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  1. I haven't been able to be active on YAMS since going to university last September, but I haven't continued since either. Playing online on Minecraft isn't exactly my thing (or at least in the way YAMS is set up) so I don't think I'll continue playing on YAMS anymore.

    I thought it would be nice to say this here instead of just getting evicted without saying anything.


    I've had a great time here though :)

  2. Welcome to YAMS Mad Cat! :)


    Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, such as favourite block, building style, mob, monster, … Maybe one of your hobbies IRL? (don't answer that if you don't want to)


    We also need to make sure that you've read the server rules and the forum rules before a moderator can whitelist you.

    You may also be asked a few questions about your brother getting banned, but I hope to see you on soon :D

  3. Welcome to YAMS Mathematic :)


    I've never heard of the Mindcrack community, but from what you've said it definitely sounds like you will have a fun time here. There is always something going on, be it a big or a small build, or even a game or two. You will certainly enjoy it here.


    I just need to make sure that you've read the Server Rules and the Forum Rules. Could you also tell us a bit more about yourself, such as favourite block/building style/mob/…

  4. This is sort of following the “Who Remembers Pingu” topic, but I'm posting this here because last night, a whole lot of us got really excited reminiscing about Raven (the CBBC show! :D) and ended up watching a video of a girl completing the Way of the Warrior, and then watching a full episode on YouTube.


    We all wanted to be on the show and watched it so much, were you the same?



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