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    benjamine12 reacted in 09/01/2014 - YAMS 3rd Year Anniversary   
    Wow... just wow... 3 years of running YAMS, when I set-up YAMS 3 years ago I had no idea we would still be here today, but I'm glad we are, while there have been both bad and good times, it's been an enjoyable experience and I'm proud to be a part of our family friendly community server.
    For the previous 2 anniversaries I gave story timeline posts of YAMS, detailing key things that happened in YAMS at what times. You can see them here (YAMS 1st Year Anniversary / YAMS 2nd Year Anniversary).
    This year I'm not going to give you so much a story timeline, but rather explain to you why we run YAMS the way we do so you can get a better understanding of YAMS and help us shape the future of YAMS. You can read this post here (The Future of YAMS for 2014).
    But before you disappear into the future...
    I would like to invite you all to celebrate 3 years of YAMS with me, this Saturday the 11th of January 2014 at 4:00pm GMT / 11:00am EST / 10:00am CST / 8:00am PST (See correct time for your country by clicking here) for a very special community event.
    I will also be holding various other community events from now till then... keep an eye open for details in this topic/post.
    If anyone wants to do anything in YAMS to celebrate 3 years just go ahead and do so, if you think you need approval for something just ask a member of staff, I'm sure they will ok it or help you get it approved, it's all about celebrating.

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    walking thru shopping mall I bumped into this little guy with some style and swagger about him

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    benjamine12 reacted in Todd says hi   
    Bacon sandwiches, yummy! :D

    Hmm brown or ketchup sauce on my todd bacon sandwhich, oh decisions decisions!

    Info about bacon sandwiches: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacon_sandwich
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    benjamine12 reacted in Minecraft - Functioning Carousel   
    Had to share this, I love the music! :D
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    benjamine12 reacted in YAMS Team Fortress 2 Matches   
    Sounds good to me! Count me in! :)
    I want to play 1 game of mann vs machine, if we can get 6 players (includes myself and steer) then I will pay for each of us to play one game of intermediate (easy for those that don't normally play mvm).
    So yeah get 6 players and I pay for tour of duty tickets, but you have to stay for whole match I need the achievement! :D
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    benjamine12 reacted in Minecraft Snapshot 13w16a   
    The new snapshot is out...with HORSES!
    Here's the additions so far:
    Added horses, based on the work of John Olarte (DrZhark), of Mo’ Creatures fame Added hay bales Added leashes Added carpets The “Respiration” enchantment now also helps seeing underwater Also, there is a new Minecraft laucher so if you would like to try the snapshot out you can go to http://mojang.com/ and click on the corresponding links there :)
    Here's a video on the snapshot:
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    benjamine12 reacted in The Oasistadium hosts Strike a light and Sand spleef [OFFICIAL]   
    The oasistadium is now open at the oasis (aka North west corner station).
    Hosting strike a light, "massive" sand spleef and any other games you can think of inventing, it's really up you to decide what and how you play, though please read the instructions I've left there. :)
    Please come and visit for some fun, don't forget to bring others with you! :D
    P.S. Added public warp "/warp oasis". Though don't just tell people the warp, tell them to read this topic, if it gets leaked in chat it gets deleted, thanks! :)

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    benjamine12 reacted in "I Need Creepers" - A Minecraft parody of Use Somebody by King of Leons   
    Thought id share this with you, it's from last year but hey everyone loves minecraft music/song parody's right?

    I saw Kings of Leon at a Reading Festival back in 2007 and everyone time I listen to them it makes me want to go to a music festival and jump up and down! :P

    Anyway enjoy! :)

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    benjamine12 reacted in Happy birthday Naomi :)   
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    benjamine12 reacted in Minecraft 2.0!   
    You mean magic piggies reskined as a weird looking horse. :P
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    benjamine12 reacted in Happy Easter!!!   
    Yes, this post is a tad pre-mature :P but who can escape the easter vibe? (and it will also be easter by you lot soon enough ;)) So we colored eggs a few minutes ago :D and look at this one that I made, using my superb art skills :P

    If you can't make it out, it says: "YAMS Easter 2013" :P
    Anyways, Happy Easter, if it's now, or hours to come :D
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    benjamine12 reacted in So...   
    Sitting in a pub with my cup of tea, waiting for my little sister to finish her choir (as well as watching the match haha) I ask my mam "do you know where any USB sticks are in the house?" And she says "yeah, why?"

