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    aoelos_ reacted in 14/05/2015 - YAMS gets a Creative World   
    NEWS FLASH! YAMS now has a creative world as promised in the future of YAMS post!
    You can find the portal for it at the bottom of spawn tower inside the event portals room.
    I really hope you enjoy this, I've tried to be as fair as possible.
    Below is a copy of the rules on the forums for the creative world, but please read the signs when you go there as its explained in more detail including commands you need to know.
    The creative world is not the main part of YAMS, it's an addition to YAMS so you can test your ideas out and show your creativity with others easier. From time to time this world may reset. There is also a plot expiry time of 2 months, so if you become inactive for 2 months your plot will be removed. Each player is allowed one plot, you can however invite others to help on your plot by giving them permissions with a command. This world should be treated with respect don't abuse our trust, remember YAMS server rules apply as we are a family friendly minecraft server. Buildings should be family friendly. You can not /sethome in this world as its not the main world of YAMS, we still want players taking part in the main world. The only way home from this world is to die in lava or such. You will lose all expeirence levels and items you have on you so make sure you leave them at home. You can find more information and commands in the creative world, for which the portal is located at the bottom of spawn tower. Have fun!
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    aoelos_ reacted in 02/02/2015 - The Future of YAMS for 2015   
    I'm currently looking at April as being the month we change worlds, however there's still quite a bit to do especially in terms of finalising how YAMS will be run now, rules and such. So my apologies if we don't move over in April.
    In the mean time, here's some teasers of the new world.





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    aoelos_ reacted in 09/01/2015 - YAMS 4th Year Anniversary   
    I am proud to say YAMS has been a part of my life for the past 3.5 years! I have so many great memories here and got the chance to make so many friends from around the world. While it will be bad to see the server go, I agree that we should go out in the biggest way possible. I don't mind how others want to celebrate, even if we just want to play some mini games or mess around on the server, as long as we enjoy the server while its here.
    Similarly to Luke, I lost interest in minecraft a while ago, but the community here is so close and awesome that I stayed. Seeing the server so dead recently has made me pretty depressed and I just wish more people came on :/
    Thank you so much to everyone on YAMS, the players, the many staff members we have had over the years, and of course Darren. I can definitely say this is my favorite and the only minecraft server I play on, and I have made memories that will last for years and years to come. 
    Cheers to year 4!
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    aoelos_ reacted in Happy birthday YAMS!!!   
    If I have my dates right today marks the 4th birthday of YAMS. (If dates wrong I'm sure it's about this time of year).
    Just wanted to say massive thanks to Darren and everyone for all the time and effort put in to yams in that time.
    I know this last year has been a quiet one for us, some folks off to university others working more etc but yams will always remain my number 1 server.
    Unfortunately I am working tonight and most of the weekend so don't know if able to get online. Might try and get daughter on at some point soon too. She been let loose in single player and seems to have the hang of things now.
    Happy mining and stay safe
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    aoelos_ reacted in 09/01/2015 - YAMS 4th Year Anniversary   
    Today our beloved YAMS is 4 years old which is great news, we have come so far and there's so much more that could be done!
    Unfortunately however I also have sad news as it will more than likely be its last year, last year I asked everyone in The Future of YAMS post for their feedback on how we could progress with the server but feedback wasn't as forthcoming as I had hoped, I was hoping we could really change things, be less restrictive in areas and allow more freedom but I think a lot of people were happy with how things are currently.
    From the feedback I decided to make some changes and renew the server for another year with the following conditions:
    However a year on and I don't think we have truly celebrated YAMS as it should have been, if anything things have got worse, there's hardly any players on any more and I haven't seen some staff on in over 5 months, it feels like people have given up which makes me very sad as so much love, time, money and effort has been put into YAMS!
    I don't currently have anything planned event wise for this anniversary as I'm quite upset about how things have gone, doesn't help that the last few events I have done not many people have turned up if at all.
    But if you would like to celebrate YAMS, please go ahead and celebrate, it would make me very happy!
    We have all made friends here and had some great times with some of us even having the chance to meet in person, all the good that has come from YAMS should not be forgotten.
    Remember YAMS always, because while it is "Yet Another Minecraft Server" it isn't just any old server, it is a family friendly community that brought joy to many peoples hearts.
    Also Id like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me personally or YAMS, from donations to helping me with feedback, it's all been appreciated.
    Thank you everyone.
    Previous anniversary posts:
    YAMS 1st Year Anniversary YAMS 2nd Year Anniversary YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary
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    aoelos_ reacted in Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015   
    Thank you Jake, have a good 2015. I hope everyone else has a good one too. Also thank you everyone for all the support with YAMS, I really appreciate it. Wishing you all the best for the future.
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    aoelos_ reacted in Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015   
    Hope everyone had an awesome 2014, and if you didn't I hope 2015 blows away all of your expectations! Thanks to everyone here for making this year as great as it was. Best of luck for all of you in 2015!
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    aoelos_ reacted in Happy Holidays!   
    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate or celebrated. Enjoy the season with your family  
    I love when the holidays come to minecraft

