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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 28/09/2014 - YAMS Halloween 2014   
    Halloween is on its way, shops and supermarkets are already starting to stock Halloween things!
    But what about YAMS? What are we doing? If anything?
    We have done some fun stuff for Halloween in the past, see posts:
    13/10/2011 - YAMS Halloween 2011 01/10/2012 - YAMS Halloween 2012 04/11/2012 - YAMS Halloween themed area 02/10/2013 - YAMS Halloween 2013 09/11/2013 - YAMS Halloween Mansion Hosts Infected 09/11/2013 - The Ender Dragon Statue  
    What do you want to do this time? Some ideas to get you started:
    Expand the current halloween (/warp spooky) - I have fixed the 3x3 door, seems all pistons stopped working in the Halloween area, spoooooky... Build a new ride. Build some new statues New themed area inside the Halloween area, like the nether section. Use the ender dragon for something, though it's in a completely different location so a teleport to and from inside would probably be needed. A Halloween world An adventure world - there's plenty out there on sites such as planet minecraft. An mini game map. Halloween related plugins. The return of fang... That should get you started, please start discussing!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Microsoft buys Mojang!   
    Only just got home from work and found out about this.... 2.5 Billion Dollars.... 
    What's your thoughts?
    Mojang link: https://mojang.com/2014/09/yes-were-being-bought-by-microsoft/
    Notch link: http://notch.net/2014/09/im-leaving-mojang/
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in No Minecon taking place this year...   
    Woo YAMScon London 2015.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in No Minecon taking place this year...   
    I might be able to go... I start uni in September, so it depends on what's going on in the Spring. Also cost might be an issue for me, not sure how much these things usually cost. It would be nice to meet up, having known most of the people on here for a long time
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Trading Station [SUGGESTION]   
    Happy Birthday! Thank you for your suggestion, trading posts have been suggested before.
    We have also had them in various forms before, but they never truly work, what happens is that most people if they are going to trade just /spawn as it's quick and easy. There are other /warps around the place but it requires knowing them, so that's why /spawn is usually used as everyone should know that.
    If you did still want something, I am more than happy for you to convert a shopping centre room into a public trading station (no one will own the room or pay rent on it), I may even through in a public /warp for it. Have a thought and let me know so I can organise you a spot as we have plenty of empty rooms inside the shopping centre.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Castaway July 2014 #4 [OFFICIAL]   
    Castaway is now closed, well done to everyone who took part in making the community of Castaway 2014.

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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Castaway July 2014 #4 [OFFICIAL]   
    Place is starting to look much better, we need to get houses all linked up with pathways though and have more things in between as the houses are quite far apart. Shame about the snow though, bad Mojang for making it snow on top of mountains! 
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Castaway July 2014 #4 [OFFICIAL]   
    Me and Jon have been on last night and for about 4 hours today, I helped Jon with his and steers house and me and Jon have started a separate build not far from the main farms and not far from Jon and steers house. Its still a working progress but should get it done by tonight or tomorrow  
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in East: Farefall   
    Hey Ryan,
    I would love to start the water park, as you know I love water. There could be several attractions ranging from simple for kids/toddlers to the big for the thrill seekers.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Castaway July 2014 #4 [OFFICIAL]   
    YAMS Castaway returns...
    What is YAMS Castaway?
    Basically it’s a survival world where you and others are castaways (a person who has been shipwrecked and stranded in an isolated place) and must start from scratch.
    Is YAMS Castaway dangerous?
    It's a pure survival world, so creepers and such are on... so yes it could be dangerous if you are not careful.
    Will I have to work as a team?
    Absolutely yes, you shouldn't just disappear into the wildness never to be seen again, I would like to see a thriving community built from scratch! Work together to build a town/community, don't just build your own thing on your own somewhere where you don't take part.
    How do we access it?
    Head on down to the bottom of spawn tower, you’ll find two portals.

    Wait two portals?
    Yes, you can also visit Castaway 2013, it’s a view only world but I really suggest you take a look to see how we worked together before you head to the main world of castaway 2014.
    Will I lose my inventory?
