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  1. I have thinked through my yesterday on the server.

    I overreacted quite a bit on the forum ,sorry for that Darren. I have often been really annoyed at you without saying it, but my post yesterday was way too much "poor me" from my side. Bart is right, but i didnt see it from that side. I thought others didnt get annoyed when they actually did.

    Also sorry for being annoying on alot of occasions.


    I have long thinked about retiring, because the gameplay dont fit my interests. Its not only because yesterday.

    I think the gameplay here demands too much from me in many ways, and I like to go there built this, go here do that, without cooperate all the way.


    This server has great possibilites, but it jus dont fit my style.


    Special thanks to CSOs for going out of their way being helpful :)


    So i withdraw my engagement on yams from now on.


    My Diamond armour goes to benvenutab if she want it as a "compensation", my pet pig Todd 3rd and dog Doggy Doggy goes to Steer, an my stuff is up to Steer to share to anyone needing it.

    My house may be knocked Down or used as cso holiday house or something other.


    Goodbye and good summer, Jorgmeisterwork.

  2. ... I hope any of that or some of it makes sense..//


    It absolutely do make sense.  I wasnt Clear about that I was _that_ annoying. But that sometimes  happens me in real life too.


    I was not feeling someone hunted me. But i feeled i did a big job remembering what not to do, and felt that i supported different Projects 100% and then get the boot. So if the majority just see that im trolling, then i probably should retire and realise that I too dont fit to the requested player style.


    I dont feel that Darren is after me, only that his humour is often a bit biting against me and others and that goes against the principle of being an extra friendly server.


    Yes, i will take a break, and I think this is what often happens on the web when you dont see each other and communicate differently- one misunderstanding carrying the next misunderstanding leading to a vulcanic eruption.


    Dont worry, I actually think Your a great community :)



  3. I think its time for a discussion about limits on YAMS.


    I just got jailed without warning there and then, as i could understand, for being annoying.

    Im sorry for that. That was not my intention, to be really annoying.

    If this server is menat to mirroring a real life society, I have no problem see why I got jailed.


    My opininon is, this is a game. This is minecraft. This server has so many rules and unwritten rules that its nearly impossible to not og over limits. I have even tryed not to, except what i got jailed for-

    placing pumkins in benvenutabs house, and spamming eggs in creative world.


    If I cant do that, I think the feeling of participating in a game gets strangled. It feels like a society, yes, but not like a game.

    Thats my kind of humour. People are different.


    On the other hand, I think Darren has a kind of humour thats more unpleasant than me. Im talking about comments sometimes that gives a little sting. Ok, thats Your humour Darren.

    But to use the feature that shows a /me message, for another person, thats the same kind of violation of unvritten rule as I do.

    For example that you wrote that I hated Kolas stable design. I have no possibility to prove for Kola that wasnt me. That is worse to do, than i bombing People With spawn eggs. My humour annoys People, Your humour hurts People.


    We are different, But if the rules here are so strict, you cant jail me for annoying People, before you have a second thought about "posting this isnt Nice."  I understand you, thats humour. It makes a confusing moment where People Wonder who did really say what.

    That not my kind of humour at all.


    You are the server admin, you for the most part decide what you want.


    But I get a bad feeling in my stomach about participarting on this server because of the burden of all these rules. Yes, I understand its meant to make it Family friendly.

    Still it get very hard for younger People to be able to stay on, unless you threat People according to age.

    You and me are physically equally in age. Our humour is different. You give me a solid reprimand and say i cant troll people.

    Then you should know, I dont think you behave yourself as you tell me to do.


    As I can understand, the server loose players regularly. I dont know their situations. But I can imagine they feel the same as me. I have been considering leaving several times, especially now. Not because I get punished, but because I except equality when you set the demand for morale so high.


    If I leave, you should all know Your great persons. But I cant stand to do everything to behave in general,  get punished and see that the leader dont follow all the written and unwritten rules himself.

  4. Cmon People, the lumberyard isnt my Project only :)  It needs to be built a ship at the harbour, Im sure most of you are better suited for that task than me :)


    In fact, it wasnt originally my Project at all :P  So I hope  I didnt mess up any plans for you.. :)

  5. You welcome ^^


    If its too sunny, you should be in my real life place.. it has rained every day a week now :P


    In far north (norh of polar cirkle) its dark several months each Winter, but then its also its sunny 24 hours a day at the summer.


    edit: Oh it was ruddles from whitelist :)   I was suprised that a player I didnt recognize from forum, was so well informed already.  Btw, it seems like my first tour ever pass the exam :) I only forgot 1 or 2 details along the way I think.

  6. I have warped to and from horses, taking some screenshot and studying. Last time now, i fell down through the floor at arrival and died. I lost full diamnd armour, with level 3 boots, and enchanted diamond sword. I cant og retrieve it there...    /me feels a bit sad, it was the last set of armour he had at home


    Edit: in addition some materials from spawn warehouse got lost when i fell down and died in horses. In addition i lost 2-3 stacks of materials when i died afk at the building site. Got a phone and a zombie found me. I know, I know :P The first dying was servers fault but  my second one was just my own fault.


    Edit 2:  The stable is as good as ready :D  It only lack some details.  I suggest placing 1 Anvil some where even if it wasnt in the original model.

  7. Welcome back :D If you didnt see it, I promised you the firebow slightly used for free, but it went to the bottom of lava and from there up in the air as smoke, together With stuff Worth at least 10 diamonds and 20 xp. Yams economy lost silk touch pick, fortune pick, mining world full map and fire bow together :(

  8. Hmm! This police station was a nut to crack. I tried to break up te design  a bit and make it more assymetrical. But doing that creates small design flaws here and there, for example a stair gets in the way for a roof, the lamp pattern wont fit, the roof gets to low one Place, when i change it it makes yet other problems. Like the rubic cube feeling! You push and tweek, but its always a piece that get in the way.

    Btw i have dropped the super hero plans. Even If I had get perm to make it, it isnt as easy as I thought to make it look cool. And thats even before Ive solved my already explained problems :(


    But i want to get this building get finished instead of starting all over!

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