    Have a good one!
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    aoelos_ reacted in Full Server Day [SUGGESTION]   
    I was on the server today, and I thought about how much more fun it is with more people online. So, I had the idea of attempting to fill up the server, it doesn't matter how long it's full, but just seeing that "16/16" would make me really happy. Comment below any days/times that you are free and we can try to organize a day when we can fill the You don't necessarily have to participate, but I will be playing tons of mini games (16 player hide and seek ) to keep us entertained. If we don't want to play any of those, we can certainly work on one of the build projects going on right now, like the roller coaster or castle (Remember: you can work on these at any time no matter what town you are from, even if no one else is online). This isn't really an event per say, but I think we should bring the server back to its glory days, and at least get a decent amount of people online.
    I am free pretty much any time, however not before 4 PM GMT, on the weekends. That is unless I have something going on Don't feel obligated to come, at this point it is just an idea. Remember, its all about having fun
    To Darren: I didn't know if I should have put it here with a [sUGGESTION] tag or in General YAMS discussion...sorry if I placed it  wrong >.<
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    aoelos_ reacted in Been A While   
    I just thought I'd make a post on here for the first time in likely over a year.  I am now in post secondary and pursuing the trade industry and have been well.
    Although I have not been on YAMS for more than a few minutes to say hi to someone if they are online for a while, I have most certainly not forgotten what this little server has given.  After 3 years of playing minecraft, I have still never found another server that boasts such a tight-knit community and organised structure as YAMS does.  The work put in to this server by Darren and all other staff members is very admirable and seldom is there a server that is so genuine in ensuring that the people of the server have a good time.  
    ....I have never said this before...but when I first joined the server, my intentions were not exactly to make a positive difference in the server, but then something happened, when I was caught for breaking a few rules and made very close to being banned, I was genuinely upset at what I had done because I had not yet gone on a server where the people really mattered to me; YAMS changed this when I was hit by how close and formulated the server was and that I had disrupted it with nothing to show for it.  That is when my view of multiplayer playing was firmly changed and I decided to actively contribute to the server and try to stand out in a way that I would be remembered not as a cookie-cutter nuisance, but as someone of merit that was enjoyable to have around.
    The bottom line is this: I wish to thank all of you for bestowing in me the moral values for multiplayer that have stuck with me ever since and kept me from ever going on a server with the intention of impacting it in a negative way again.  There is much that I wish to say, but I am unable to say them without tripping over my own words.
    I wish you all the best for the future.
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    aoelos_ reacted in 28/09/2014 - YAMS Halloween 2014   
    Halloween is on its way, shops and supermarkets are already starting to stock Halloween things!
    But what about YAMS? What are we doing? If anything?
    We have done some fun stuff for Halloween in the past, see posts:
    13/10/2011 - YAMS Halloween 2011 01/10/2012 - YAMS Halloween 2012 04/11/2012 - YAMS Halloween themed area 02/10/2013 - YAMS Halloween 2013 09/11/2013 - YAMS Halloween Mansion Hosts Infected 09/11/2013 - The Ender Dragon Statue  
    What do you want to do this time? Some ideas to get you started:
    Expand the current halloween (/warp spooky) - I have fixed the 3x3 door, seems all pistons stopped working in the Halloween area, spoooooky... Build a new ride. Build some new statues New themed area inside the Halloween area, like the nether section. Use the ender dragon for something, though it's in a completely different location so a teleport to and from inside would probably be needed. A Halloween world An adventure world - there's plenty out there on sites such as planet minecraft. An mini game map. Halloween related plugins. The return of fang... That should get you started, please start discussing!
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    aoelos_ reacted in Build competition #3 - Village houses [OFFICIAL]   
    I have a competition for you all... ohh wait....
    Have you ever heard of The YAMS Adventure? Somewhere out there is an epic adventure on a grand scale just waiting to be found... Have you ever seen the pumpkin monster around spawn tower? He is very mysterious but I hear if you're nice to him he will help you on your journey by showing you the way!
    Now where was I.... ahh yes I was going to say that I have a competition for you all, I am need of small but elegantly detailed village houses! If you can design one that I like it will be used somewhere in YAMS... Your name will be on the village house for all to see when it's found...
    Are you interested in taking part? If so please take a wander down to the bottom of spawn tower where you will find the events portal section with a portal to the village houses world. You'll want to make sure you leave your items at home, you will also loose experience to use it up before visiting!
    There is currently no deadline on this challenge but once I've got enough houses that I like the world will be closed! You may make as many houses as you like but please make sure you finish them off properly before starting on another house and also don't forget to put your name! If you want to build a house as a small team you can just remember to put all your names on it!
    Let me show you an example of what it is I'm looking for:

