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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 12/12/2011 - SteerpikeSister promoted to Moderator   
    SteerpikeSister joined us on the 13th of August 2011 with the short introduction title of “hi!” with a few simple words in her post of “hi, can i join? ”. Now 4 months later I would like to congratulate her on her promotion to Moderator and say thank you for everything so far and good luck for the future!

    It just goes to show you that even the most unlikely person at that moment in time with the most simplest of posts can become a Moderator.

    I have seen many qualities in Steer. One that comes to mind is that she is a very friendly person to talk to and can certainly cheer you up, if not with her comforts them with her laughter and her various imitation noises! If you’re ever on Mumble with her ask her what I mean!

    She has done well so far as a CSO and I have certainly enjoyed working with her on project we have worked together on in YAMS, which is what it’s all about, working together supporting each other!

    I am looking forward to working more closely with Steer and I am hoping her fellow Moderators can teach us a few tricks and we can teach her at buildings, though she has been doing pretty well with building lately such as creeper swamp café and tumbleweed, even if she won’t admit it. She keeps telling me she has a lack of organisation skills… so not true, it just takes her a while to come up with things sometimes but once she’s started there’s no stopping her!

    Thank you again Steer and good luck, not that you need it!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Notorious Escapee Caught and to be Tried [OFFICIAL]   
    [u][u]Villainous rule breaker caught[/u][/u]

    Breaking news, after many weeks of chasing and him blaming the one armed man, darrenstraight has been caught by our specially trained CSO's. This Sunday at 12:00 GMT we shall be taking this criminal to court. We would appreciate it for as many people as possible to turn up to be witness to the law finaly winning over the crime lords of YAMS.

    [u]YAMS Courthouse Finally Opens[/u]

    Due to constant cutbacks and commity hearings the YAMS Courthouse is to be opened this weekend before the trial of the century is held.

    [u]Jobs Offered To Three CSO's[/u]

    The YAMS prison service would like to offer the position of guards to the following CSO's.
    - ElseJon
    - Jennerside
    - RyanFenton
    Should they accept this position they will be in line to earn 1 dirt block per hour, a generous pay over the minimum wage of YAMS. If they would like to accept this position can they please talk to MadRAD for their duties.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 17/11/2011 - YAMS and Minecraft Final Release 1.0   
    [quote name='Murasna' timestamp='1322464874' post='7151']
    granted that they have only had about 1 1/2 weeks to do so they have done a TON with bukket and the updates! they did have 1.8 to work with but there has been so much added that i would give it another week or so and it should be full and ready to be put to the test on YAMS

    Yes... I know, they were working with 1.9 too, unless thats what you meant and not 1.8!

    What must annoy them is all the people that I keep seeing on the forums/twitter asking them something along the following "I know you don't know when it will be ready... but any ideas at all?" or "You said soon but can we expect it tomororw/next week etc?" or even "Hurry the *Beep* up... my server wants 1.0 when will you finish?" and the list goes on...

    All this time gives me time to sort things out, I've got loads done this weekend... even if a lot of it did rollback haha. So I dont mind waiting a bit longer also gives me a break from sandbox and I've managed to fit loads of mining in which I miss out on when it's busy!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 17/11/2011 - YAMS and Minecraft Final Release 1.0   
    [b]Update 26/11/2011:[/b]

    I've tested out the latest development build #1509 of Bukkit for Minecraft 1.0.0 along with dev builds of the plugins we are using and everything seems to be working all ok within reason, noticed a few problems though including when I ended up in the End there were multiple dragons! Look at the attached screenshot to see one flying dragon, one dying dragon and one dead as dead dragon...

    For the time being we are staying on 1.8 at least until a Recommended build is out along with fully stable plugins as this is quite a big update I want to make sure we are running smooth.

    For those of you who have been sticking with us on 1.8 I hope I have made it somewhat enjoyable with the fun world and the minigames/plugins such as flying/rock paper scissors/lights out.... that last one can be found at plankville station one further away.

    I will keep you updated as soon as I can.

    [b]EDIT:[/b] Screenshot didnt attach, attached now!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 17/11/2011 - YAMS and Minecraft Final Release 1.0   
    Tomorrow the 18th of November 2011 is the date we have all been waiting for, the date when Minecraft is finally stripped of it's Beta tag and become the final release, Minecraft 1.0. However this isn't where it stops for Minecraft as you may well know Notch and his team at Mojang plan to carry on adding things into the game even after the final release.

    I'm sure most of you will be happy with this release, however I'm sure there will be quite a few of you that will be unhappy with this release, especially potions and an actual end to the game as they can be seen as making the game more of a role playing game (RPG) with a conquest instead of a sandbox game, which is what we have all come to love about Minecraft.

    YAMS will not be updating to Minecraft Final Release 1.0 straight away so please find a list of Frequently Asked Questions below concerning Minecraft 1.0 and YAMS.

