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  1. Hello dear Yamsmembers,

    I love that server so much and I think about to make a lets play.(Darren must approve that first ;) )

    So,who want to help me? It will be so awesome *__*

    I think I need 5 people and someone with a good voice for the speaker :)

    Its only a suggestion...

  2. Hello YAMS-Team
    I play now a long time here on YAMS (8 months).
    And I must tell something:I am a server tester.
    Your Server is very good!I must say that darren,but there are one not soooo good thing :
    -We must get for EVERYTHING a APPROVAL

    I know a approval is important for the server,but pls not for everything,like a Tiny tree farm next to my house

    But at all other points on the server are awesome.

    bigappleQ :)
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