    Good luck and thank you,
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    aoelos_ reacted in YAMS Castaway July 2014 #4 [OFFICIAL]   
    Castaway is now closed, well done to everyone who took part in making the community of Castaway 2014.

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    aoelos_ reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Hi all,
    after having a wander around town today, I discovered a little cave in the middle part of all the houses. so have decided to extend it a little bit, and put it to the good folks of YAMS to come up with some ideas for the area. had a chat with Myth007 and he had some great ideas which included:-
    health spa/sauna underground casino zoo Hobbit hole (my idea but Darren said I am not allowed to be a hobbit and have to come out to play) Secret shrine to the Town Moderator, maybe?!?   (also my idea) the area can be made to go down a couple of levels, but going up too much will require terraforming the land again above and I want to try and keep that as natural as possible. The opening for this area is currently located at x:142, y:68, z:-1084. Feel free to have a wander there and see if you can come up with any ideas/suggestions of what we could have there.
    I am about to get food but will be back later today if anyone wants to work on anything with me. Or even just to chat about possibilities.
    many thanks
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    aoelos_ reacted in Dragon Dodge - Sky Island [OFFICIAL]   
    For a long time now I've had an idea how creating a game around dragons in minecraft and while it seems other Minecraft servers have now had the same idea I decided that I'd still like to give it a go now that it's more technically possible than before with command blocks, other servers use custom made plugins.
    I have spent the past month building and perfecting this ender dragon game in any spare time I've had on YAMS and today I'm very pleased to announce that "Dragon Dodge - Sky Island" is now as ready as it will ever be to accept players, I can then get feedback from you kind people to then improve.
    But wait... what is Dragon Dodge you ask? Well the game involves being spawned on a floating island where you must survive the dragons attacking you without any weapons, run and dodge them! The last player standing alive wins the game.
    If people enjoy this, then I may look into creating another version further down the line: floating castles, airships, a nether ship or island in lava and more....
    If you would like to play grab yourself some friends and head down to the bottom of spawn tower where you can find the "games, events and build" room, there is a room in here for the game.
    Hurdles I encountered when designing this game included:
    How to design the area, I asked in the forums for builders but only one helped, thanks SteerpikeSister. How to teleport players one at a time into a setup pod, teleporting all together causes the pressure plate to stay on. How to setup a general team/scoreboard and death checks. How to check when there's only one player left in an area or check last player alive and not dead. How to spawn enderdragons in unloaded chunks as command blocks don't allow this. How to set blocks in unloaded chunks as command blocks don't allow this. How to stop the ender dragons flying off and not attacking players. How to reset a world. As always please post feedback so I can improve as this was a very challenging game to design. Thank you and enjoy!