    Yes in castaway 2014 you will lose your inventory, at least what ever you have on you so best to leave everything at home. You won’t lose your inventory in castaway 2013 and can /home or /spawn etc to return.
    Can I set my home inside castaway?
    Thats a no in both worlds, in addition in castaway 2014 to get out of the world you will have to kill yourself. This is to keep inventories separate.
    How long do we have?
    2 weeks, its usually only a week or so but I'm feeling generous!
    Can I start now?
    Yes go and visit the two worlds and start discussing with your fellow castaways what to do, there's no building rules as such!

    No building rules at all?
    Correct, it's up to you and your fellow castaways to decide how your buildings look and how much space you use, you and the rest of the team have an entire world. Make your own judgements. Just remember to keep yourselves under control, in past times we have had to enforce rules because people got carried away, don't make me do that.
    Anything else I should know?
    I wont tolerate griefing/stealing (except the enderman and creepers) and such as we still are a family friendly server. Please don’t misbehave and ruin for everyone else by making me add extra rules.
    Good luck have fun and don't let me down! Work together to create a wonderful community within a community! 
    Any questions, ask below! 
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in North: Snowheim   
    hey folks,
    ultra busy time of the year for me, however after tomorrow it should calm down a little to allow me time to come and finish a few things around town.
    I will hope to get on either Sat afternoon or Sun evening to have a bit of a tidy up and sort out our 'hobbit hole' in the middle of the houses. If anyone is around just give me a shout and we can play a game or do some work or just even chill out for a bit.
    hope you are all behaving and keeping well.
    see you in game soon
    p.s massive thanks to Darren for being understanding in regards to my current absence in game
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Screenshots on Flickr Album Set   
    Just thought you might like to know, I have now updated my YAMS Flickr Album Set, it currently contains 4040 screenshots I have taken in YAMS since Day 1 (over 3 years ago).
    You can find it at this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/darrenstraight/sets/72157627030523694/
    Newest screenshots are first. Enjoy the wondeful world of YAMS, I love minecraft!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Spawn Town Fun-House Remodeling [OFFICIAL]   
    I have a jump puzzle started in test build, but I haven't had time to work on it.  It's supposed to be a combination of actual jumping and the timed obstacles we had tried to do in this room initially, but this time they'll be set on timers and automatically shut off so they don't lag the server.
    Basically, jump through one section, hit a repeating obstacle, more jumping, another obstacle, jumping, done.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in doplaysminecraft and Crystal_clear12 are getting married :)   
    As you all know, I am the cake queen So I'll be happy to make the wedding cake
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in doplaysminecraft and Crystal_clear12 are getting married :)   
    shall I call upon the cookie monster priest again?
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in South: Maplehold   
    I am pleased to announce that progress has been made on the roller coaster! I have continued the abandoned mineshaft and turned into an existing cave. After the turn, we will switch to a nether theme. This will require a large area, and a good portion of lava, I will be heading to the nether soon, hopefully tomorrow, to get more lava. We will also need cobwebs for the abandoned mineshaft, however these will be more difficult to get. Either way, its good that the project is on its feet again
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 01/07/2014 - IMPORTANT: YAMS IP address change   
    I regret to inform you all that as of tomorrow our IP address may change and that I unfortunately do not know the new IP Address yet, I'm not a happy bunny to say the least, please see email I received from my host today:
    I Have made a complaint with help from SteerpikeSister:
    I am also looking into setting up correct DNS records to point play.yams.me to the server.
    I will update this topic once I know more, please inform any players you see on that the ip address may be changing and to check the forums for updates.
    Thank you,
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Or perhaps a sacrificial altar to Notch, the creator of all Minecraft.  (and by sacrificial I mean a flame where we can toss stuff out of our inventory in offering, with a really cool shrine built around it )
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in North: Snowheim   
    just a quick note to the folks of Snowheim,
    due to recent work increase my time has been limited on YAMS, but be assured I have not forgotten about you. I was able to get on during my weeks holiday at the beginning of the month and made a few small changes around town and tidied up a few things as well.
    I am hoping to get online this Saturday for a couple of hours before 6pm(UK time) to look at changing the animal farm design and to attempt some terraforming of the castle grounds.
