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    ruddles1325 reacted in 28/10/2013 - New spawn tower   
    We finally have a new spawn tower, come and check it out.
    As I'm sure you all know by now, signs cause huge FPS drops (lag), there's a bug report about it on the Mojang issue tracker, you can and I suggest you up vote the issue!
    But in the mean time while we wait for a fix (wont happen if Mojang doesn't see it as an issue - hence needing votes), we are trying our best to cut down signs and find other ways to reduce lag, which is why we have this new tower, we have cut out 3 floors of signs and placed them elsewhere:
    The events section is now located in the park. The tips section will move to the University of YAMS. The stories section has been lost in time, though I do hear there's an archaeological dig happening in the desert just outside of spawn, on the red Perivale line, might be worth a look. The new tower is a combination of the winning spawn tower design from the spawn tower competition along with a lot of added features to tailor it to our needs. I'm hoping you will like this new tower design, thanks to those that helped me. 

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    ruddles1325 reacted in North: Snowheim   
    In the welcome centre go down the stairs and exit onto the Highland Way Underpath.
    Head straight along Highland Way for 134 block to the crossroad with Under Mountain Path and Farm Way.
    Turn Right onto Farm Way.
    After 23 blocks turn left into the Snowheim Warehouse & Community Room
    You have reached your destination.
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    ruddles1325 reacted in Cannot seem to connect to any server from uni   
    Tip from an IT guy, ask th it department and if they say no.... make friends then ask
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    ruddles1325 reacted in The countryside is being taken over...   
    So me and madrad went for a 11.2 mile walk today, down many pathways:

    Across our travels we encountered a gate opening of some sorts.

    Interesting we thought, what could be inside.

    In we walked, encountering barren waste land.

    It looked like something was built here at one time, but what we wondered?

    So much laid in ruins, this place looked like it had been destroyed by TNT.

    Then we sssssssssspot ssssssssssssomething!

    BOOM goes the creeper! Now we know what happened to this place....

    Minecraft is everywhere and no this was not photoshopped or made by us, we actually did find this in the middle of nowhere!
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    ruddles1325 reacted in Whitelist Application for Blitzkrieg_HOSS   
    Its the thought that counts, thanks for welcoming people its nice to see a member doing it!
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    ruddles1325 reacted in Hide and Seek!   
    Well done on getting your license, welcome to the world of becoming a chauffeur!
    As for hide and seek, you can still play if others are on, nothing stopping you!
    Infact I urge you to test out the new hide and seek setup... before you go up the stairs to the Halloween mansion look on your right, you'll find something interesting. It's still a work in progress, but feel free to use it with someone else. 
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    ruddles1325 reacted in Soooo doctor who!   
    Don't really watch that show. At my brothers sleep-overs about a year ago, one of his friends watched the doctor who that my older sister use to record when she watched that show.
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    ruddles1325 reacted in Away till Wednesday...   
    Well, I got back earlier this afternoon, and I have to admit that I had a great time!
    The weather was perfect, if a little too hot... but we were walking through a thunderstorm on the last day, which was both exciting and refreshing. Also a little disgusting as the I could taste 3 days worth of sweat trickling down my face...
    I also got bitten to death by midges on the 3rd night, as they got into the tent which was rather unpleasant.
    Overall though, I had a fantastic time. We ascended the highest peak on the island, which was almost 900m high. And doing that while carrying a 14 kilo bag on your back is no small feat
    Here are a few pictures I took whilst there...



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    ruddles1325 reacted in Lookup a crafting recipe in game [FEEDBACK]   
    We have 17 votes for YES and 0 for NO so consider this implemented.
    Just type:
    /recipe item_name_here
    Hope you find it useful!
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    ruddles1325 reacted in Random hole in desert + death   
    Dude, I'll be in later, if you're on ill give you a stack of iron to replace your gear 8)
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    ruddles1325 reacted in First time playing here   
    Woot! So glad you like it here!
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    ruddles1325 reacted in First time playing here   
    You welcome ^^
    If its too sunny, you should be in my real life place.. it has rained every day a week now
    In far north (norh of polar cirkle) its dark several months each Winter, but then its also its sunny 24 hours a day at the summer.
    edit: Oh it was ruddles from whitelist    I was suprised that a player I didnt recognize from forum, was so well informed already.  Btw, it seems like my first tour ever pass the exam I only forgot 1 or 2 details along the way I think.
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