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Oh, hi there. If you want to know a little bit about me, you've come to... well, probably one of the best places. Can't really be too sure what I'll write yet.


Anyway, some of my interests I can think of right now are reading (mostly fiction, Science Fiction to be specific), cycling, playing (not watching sleep.gif) sports, and of course Minecraft.


I'm currently attending a Culinary Arts program in addition to getting my AA at the local community college. I do enjoy cooking and so far it seems to be what I'm leaning toward when it comes to a career.


In addition to Minecraft, I also play Xbox, Billy Vs. Snakeman (an awesome clickity browser game), and Alphabounce (a pretty awesome brick breaker variant) every once in while.

There is also another game called Project Zomboid that I've been following as well. It's a zombie survival (although death might be more accurate) game that you can play as they design it, similar to Minecraft's production style.


As for music, I'm pretty much fine with any music, so long as it's done well, but I mostly listen to classic rock and alternative rock.


That's all I can think of for now, but as you probably already know, this is all subject to change.


Oh and my usual handle online is Nevets.


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