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    aoelos_ reacted in The Ender Dragon Statue [OFFICIAL]   
    The ender dragon has now been moved to a more suitable location, I've moved it to where the player statues are near the YAMS Cathedral.

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    aoelos_ reacted in YAMS Downtown Hosts Paintball [OFFICIAL]   
    Minecraft paintball at the YAMS coliseum arena has proven popular, so I would now like to present paintball downtown, this an extra arena you can vote to play in and does not mean the closure of the coliseum one.
    This downtown arena is quite big and has lots of features, so please bear with us while we fine tune it.
    If you would like to join, just type: /pb join - you can vote to play downtown once inside the lobby.
    A massive thanks to the following people in helping me get this setup:
    ryanfenton - Helped me kick this project off, doing a lot of design on the banks and the shops and much more. Also donated loads of iron blocks for the anvils. madrad - Did lots of work on the underground for me, building my trains and digging out the tunnel. Also connected up all the redstone lamps that turn off in the underground during the night. Nikki_Nutta - For donating lots of iron blocks for the anvils. In the making of the downtown arena, we used a lot of materials, here's some of the top ones:
    4505 Bricks 2645 Steps / Half slabs 2305 Wool 2090 Wood 1480 Double Steps / Half slabs 1410 Quartz blocks 1408 Stained clay blocks 1336 Stone brick stairs 1335 Stone bricks 906 Spruce wooden stairs 702 Redstone wire 451 Quartz stairs 415 Stained glass panes 333 Anvils 291 Glowstone 250 Redstone lamps 186 Iron doors 176 Dark oak wooden stairs 142 Iron bars 103 iron blocks If you can donate any materials to replenish our public build materials, please donate to the public spawn warehouse!

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    aoelos_ reacted in Games, events and builds room [OFFICIAL]   
    As discussed in the Future of YAMS topic, I was thinking about adding a room with signs displaying warps/commands to all the different games we have in YAMS as not everyone is aware we have all these games, there used to be signs in the old spawn tower (though not warps) but they got took out.
    Well I'm pleased to announce at the bottom of spawn tower you can find a place that lists most of the games we have along with required warps/commands to get to them, there is also a community build teleport location - if a moderator ever wants a teleport button to a big town build, they only need ask me.
    Please go and take a look. Good or bad idea? Feedback please.

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    aoelos_ reacted in 01/04/2014 - The Future of YAMS   
    Hi Everyone,
    It is with great pleasure to meet you all, as the new administrator for YAMS my first steps in bringing our server more in line with other servers out there will be:
    Restructure of all staff, all staff to be re-interviewed regarding their position with YAMS, those who do not comply will be demoted. Move over from Bukkit to Spigot to improve on server performance, this will help us handle the amount of changes which could cause server lag. Remove whitelist and unban all previous players to allow them to enjoy our new play style. Increase difficulty to hardcore gamemode, if a player dies they will be banned, at the end of the month the bans will be reset. Open the creative world so we can finally have some freedom. Enable TNT and creeper explosions in the main world. Convert main world water into lava to darken the feel of the server. Make it permanently night. Alter the rules to define ourselves as a Minecraft Anarchy server, with PVP, Griefing and Looting allowed. Setup new domain name and retitle the server name from YAMS to something that reflects our new play style. Long live the dark future of YAMS, I can not wait!
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    aoelos_ reacted in North: Snowheim   
    I have noticed no ones done any more of the terraforming so I have gone ahead and done some of the underside of the mountain.
    August 2013 (Screenshot from Ruddles) - Didn't know was so long ago!

    And now but still needs a lot of work:

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    aoelos_ reacted in YAMS MOTD on server list player count [OFFICIAL]   
    So I decided to try something out, if you hover you mouse pointer over the YAMS player count section in the server list, you'll get a MOTD (message of the day) like the one below.
    What do you think? I'm trying to make more people aware of the Future of YAMS post and such.

