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    wuido reacted in End of YAMS   
    k so i started to explore YAMS and i was looking for a village i walk and i found a village then i got tped back saying "you are at the end of server".

    I am beiweildered while madrad "probaly getting a laugh out of this" informs me that i nned to look somewhere else.

    Then it started raining and i found a ravine and a skeleton shoot me, i fell down the ravine, and died

    So now I believe that Notch, Herobrine, and Isphreal is giving me the minecraft curse

    tell me what you think about my little story.
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    wuido reacted in A werewolf is among us [OFFICIAL]   
    Fellow Villagers

    It has come to my attention that one of our number has been struck with the most fowl lycanthropy. As night falls they turn from one of us into a vile Werewolf, unfortunately due to this creature’s allusiveness I have been unable to trace who it is. This has led to the calling of an emergency council. Everyone in the village is required, during daylight hours, to debate whom this creature may be.

    As the sun sets a vote shall be cast accusing one of our number and that person be they Human or Werewolf shall be executed by fire. This may lead to the extinction of our village but if this is the only way we can eliminate this menace, not only to our society but to YAMS as a whole, we must suffer the consequences of our vote. We can only hope that the werewolf be discovered on the first day of our inquisition.


    Judge MadRAD


    The details are as follows

    Date: Sunday 21st August
    Time: 19:30 BST (18:30 GMT, 11:30 PST, 14:30 EST)
    Duration: up to 2 hours (+set up time) depending on the number of players that sign up
    Judge: MadRAD

    As you may tell we shall be holding the first YAMS Werewolf game. For this first game we will limit the number of players to 13 this will mean a 2 hour game plus setup time. If there are less players then the game may run shorter.

    Signup in this thread

    Note: All those who are killed will not be allowed to talk about the game (as they are dead) for the duration and if they decide to break this rule they will be muted
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