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    kcagnolatti reacted in 13/09/2012 - YAMS Adventure back in time   
    Wow where has time gone? Nearly a year ago, on the 18th of September 2011 Mojang gave us Minecraft Beta 1.8 [url="http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Adventure_Update"]The Adventure Update[/url], a major update to Minecraft focused on fighting, exploration, and adventuring.


    But how many of you remember what it was like to be a fighter, explorer or adventurer in YAMS first world? Yes there was a world before the one we are in now! We have been in the current one for nearly 8 months now.

    The poor world was struggling to keep up with the times but still survives in the archives collecting dust. It’s time to uncover it for an adventure back in time to the last days of YAMS 1st world.

    This Saturday the 15th of September 2012 at 12:00pm BST ([url="http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=YAMS+Adventure&iso=20120915T12&p1=136"]click here for your time[/url]) the adventure begins for at least 24 hours.

    You can join in at any time! There will be things to do throughout the 24 hours.

    How to get there will be explained on the day, latest news of what you can do will be posted here.
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Minecraft Snapshot 12w36a   
    My snapshot video, which took me all afternoon thanks to my editing software crashing every 5 minutes. Hope you like


    Wither bosses are hard
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots for Minecraft comes to YAMS [OFFICIAL]   
    Well I promised a little something for those of you that helped me get black wool as requested in the "[url="http://www.darrenstraight.com/minecraft/index.php?/topic/2359-baa-baa-black-sheep-official/"]Baa, Baa, Black Sheep [OFFICIAL][/url]" topic, so what better way then giving you something fun to play with after all that hard work. I present to you Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

    All you have to do is press your buttons which makes your robot punch the other robot, for every punch that isn’t blocked by the other players robot punches a block of wool is dispensed, this wool as a chance of landing on a your enemies pressure plate, if this happens then their head ops up and you win the round.


    See this video here on how to play:
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    kcagnolatti reacted in A werewolf returns [OFFICIAL]   
    It was great fun, and I took a few pictures




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    kcagnolatti reacted in Enderville Building Suggestion   
    Hello guys.
    I live in Enderville and i really like it. I like the theme and set out of it. It has everything you need and reccomend any player who is to move out of sandbox to go their. But on the down side the farm is very nice but its small. I know there are not amny players in that town but i think if you have a bigger farm it will benefit me and others in the town. Something like a slaughter house would be good. I do know you already have a Cow/Pig farm but i think you should make something like this [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7maKM2JEDU[/media] strong use of redstone i know. Im not a redstone person myself :/ but i think this will attact more players to come to the town. Hope Darrena and Ryan can take this into consideration. Thanks

    (We can make a simpler version of it with cows and pigs)

    Also suggest a chicken hutch and a bigger sheep farm
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    kcagnolatti reacted in YAMS Carol Concert [OFFICIAL]   
    [quote name='Dynamo12xr4 (Joe)' timestamp='1323456011' post='7459']
    I am the Scrooge of the Server I dont like christmas songs Why was i planning on doing A medley?

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    kcagnolatti reacted in 12/12/2011 - SteerpikeSister promoted to Moderator   
    [quote name='SteerpikeSister' timestamp='1323714743' post='7556']
    i love this server and will do my best to be a good mod. *evil cackle*

    I'll give you a quick tip... think of what Wyrd would do, then do the exact opposite. Then, you'll be golden ;D
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    kcagnolatti reacted in 12/12/2011 - SteerpikeSister promoted to Moderator   
    SteerpikeSister joined us on the 13th of August 2011 with the short introduction title of “hi!” with a few simple words in her post of “hi, can i join? ”. Now 4 months later I would like to congratulate her on her promotion to Moderator and say thank you for everything so far and good luck for the future!

    It just goes to show you that even the most unlikely person at that moment in time with the most simplest of posts can become a Moderator.