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    aoelos_ reacted in Build Challenge #5 - Theme park [OFFICIAL]   
    I like the idea of bringing it back now and then to do different areas/regions of the park.
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    aoelos_ reacted in Big Build Project #1 - University of YAMS [OFFICIAL]   
    Over 2 years ago even before we had moved to our current world there was an idea to create the University of YAMS, a central place of learning for YAMS to teach anyone willing to learn. Original building ideas included:
    - College of Fundementals (The basic 'How to's of Minecraft' as well as all blocks)
    - College of Crafting (Incorporating all the uses of essential Crafting Table)
    - College of Agreculture (All you need to know about growing/planting)
    - College of Fine Dining (All your eating needs explained in one place)
    - College of Miners (What you can expect to find in a mine)
    - College of Construction (A small college showing good examples of walls...
    - College of Interier Design (A place for interior designers)
    - College of Citizenship (YAMS)
    - College of Redstone (Teaching the art of redstone)
    - Library (Library worms dream)
    6-7 months latter and we were ready to start building the University in the new world, this topic was created by madrad who would be overseeing the University of YAMS building project.
    At first progress was fast however after some months it started to dwindle what with madrad being on and off and such due to personal reasons.
    A year after we had started actual work on it I decided that I needed to place someone else in charge, staff members were invited to apply to take charge of this project, I choose lord_verigan and discussed with him in great detail about madrad and mines original ideas of the University, I even made an updated map:

    But yet again progress was slow and lord_verigan eventually stepped down as a staff member as he didn't have time for Minecraft any more.
    It started to upset me that there was so much potential in building the University of YAMS but nothing was being done.
    The last thing done in the University was properly around October time.
    This Sunday just gone, I decided it was time to say to spend some time on finishing the University as best as possible and call it done as I could see now that we were never going to finish it properly.
    So me and steerpikesister (thank you) did the following:
    - Added a new building on the hill (would have been where farming college was going to go), we choose a building namscupcake designed in one of the free build events, me and steerpikesister did extensive work on it and it will now be used to teach the basics of redstone, madrad will hopefully do this for me.
    - Added a beach area with secret cave.
    - Added the beginnings of a maze, I will build this when I have time and will announce when complete.
    - Added trees/flowers in as many spots as possible.
    - Added 2 things from old shopping centre and something extra, can you spot them.
    - Finished some more wall off + delivery entrance.
    - Finished deans office in college.
    - Finished student records section.
    - Recoloured windows
    - Finished pathways
    - Added tip boards.
    - Removed all material chests .
    - Lots more!
    Still to do:
    - Add redstone basics to the redstone college, hoping madrad will do this for me.
    - Lay blocks down in block showcase room, most of the blocks are inside chests (before 1.7), just need to lay down and put material names on top/side of them with signs.
    - Finish the maze when I get time.
    So please come and visit and see if there's anything small you can help with (more detail such as rubbish bins etc) but we wont be making any more buildings really unless someone can promise me they will finish it if they start on something.

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    aoelos_ reacted in YAMS Central Park hosts ColorShuffle [OFFICIAL]   
    I like this game. No PVP, simple to do, actually possible to do... Yes. I like this.
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    aoelos_ reacted in YAMS Central Park hosts ColorShuffle [OFFICIAL]   
    As many of you know as part of YAMS 3rd Anniversary celebrations we played a minigame called ColorShuffle, this involved you being spawned into a multicoloured arena floor where you were given a piece of coloured wool in your inventory hotbar and you had to run quick to that  corresponding colour mat before the rest of the colour floor collapsed beneath you... anyone not standing on the correct colour would fall and loose.
    Everyone really enjoyed playing this and some of you asked to see it come back again, so I'm happy to announce that ColorShuffle is here to stay for as long as the plugin works and doesn't cause issues!
    To join, in chat type: /color join 1
    You do not have to worry about items/xp on you that will be saved and returned to you afterwards, the only time it wont is if a server crash/restart happens during a game in progress.

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