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    I hope you can all indulge me for a brief post that is away from the fun of gaming and is a little sad.

    Our lives are shaped by a multitude of people that we encounter throughout our lives. Some friends, some family, and it always hurts when we lose them. Last year I suffered my first big loss in the shape of my Granddad, it was a surprise that no one truly saw coming. But a year on and I still remember him and the stories of his life that will now live on through me, my sister, my cousins, and the next few generations who we will recount those stories to.

    Stories such as how his nickname when growing up was jamjar, as he used to collect old jam jars to sell for spare cash, or how when he was a boy during world war II he collected his ration stamps to buy a suit, on his way home wearing that new suit a bomb went off and he got sent flying through a greenhouse (tearing the suit to bits) when the ambulance came the paramedics declared that there was nothing they could do, luckily (for my granddad as well as my existence) an American GI was walking past, saw the incident and said no we can save him. My Granddad lived till the age of 82.

    This morning about 15 minutes prior to writing this sentence I learned that my other granddad who throughout my live has been known to me as my Ollie died peacefully in his sleep, age 76, after suffering from cancer, lung problems, as well as various other problems. He lived a long and varied life, and his memory will also be fondly remembered for generations to come. For example how, he originally trained to become a blacksmith when the time come that he had to sign up for national service. He and his friend decide to sign up for the Merchant Navy and they got a little drunk beforehand, when they went to sign up his friend took the right turn, my Ollie took a wrong turn and signed up for the Royal Navy. Although he had this mistake he spent many years serving his country even though he would just say was his job.

    My Ollie was one of the strongest people I have ever known.

    I am sorry for the depressing tone of this post, but to be honest the typing has helped me to release some feelings that I needed to get out. We all have people in our lives that we will miss when they have gone, but remember, just remember those memories that make them special and they will never die in our minds and in our hearts.

    Now I'm going to go, but I am going to leave you will a thought and a challenge. Tell the people who you care about that you love them and give them a hug, tell your friends hey your awesome and then shake their hands (see Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World), and most of all remember the good times but never the bad.

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    aoelos_ reacted in Anyone else have a bad java id?   
    Try again now
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    [quote name='ryanfenton' timestamp='1352926104' post='17002']
    We now have Potato and Carrot farms in Farefall
    Pumpkin and melon was combined into one room and the mushroom farm has gone.


    Where will the snake and badgers go now no mushrooms?

    Badger, badger, badger, badger. Mushroom, mushroom! Snake...
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    aoelos_ reacted in 13/11/2012 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.4.4   
    CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.4.4 Development build is now available! However I wont be updating straight away as I suspect its very unstable!

    Basically "it compiles and runs, no guarantees and no support"

    I will however test it if I get some free time. We will move over to 1.4.4 when I think the bukkit build is stable enough, though it probably wont be fully stable for ages and by which time there will be another update to Minecraft... so I suspect we will move to a half stable build, just like before (then Mojang updated again) so please be patient, I will try my best.

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    aoelos_ reacted in North: Snowheim   
    [font=georgia, serif][size=6]Snowheim tImes[/size][/font]

    Welcome to this issue of the Snowheim tImes in which I welcome, praise, request ideas and moan a little, among other things.

    [b]Congratulations and Welcome[/b]

    I would like to congratulate most of the residents of Snowheim on their houses which are astonishing and I would also like to welcome all the new residents to our little pleasant snowy area of the server. I will be doing a quick tour of everyone’s house to leave some comments (older residents of Snowheim will know that I like to do this every so often )

    [b]Mushrooms in the farms[/b]

    As some of you may not have seen yet our Mushroom farm, located at the back of the wheat farm, has been revamped to be able to grow giant mushrooms. Please remember only to take what you need and if you do take it all to replant and bonemeal. As with the other farms there are some chests by the doors to put any extra mushrooms you do not need as well as tools and bonemeal.

    [b]The great Melon and Pumpkin chaos[/b]

    Ok if you happen to destroy any of the melon or pumpkin stems be sure to replant it. Also be sure not to do what someone has been doing recently and replanting the wrong seeds. This also applies in the wheat farm.

    [b]Upcoming crops[/b]

    As you know with 1.4 comes the addition of carrots and potatoes. I have thought that these crops can go on the same level as the wheat which I have been planning on extending. If you see me online and I am not busy feel free to remind me about this and you too can help increase our farming yield.


    A plot has been picked and some designs have been made. First we have a plot for our castle, it will be located on the mountain just east of the tracks heading into Snowheim. If you would like to get some ideas on the area feel free to have a look round. Once you have done that head into the test build world where you can see some designs for walls, hedge mazes and some buildings that will be made in the shadow of the castle . Feel free to help with these or to come up with your own ideas.

    [b]Underpath farming hub[/b]

    Also in the test world we have been testing out ideas for the hub so we can finally finish off that project. I am personally leaning towards the bottom design but feel free to comment here or there with any opinions.


    Once 1.4 rolls into town I am planning on building a few anvils for the Snowheim community room. As there are only a limited number of uses on these anvils I may setup a donation box so you can help maintain a good number of anvils in this section. If they are abused however I will remove them.

