    Stay safe
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in Spawn Town Horse Stable [OFFICIAL]   
    So! I kinda felt like having a go at a stable because I am pretty excited for this next update I used the current spawntown building materials which were stonebrick and spruce logs for walls, and oak planks for roofs as I felt it would help it to fit in  I didn't know how many horses we're planning on keeping there so I made two pens for two horses, but I'm sure we could fit two in each if we tried! In terms of the building itself I wanted to make it interesting and give it a variety of levels. I used shallow curves for the roof to give it a unique look-curves are cool! 
    So anyways the building itself! I'm aware some of you don't know where testbuild is, so I've included some pictures for you guys

    This is a front view of the Stable itself.

    This is a side view looking at the tower.

    A side view looking from the other way.

    The interior, it's a little bare as I didn't quite know what to put in there!

    I also put in a little prize board for the awards the horses could win

    And finally this picture shows one of the pens, and me feeding one of the horses (although I couldn't quite find any so I had to make do with some cows instead  )
    Anyways I hope you guys like it, and feel free to add any feedback if you have any!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in out of town   
    Your house will be removed and all items donated to the feed the admin donation fund! Of course I joke Thanks for letting us know, hope everything ok!
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in North: Snowheim   
    hiya all
    just me again
    Well it has taken almost a full day and some of last night   but Snowheim is now the proud owner of the unique feature that is a walkway/path cover running throughout the whole town.
    If you like to walk in the snow then find one of the many stairways leading to the walkways and a enjoy a whole new view around town.
    If you like to stay covered over then why not take a stroll down our new pathways with their fabulous new design and higher roof part allowing a partially better view of town.
    Also don't forget we still have our tunnel system running under the town, just go downstairs in the welcome centre, walk around the stairs and past the wishing fountain (don't forget to make a wish  ) and through the double doors.
    you will also have noticed down there a suggestion board for the town, and an area with updates on current town builds and what materials may be needed. There is also a chest there to donate things for the builds.
    it just leaves me to say massive thanks to all who helped out over the last few days and I look forward to what ever comes next for our little town.
    - Nikki
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    Lord_Verigan reacted in My 28th Birthday!   
    Just a quick thank you again to everyone wishing me Happy Birthday! Also thanks for the presents!
    Hoped you al enjoyed the games we played, I wasn't expecting to do anything but thought I return the favour for sorting out my birthday area!
    To those of you not there, we played:
    Strike a light at the Oasistadium. The Walls Map. The cops and robbers map. Thanks again!
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