    I have seen many qualities in Steer. One that comes to mind is that she is a very friendly person to talk to and can certainly cheer you up, if not with her comforts them with her laughter and her various imitation noises! If you’re ever on Mumble with her ask her what I mean!

    She has done well so far as a CSO and I have certainly enjoyed working with her on project we have worked together on in YAMS, which is what it’s all about, working together supporting each other!

    I am looking forward to working more closely with Steer and I am hoping her fellow Moderators can teach us a few tricks and we can teach her at buildings, though she has been doing pretty well with building lately such as creeper swamp café and tumbleweed, even if she won’t admit it. She keeps telling me she has a lack of organisation skills… so not true, it just takes her a while to come up with things sometimes but once she’s started there’s no stopping her!

    Thank you again Steer and good luck, not that you need it!
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Saints row 3rd or Skyrim   
    Having played both, I'd say they're both excellent games, so don't feel too worry too much about it. You'll have fun either way. Which I'd recommend really depends what you're looking for, a more serious and interesting experience or just something fun and silly. As Jennercyde says, if you're looking for a long, immersive experience in a really interesting world, then Skyrim. If you want something that's just hilarious, doesn't take itself seriously at all and is just concerned with having the most ridiculous awesome things happening at all times, then SR3.

    My main sort of feeling I get out of Skyrim is wanting to explore the world and see everything, and there is a LOT to see. With Saints' Row 3, it's just being amazed at each new ridiculous situation my character ends up in. With SR3, you're never doing the same thing for too long and the gameplay changes regularly in significant ways, which keeps it fresh. During the course of SR3, you take part in the following activities, in no particular order: fight in a luchadour wrestling match, go skydiving in a tank, enter a Tron-like computer world, take part in a deadly reality TV contest, stop a zombie uprising, drive a tiger around town while it mauls you, bungie jump off of a building with a sniper rifle to give covering fire and kidnap a TV star while dressed as their character's arch-nemisis. Each of those plays a little differently, and there's a whole lot more. That's really the best summation of the game I could give. In contrast, in Skyrim your gameplay is fairly constant, though the constant exploration does keep things interesting, but if you have a low tolerance for repetition, I'd say SR3 would be more your thing. That's not to say that Skyrim is incredibly repetitive (it hasn't bothered me yet) and you have so many options on how to play the game that you can keep combat interesting, but it definitely is the more repetitive of the two.

    Skyrim also probably has more content, and you'll have to put in a lot more hours into Skyrim before you've seen everything, and done everything.

    In summation, I think I've had more fun with Saints' Row so far, but I'll be playing and enjoying Skyrim much longer. Hope that was helpful in some way
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Saints row 3rd or Skyrim   
    Other than just naming a game Ill give some reasons.
    It's a very hard choice for me but I went for Skryim for the reason I know my Girlfriend has got me SR3 for Christmas

    I've never played an oblivion game before but I'm loving it so far seems to be such a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG game if you play side missions like I am, If you get it I recommend not running through main quests and do side quests and level up so your powerful enough for the battles.

    In SR2 I must have put days worth of hours playing the game AFTER I had completed it so it has the replayable value and good to just drive around on a bike and do stunts and just play about being an idiot and having fun

    Skyrim if you want a story to play for a long time once, maybe play through again with a different race but I doubt most would do it
    Saints Row The Third is you want a funny fun storyline with lots of playing time after replaying and being an idiot

    Hope this helps
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    kcagnolatti reacted in updating to 1.0.0   
    same trying to get the potions/enchanting down for you guys! potions are pretty straight forward... may take a bit to get the netherwart up to a level where i can pump out potions at a decent rate, but overall I have materials for health and speed so look for those in my shop!

    as for enchanting I am trying to learn how to read the Galactic Standard Alphebet to better predict what will pop out of the table, I will most likely sell enchantments in a grab bin and by the level, EX: a level 10 item will be item material cost + 20 iron, so level 10 iron pickaxe = 23 iron

    any suggestions?
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Player Versus Player (PVP) on or off? [FEEDBACK]   
    I shall NOT be implementing duel as it require us to have a deticated pvp mod installed too, I ahve also looked at other pVp options but they have the same sort of problem, saying that however I've found something quite nice not 100% pVp but it involves killing.... I think you will enjoy it, I certainly did when testing it. I just need to tweak it a little, it does cuase a lot of lack to the server, so this may be only for specific days (end of month or something).

