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Hey there! I joined the server in October 2012 and Nams gave me a tour of spawn. I got given lot 32 in sandbox, I built my house and then got approved a few days later. Then I built my new house in Snowheim down Pine Lane (which has probably been replaced around 20 times by now B) ). For some reason I always end up replacing it within a few weeks ;)! At the end of 2012 I was given the opportunity to become a CSO - which I accepted! I'm now a moderator and I hope to help YAMS in any way I can. I also have a shop in the mall near the fountain called Aoe's Bakery-check it out if you want I sell wheat, bread, cookies and pumpkin pie ^_^

If I'm ever on and you need any help and advice or even just materials don't be afraid to ask me! :lol:

If you're ever in Snowheim drop by some time!



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