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    gtadvance reacted in Sounds resource pack   
    Do you ever get sick and tired of the default sounds in minecraft? If you do, Element Animation (A YouTube account) have made a new sounds resource pack! Ryan showed me this video and I thought I would share it with you guys! It's pretty funny atually but I guess it would get annoying after a while. There is also awesome new in game music!
    So here you go - http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yG_Y52bK6Ec&feature=g-high-u
    I love this, but you guys can tell me what you think about it!
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    gtadvance reacted in Build Challenge #5 - Theme park [OFFICIAL]   
    My eyes hurt.... thats very... multicoloured.  
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    gtadvance reacted in South: Maplehold   
    I was there recently along with madrad but I don't think either one of us died. I know steer died too recently when she logged in but she said it was near redbrick and slabs and there's no redbrick there. Hopefully we can find who's stuff it is. Thanks for posting, very nice of you to do so.
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    gtadvance reacted in Won't be on for a while.   
    If you have 3G unlimited with 3, it's possible you could have a "hotspot" device (usually iPhones) in which creates a wifi hotspot from your phone to connect your laptop and such with... Dunno if that helps any, but yeah... See you sometime.
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