    Please don't ask what it is or more info - just be patient and enjoy it when it comes!!

    On a side note dont forget we have some events coming up soon.
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    kcagnolatti reacted in rebell!   
    Well nice to have met you, This is one of the best servers on the internet and we have loads of willing members to help new YAMERS,
    If you grew tired of the server you could have just left on a good note, instead you griefed and got banned.
    As you were banned your Shop will be removed, You had joined ownership of a shop with your friend Bulldozer.
    So for your actions your friend is now missing out on owning a shop.
    YAMS Wishes you the best of luck with your next server and hope you dont grow tired of it like you did us

    P.S Darren isn't there to be feard, he's there to keep us rowdy kids in line and have FUN like the rest of us, without having to deal with stuff griefers give him - He doesn't deserve it one bit, Without him this server wouldnt be here for all of us so show some respect.
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3   
    BF3 all the way!
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Minecarts left on the tracks!   
    Hello everyone!

    Now, I don't complain much, but...

    As of late, I've noticed more and more minecarts are being left on the tracks. Now, minecarts are laggy at best, so it's really annoying when you see an empty one on the track ahead. You collide with it, and start going backwards. Now I know this won't affect mods or Darren as much, but for members and CSOs, this is your only mode of travel, aside from warps . All I'm asking is that once you get to your destination, please pick your minecart back up, don't leave it in the station. Even if you're at the maze and you have to push it a little to be able to destroy it. It makes travelling by minecart much less of a hassle.

    Thanks for reading,

    If I've put this in the wrong place, feel free to move it somewhere.
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Teachers don't play Minecraft   

    Found this on the interwebz so I thought I'd share it.
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    kcagnolatti reacted in 18/10/2011 - Mining world now open!   
    Hello everyone,

    A unanimous vote has been made between 15 people members of staff to open up a Mining World, what does this mean for you?[list]
    [*]No more mining in the current normal world, this will prevent a lot of issues we have seen lately such as people just strip mining everything and leaving mess everywhere for others to clear up.
    [*]You can only mine in the mining world (world_mining) but you can mine as much as you like here, of course try and keep things somewhat tidy, don’t just mine straight outside the spawn point... you have the whole world to explore.
    [*]You will get to the world by going through a town mining portal, each town has one including sandbox, if you do not live in a town I'm sorry but you will still need to use these portals. All portals lead to the same place so you can meet up with others.
    [*]Once you arrive please read all the info there.
    [*]Creepers...... ssssss...... need I say more? You are safe from explosions inside the mining hub though, but watch out for other mobs that try and get in!
    [*]Every so often we may change the world to a brand new one, this won't happen straight away and will be a while till it does but when it does all the mines will be closed for a brief period and reopened when the new world is ready, at this time it is expected that people hold off mining.
    [*]This is v1 so there may be changes...

    Remember Server Rules apply, this world is still part of the server, that includes building without permission, this is not a building world its a mining world!
    Please pass this info to anyone else you see who can't get on the forums. They need to know!

    See you over the other side! And good luck.

    And one more thing thank you to all the staff in helping me get my idea of the ground in 3-4 days! Great team effort. I really do appreciate it, it's a great feeling when everyone agrees to go along with something, I'm very excited about it and I hope people see the potential in a mining world but without going crazy and abusing the rules.
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Hide and seek event! [SUGGESTION]   
    I have recently noticed that when you sneak behind a solid object (trees, stone, dirt, even another player), your name appears invisible.

    So why not use this technique to host a hide-and-seek event?

