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  1. Welcome Olly, glad to see you interested in the server and minecraft in general. Looking forward to seeing what you end up building in Yams : ].

    And Airsoft is pretty awesome. Gas powered airsoft can hurt pretty bad. I've never taken a paintball shot, but I'd imagine it must be something similar to a green gas airsoft colt.

  2. Who said anything about breaking and entering? It's becoming winter time here and is very cold!

    And do I detect sarcasm in those parentheses? It's not like ever said South Park, although I'm not going to deny that I got the Mission impossible thing from that show. Either you're overreacting, or I'm misinterpreting and overreacting in kind and I apologize if that is the case.

  3. Wish I had more time to fiddle with the release candidates. I guess I'll just have wait for Mojang to force me to update to it : P And while I don't know much about it, I don't like the idea of potions very much. It feels like a mod and not a mod that just enhances Minecraft, but one that changes it a bit too much.

    I shouldn't really judge something before I've tried it though. I'm sure many people felt the same way about Pistons, Wolves, and probably every other addition to the game.

  4. From what I've seen, they can pick up player placed blocks, although my only experience with them has been on multiplayer. It also seems they don't attack when you look at them, but again, that could just be on multiplayer.

    I do believe there is a plugin that keeps them from moving blocks on the main world in effect. I could easily be wrong though.
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