    "Cos I need one"



    And this is the best bit.

    "Oh look, I'm not going to tell your YAMy people!"

    .... It's for Mother's Day xD
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    benjamine12 reacted in 24 Hours of Minecraft Challenge [OFFICIAL]   
    add "like a boss" to the end of each line and you have a song...
    (Sorry... my twisted mind did that automatically when I read this post and I had to share)
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    benjamine12 reacted in who wants to see what i just spent my afternoon doing?   
    the finally finished version:

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    benjamine12 reacted in who wants to see what i just spent my afternoon doing?   
    just finished this: 
    really chuffed with it. :D
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    benjamine12 reacted in An Egg's Guide To Minecraft   
    This series started a little while back, but I know some of you have not seen them, so I thought id share, enjoy! :)
    An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - PART 1 - What's Minecraft?
    An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - PART 2 - Look at my awesome house!
    An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - PART 3 - Who the hell are you?!
    An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - PART 4 - You're not a cube?
    An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - PART 5 - Moo!
    An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - PART 6 - Who's Notch?
    An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - PART 7 - He's a BAD MAN! 
    An Egg's Guide To Minecraft - Part 8 - Where'd my wood go?
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    benjamine12 reacted in An Egg's Guide To Minecraft   
    I didn't know about these, but i watched them all and i am gonna keep watching them! :D In my opinion i like the first one best! 'Now take me that way george, Ok that way' Can't wait for 9 to come out now :D
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    benjamine12 reacted in WHY?!?   
    Bring the snow here please! I would love to get another day off school again :D :P
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    benjamine12 reacted in 01/02/2013 - YAMS 2nd World 1st Year Anniversary   
    What a mouthful of a topic... let me explain....

    On the 18th of February of 2013 we will have been living in our current world for 1 whole year, before that we lived in another world which is sometimes called YAMS v1, we journeyed to the world we live in now on The Ark which you can find in the north east ocean.

    I’d like to invite you all to celebrate our achievements throughout the past year in this world, not by revisiting the old world as this has been done before, but instead by celebrating what we have now in our current world. Though there will be some off world explorations.... :D

    So from now till Monday the 18th be on the lookout for some upcoming events that will be posted in the forums.

    Thank you,
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    benjamine12 reacted in 24 Hours of Minecraft Challenge [OFFICIAL]   
    Between Saturday the 16th of February 2013 10am and Sunday the 17th of February 2013 10am, I will be playing Minecraft for 24 hours straight in YAMS, or at least attempting too, I will start out with no materials at all and I will not be able to go to my house to collect any unless it’s an emergency (griefers etc) or I’m setting up an event for everyone. Note to self: Raid community chests first!

    I will need all the support I can get if I am to keep awake; anyone is welcome to join me along the way, I will appreciate some company.

    Before I can begin however I need some challenges from you, so please post as many as you can below.

    Some examples are:

    Collect a certain amount of materials.
    Kill 100 zombies.
    Go for 5 hours without dying.

    I need all suggestions the day before the event starts, SteerpikeSister will then collate all suggestions for me and pick the one/s I am do be doing which I will post here.

    Wish me luck!
    I must be mad....
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    benjamine12 reacted in The turbo ultra paint pack 2000!   
    Default texture pack FTW! Its how the original "Steve" would have wanted minecraft to be played, he died a horrible and painful death a long time ago, the Steve's you seen in Minecraft today are nothing but clones! We should respect his wishes!  ^_^
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    benjamine12 reacted in The turbo ultra paint pack 2000!   
    Why.... just why would you want this, you odd people! :blink:
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    benjamine12 reacted in Sorry I had to share this...   


    Not sure if there is any foul language in the 2nd Video, my apologies if there is

    Wasnt sure how to make it a video but i found them so funny
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    benjamine12 reacted in Minecraft Snapshot 13w04a is now out! - 1.5 Redstone Update   
    Interesting and sorry but yes nether portals created using dispensers will be blocked, I'm not nice, go find it properly!

    Weird about the TNT with dispensers as I was wondering last night about something to do with TNT and having them spawn primed, this makes what I was thinking easier... muwhahaha!
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