    An example of some rules:
    1. The seeker will wait on top of Spawn tower, away from having any chance of cheating.
    2. The hiders begin at the center of Spawn Town, and can go anywhere within decent range of Spawn Town (don't be trying to hide all the way in Splinterz or something like that. That would just be cruel.)
    3. There is exactly 1 and a half minutes to run from the starting point to hide.
    4. Once you have found the spot, you *have* to stay where you are.
    5. Make sure you keep the sneak key pressed if you're a hider. Otherwise, your username will show above your head, and would not only defeat the purpose of hide-and-seek, but it's also a sure-fire way of getting found quickly.

    I'm sure there are other rules that could be implemented. And it certainly doesn't have to be in just Spawn Town! It would be something fun and different to do when we're not pig-jousting or boat-racing.
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    kcagnolatti reacted in Hunger Games arena [SUGGESTION]   
    Well, it's pretty straight forward. Recently I read the Hunger Games and I'm pretty sure a few of you have too, but the point is I realized that a hunger games arena could be built in minecraft. And given the right plugins, it could be put to use. Now I'm not the only one who's thought of this, if you run a quick Google search on "Hunger Games minecraft" there are people making dedicated servers to this. But none of them are complete yet. I'm suggesting that in the mean time, we could build one at least for the time it takes for the others to complete one and upload the map data, or maybe even complete it and be able to use it. I'm just putting this out there and won't start on any building until I have permission for it, land and a good amount of volunteers.

    Details that I suggest:

    The arena will be fairly circular with a max radius of 250 blocks.

    Plugins will be needed for: thirst, need for sleep, poison, vanish, clan/party chat, and possibly character traits (strength stuff like that), maybe like mcmmo

    Traps such as tnt, pit fall, and maybe even fire will be placed all over to bring tributes together.

    The vanish plugin will be used for the game makers to observe and sprig traps on players during slow parts.

    We will want to make these games go for a max of maybe 6 hours hence the arena size.

    Any volunteers can become game makers in order to film the highlights of the game.

    Anyone participating should definitely read the series.

    So would anyone be interested in it?

    P.S. if you don't know what the hunger games are, in the book 24 kids from ages 12-18 (a boy and a girl from each of the 12 districts i.e states/provinces) are picked to fight to the death in an arena specifically built with traps and its own environment. The winner is the last one standing.
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    kcagnolatti reacted in 01/09/2011 - October recruitment of CSO's   
    Just to be clear to everyone, yes we have appointed some Trainee CSO's, 5 so far to be exact....

    I did say you would all be told within a week wether you got it or not, we are not at the end of the week yet!

    So if you have not been spoken to yet please be patient. I like to talk to each of you on a 1:1 bassis or in pairs depending on the situation. I find it more personal that way. 1:1 helps me explain to you better why you did or didnt get it, while workign in pairs or in groups works well too becuase you can try things out on each other. It worked well yesterday how I went about it, there was certainly a sense of good spirit in the air!

    There are still a few people that need to be promoted, but as I said please be patient. I said I would tell you either way!

    Thanks to the mods for helping me with the decision process.

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    kcagnolatti reacted in 13/10/2011 - YAMS Halloween 2011   
    Halloween will soon be upon us and now while I’m sure some of you have no interest in celebrating Halloween at all, I’m sure there are plenty of people that do want too… So as Halloween this year is on a Monday, we shall be having a Halloween weekend leading up to the 31st, we all need some fun right and I’m sure those that don’t like Halloween can at least try and join in? Now here’s some stuff you need to know:[list]
    [*]I need everyone to help spice up the towns with a Halloween feel, I can help with the cobwebs and pumpkins but at least try get the pumpkins yourself and don’t hassle me to place the webs
    [*]A bunch of builders who can build be a very good big haunted house with the idea of having Mob Arena in it, so you go through the house and as you progress through it waves come out!
    [*]Halloween building ideas!
    [*]There’s more I want to say but you’ll have to wait and see!
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