    [b]The horseshoe[/b]

    Originally planned to be an outlet style shopping centre for Snowheim residents to sell their wares, I have decided to change this area into something else. If you have any ideas on what could be here feel free to suggest them .

    [b]Final words from the Editor[/b]

    Well I think that was all I had to say but once again congratulations and a big thank you to helping make this town a great place to live.


    p.s. If you know of Snowheim residents that have not read this please be kind and point them in its direction

    [b]Extra Extra Stairs vs Ladders[/b]

    Just remembered something I forgot to add. You may have seen that there are now 2 ways down to the underpath on Animal Crossing near the animal farm. I have a question for you, Which do you prefer as the other will be taken down.
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    aoelos_ reacted in Just saying hi   
    Hey guys I just got an account and I am really happy I did!! And I will be on the server probally alot this year because it is AWESOME!!!
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    aoelos_ reacted in 01/10/2012 - YAMS Halloween 2012   
    So an area has been allocated for the haunted house in the halloween aream on top of the mountain where the skull is, steerpikesister has been put in charge of gathering people and organising this for me (though others can go there and help, just if nothing gets done I'm blamming her lol). Its nice to see the start of it has been made non square, though I think it could be a lot lot lot bigger!!!! Really maximise the spaceup there!

    Also dont do any basements or anything thatgoes lower than the floor (for now) as Im going to be a nice admin and once we have the basic structure of the outside I'll raise it all a few blocks or so, so I can carry on building the mountain up around it so it doesnt look like it sits on a table top mountain. So yeah maximise the space, I will terraform and move around latter.... with magic from the gods!

    If anyone else would like to take charge of something please tell me what and how big etc, as much details as possible, and I can allocate area, as right now I dont know whats going where as no ones asked.
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    aoelos_ reacted in 23/10/2012 - YAMS and Minecraft 1.4.1   
    Minecraft 1.4.1 has been pushed back a day and will be released Thursday the 25th of October 2012, though I expect the version number may change a few times by the time we move over to it.... what do I mean by the time we move to it?

    Well we cant update the server to Minecraft 1.4.x straight away for the simple fact that we have to wait until Bukkit / CraftBukkit and various plugins have updated themselves to the latest version of Minecraft, without these plugins we could not guarantee the smooth running of YAMS. There is currently no statement from Bukkit concerning Minecraft 1.4, however as soon as they post one, if they do, I'll let you know.

    We have in the past sometimes run castaway world, in which we go pure vanilla with a new world, this means no plugins at all and anything like that. However as before this time round with so many projects on the go within YAMS we will not being doing this. We need to focus on the Halloween area within the main world!

    I suggest you do not update to Minecraft 1.4. However should you wish to go and play 1.4.x without us then please make a copy of your bin folder or the minecraft.jar file so you can come back and play on YAMS if you get bored!

    It is important you do this before you update if you wish to come back to YAMS before we update.

    Bin folder located at the following locations ( “~” = username):

    [b]Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003: [/b]C:\Documents and Settings\~\Application Data\.minecraft
    [b]Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and R2:[/b] C:\Users\~\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    [b]Linux:[/b] /home/~/.minecraft
    [b]Mac:[/b] ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

    You can also find this location by going to Texture Packs (on the main menu) -> Open Texture pack folder -> Then going up a level till you see the bin folder. Or for example on windows you could type in your explorer bar %appdata%/.minecraft

    If you forget to do take a copy of you bin file etc, you will need to use a program like [url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/800346-tool-mcnostalgia-211-now-works-with-124/"][color=#0F72DA]McNostalgia[/color][/url] to come back, however bear in mind this takes a while to update.

    As always I will keep you updated on the latest news of updating, if you have any concerns relating to YAMS and 1.4.x please feel free to ask in here and I'm sure someone will be able to answer you. Though some questions we wont know the answer too till it happens!

    Last time Bukkit took 5 days lets hope for something similar, though bear in mind this wasnt a fully stable version but I wanted you lot to come and enjoy the server again, so please remember things may take a little while to be fully sorted.

    Thank you,
    Darren and the rest of the YAMS Staff.
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    aoelos_ reacted in 06/10/2012 - New Test Build World Open!   
    Hello everyone,

    Nearly a year ago (9th of October 2011) we opened up the test area in the old world ([url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/1090-09102011-new-test-build-area-open/"]see post here[/url]), I had high hopes for this place but even after I removed the 1x diamond fee shortly after it opened, it never really kicked off. I have various thoughts on why it didn’t work, however that’s not what I'm here to talk about today.

    I'm here today to announce that we are yet again giving another go at this, this time however it will be a separate world called the “test build world” which has mystical powers!

    This place has been setup to allow people to show their ideas and designs to others of things that could be included in the normal world or that could be included in existing projects, so for example: You could use it to help you build designs for the University, North West corner town or Halloween area.

    Ok so I guess I should tell you how to get here? Well I would love to but I forgot where the entrance to it was… I remember going to tell someone where the entrance was then all I remember is this bright light, I’m wondering if my memory got wiped because I told someone, not absolutely sure though so if you do find it best not tell or hint to anyone how to get there…

    Ohh I do have this photograph though, maybe the entrance is somewhere in it? I’ll let you go and investigate.

    EDIT: Photo may take a while to load below... :)

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