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    What I like to do in my spare time? well Minecraft you would guess. When I'm not playing Minecraft, I love to go play little pick-up games of Basketball or Football with my friends, I'm going into the 11th grade and I'm also in Mock Trial and Baseball.. I'm not the best at Baseball but I'm getting better. When it comes to Mock Trial (which is basically court cases and work like that except it's just pretend, I am unstoppable as a witness on the Cross-Examination, I love doing my extra-curricular activities and I want to do them all the way until I graduate, which isn't very long. Since its the summer and its 105 sometimes where I live, I'm usually inside since we don't have a pool anymore. I like to play on PS3 (If you have one my name is "ultimateawaking") I like to play FPS and RPG games like Blackops, Red Dead Redemption, and Skyrim. Anyways I think that sums it up, Thanks for viewing my Profile! :D

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