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  1. [quote name='Lord_Verigan' timestamp='1354603158' post='17322']
    Apparently some mad man has been roaming the server ambushing people with snowball attacks! It's said that this mysterious person wears golden boots and calls himself "The Mad Snow Hurler"! The only way to know that he is coming is if you here golden boots approaching, or so I've heard. It might be best to keep a eye on whats behind you for a little while lest you get snowballed to death! :ph34r:

    That's crazy!!!! do you guys have any clue of who he is yet? If not, do you know if he lives in spawntown or any other town yet?

  2. [quote name='d8g4cnd24_h7' timestamp='1353777425' post='17198']
    Stackable rainbows........and unicorns....... :P
    That would be a great update.

    [quote name='darrenstraight' timestamp='1353770622' post='17195']
    I would like rainbows too, someone ask!!

    I don't know about stackable rainbows. :huh: I have to admit that it would look cool but I think everyone would go a little bit crazy over them and then we would just have a world filled with rainbows and maybe unicorns . :lol:

  3. [quote name='BartyJnr' timestamp='1352041720' post='16746']
    We've already had this discussion. They're easily broke, people won't put them back, so within a small while, they'd probably be gone again.
    That is true. I guess we will just have to deal with the water :unsure:
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