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    Chester UK
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    1.Science, mainly biology, chemistry and geography
    2. video games, i have both an xbox 360 and a ps3
    3. movies, my favorite move of all time is anchorman starring Will Ferrell and many other hidden gems, its definatley something you should all watch :D
    4. Minecraft !!!

About Me

Hi Guys, my name's Ben (yes another Ben), i was one of the very first people on the server and i think i was the first non-admin and mod user on the server :D

i am 17 and currently live in Chester in the UK, i go to helsby high school sixth form college where i am now moving into my second year. i am studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography. science has always been a passion for me, ever since i was little and did all sorts of experiments in the back garden :P i am particularly interested in biology and health related bio sciences and i hope to one day be able to carry on with them.


i found mine craft after watching some game play from seananners on you tube and from then on i have been hooked. i started a vast single player world with a large mansion with expansive cave system and other monuments and creations. However single player didn't satisfy my for very long as i couldn't share in other peoples creations and share my creations with other people, i then embarked on an epic journey to find the perfect server ( in all honesty i looked on a random website and found the YAMs ip address :P ) i then found a relatively empty server with very little to its name besides a small tower with a surrounding town, which has now evolved into spawn town :D i decided to set up shop on a nearby hill and built the mighty tree house. one night i started talking to a guy named Darren, not knowing of his admin status, and as he was so friendly i decided to stay. i have seen many people come and go from the server and iv made some good friends along the way. it has been fantastic watching the server grow and evolve into what it has become today and im looking forward to seeing it expand even further :)

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