    [b]Q:[/b] Should I update to Minecraft Final Release 1.0?
    [b]A:[/b] You can, however by doing you won’t be able to connect to the server. I suggest before you upgrade you make up a backup copy of the bin folder.

    Bin folder located at the following loactions ( “~” = username):
    Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003: C:\Documents and Settings\~\Application Data\.minecraft
    Windows Vista, Server 2008, 7, and Server 2008 R2: C:\Users\~\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    Linux: /home/~/.minecraft
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

    Info: [url="http://windows7themes.net/minecraft-save-file-location-windows-7.html"]http://windows7theme...-windows-7.html[/url]

    [b]Q:[/b] What happens if I upgrade to Minecraft 1.0 and still want to play on YAMS?
    [b]A: [/b]Restore or overwrite your new bin folder with your old backed up folder.

    [b]Q: [/b]I didnt backup the bin folder, is there another way for me to get on?
    [b]A:[/b] If you don’t have a backup try looking at the following links, however please bear in mind that these may not be updated straight away.[list]
    [b]Q:[/b] Can't you or someone else just send me the bin folder?
    [b]A:[/b] No it’s against the terms and conditions to distribute the Minecraft Client Files.

    [b]Q: [/b]When will the server be updated to Minecraft 1.0?
    [b]A: [/b]We will update the server to Minecraft 1.0 as soon as we can, many other Minecraft servers out there will have the same problem. We have to wait until the Bukkit API is updated along with plugins. The Bukkit team will be doing live coding at Minecon, so we may have that quite soon but of course theres all the plugins too and then testing them all. We wil inform you here as soon as we upgrade to 1.0.

    [b]Q: [/b]Will you be resetting the map/world?
    [b]A: [/b]As I have started in the past, in this current moment in time no.

    [b]Q: [/b]Does “current moment” mean you will be in the future?
    [b]A: [/b]I along with my staff have been discussing the future of Minecraft and YAMS for sometime now, if you remember back to the Beta 1.8, we told you all the following:

    [quote]We have come up with what we believe is a good way forward for YAMS, however a final plan and timeline will need to be drawn up before this information is released to CSOs first and then Members. The changes you are seeing in YAMS now are all part of these “bigger” changes I’ve said about before and are somewhat part of a trial to see if our plans will work or not. Don’t worry we will release more information as soon as we can, and the bigger changes are not happening until the final release anyway!"

    Well the final release will soon be upon us and though we will not be moving to a new world straight away, we have decided that at some point in the New Year we will be. I'm sure this will make many of you sad and even angry however you have to understand that our current world has many problems with it including map corruption and old terrain, many other servers out there will have the same problem, especially with year old maps.

    We will be making this move an enjoyable experience for everyone on YAMS and this will in no way be goodbye to YAMS v1, as we hope to do tours of it from time to time. It's also worth noting that anything you have done or will continue to do on YAMS is not wasted and is appreciated.

    We will release more details on this move as soon as we can (a month before it happens we hope). So for now please don’t worry about it or even ask questions, it’s still a long way away and we ourselves still need to finalise details instead relax and enjoy YAMS!

    [b]Q:[/b] I have a question that’s not answered here.
    [b]A: [/b]Providing it's not related to the last FAQ, leave me a message below and I or a member of staff will answer you.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 17/11/2011 - YAMS and Minecraft Final Release 1.0   
    [quote name='benjamine12' timestamp='1321745144' post='6912']
    :C i missed fun stuff again

    The fun in YAMS never stops....
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Spleef Tournament [SUGGESTION]   
    King of Spleef your crown has tarnished with age. To regain your throne to its former splender, you must now face off with challengers new and old throughout the land. Should you fail to rise to the challenges your title shall be forfit. Should you win, you will be raised as the once and future King of Spleef.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Birthday Party   
    Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and especially to those of you who made statues/gardens/presents for me! It was truly a great day because of all of my friends!
    Here are some pics I took from the party scene...

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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Teachers don't play Minecraft   

    Found this on the interwebz so I thought I'd share it.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 01/09/2011 - October recruitment of CSO's   
    Hello, I would love to become a CSO.

    I love showing new members around on the server, showing them the rules and SB and all that good stuff.

    I also saw that you were talking about how we don't have any staff in some time zones, well I'm the Pacific time zone. And there's been plenty of time when I'm on and there isn't any staff online.

    I wouldn't have any trouble taking screen shots of griefings and telling mods/admins about the griefings.

    I really hope that you decide to make me a CSO, I know I wouldn't let you down. Thank you for your consideration.

    - Fugitive_Jackel-
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 01/09/2011 - October recruitment of CSO's   
    I would like to apply for cso, this is because i like the YAMS community and the server itself, and want to be apart of it more,i've been on for 2 months and know the jist of things, i'm friendly, i help and try not to muck it up , and i'm on everyday about 8 hours a day. And well ummm..... that's it thanks for reading
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 07/09/2011 - YAMS and Minecraft Beta 1.8 Adventure Update   
    2nd Prize goes to Ryan I will give them both their prizes latter! :-)
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