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  1. NOTE: This is my second time writing this whole thing because I got a blue screen on my windows 10 when i clicked "Ask Google for Suggestions" on google chrome, which was a miss-click of "Add to Dictionary". Okay here is the letter.


           Hello, I'm William, a friendly person who has almost every server on minecraftservers.org (server list.)

    So I play minecraft with my friend John alot and he stumbled across this server somehow. He told me I needed to get white listed, so here I am, Writing This Letter. So can you please whitelist my Minecraft account? My IGN (in game name) is WilliamPlaysMC9. If you see the skin of who you're adding, I'm a teddy bear :)



    P.S: My friend John is JMKunz... By the time you read this he will probably be whitelisted.


    PC Specs: (for techy people)

    16GB DDR3 RAM,

    1TB HDD

    AMD A4 Processor, 3.8 GHz Base, 4.0GHz Max Turbo.

    Gigabyte F2A68HM-H Motherboard.

    Soon to be water cooler. (hasn't shipped yet)

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