    If you are around I would appriciate the company and additional input from another Yamsian (regardless of where you live in YAMS - doesn't have to be Snowheim). If you find me online but AFK then I am probably just getting food/drink and shouldn't be long.
    anyway midnight for me now so sleepy time again
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Downtown Hosts Paintball [OFFICIAL]   
    Minecraft paintball at the YAMS coliseum arena has proven popular, so I would now like to present paintball downtown, this an extra arena you can vote to play in and does not mean the closure of the coliseum one.
    This downtown arena is quite big and has lots of features, so please bear with us while we fine tune it.
    If you would like to join, just type: /pb join - you can vote to play downtown once inside the lobby.
    A massive thanks to the following people in helping me get this setup:
    ryanfenton - Helped me kick this project off, doing a lot of design on the banks and the shops and much more. Also donated loads of iron blocks for the anvils. madrad - Did lots of work on the underground for me, building my trains and digging out the tunnel. Also connected up all the redstone lamps that turn off in the underground during the night. Nikki_Nutta - For donating lots of iron blocks for the anvils. In the making of the downtown arena, we used a lot of materials, here's some of the top ones:
    4505 Bricks 2645 Steps / Half slabs 2305 Wool 2090 Wood 1480 Double Steps / Half slabs 1410 Quartz blocks 1408 Stained clay blocks 1336 Stone brick stairs 1335 Stone bricks 906 Spruce wooden stairs 702 Redstone wire 451 Quartz stairs 415 Stained glass panes 333 Anvils 291 Glowstone 250 Redstone lamps 186 Iron doors 176 Dark oak wooden stairs 142 Iron bars 103 iron blocks If you can donate any materials to replenish our public build materials, please donate to the public spawn warehouse!

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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Halloween Mansion Hosts Infected [OFFICIAL]   
    As Infected has not been played properly since January it has now been removed this from the Halloween Mansion.
    I am currently investigating an alternative game, in the mean time, hide and seek is still playable there... everyone loves hide and seek!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Dragon Dodge - Sky Island [OFFICIAL]   
    UPDATE 08/05/2014:
    I am constantly updating Dragon Dodge as I find problems, having never made a game like this before please bear with me as I find what works and doesn't work, finding 3-4 players to play (only way to test properly) is hard too so if you're free please let me know!
    The loser pod which resets your score and teleports you back to spawn has been improved again, the problem before was that after the first player used it the repeaters would become stuck as the chunk unloaded, I've now added a redstone clock to this to refresh the redstone repeaters when you get teleported to the loser pod. Unfortunately this does mean teleporting out of the world is a little slower. Improved last player alive detector, my design uses hoppers for the clock which were sometimes transferring two items instead of 1 making the testfor command always on, most likely was happening when chunks were rapidly unloaded/loaded, improved by only having one item in the hopper and using a separate hopper for the other comparator. Removed Fireworks as they were not noticeable. Added extra flying ender cystals to see if I can keep dragons closer to the island, please feedback. You get healed now when starting the game. Pushed Huxley Pig back into his cave. Removed Herobrine. Please help test and feedback! 
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Who remembers Sharky & George?   
    I was looking for a video of Huxley Pig earlier and one of the videos was of Sharky and George! Anyone remember them? Us older kids!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Coliseum Hosts Paintball [OFFICIAL]   
    Since November 2012 the coliseum has hosted BattleArena, but its now time for a change!
    I would like to announce that the YAMS Coliseum is now hosting Paintball - pure war! pure fun!
    I can guarantee you wont be let down by this game, features include:
    Red and blue teams with red and blue armour. Inventory saving when playing 13 ranks - get more kills/wins/points to level up! Lobby rank armour - the more you play the different style armour you will have on in the lobby. Rank chat names - when chatting everyone gets to see your rank, only those in the paintball game will see it. The shop - get money for kills/wins and then spend it in the shop. Rank up to unlock new weapons, from grenades, rocket launchers to airstrikes and more! Random gifts - weapons will be send to you from time to time while in game, use them while you can! Fun, fun and fun! If you would like to play simply type: /pb join - minimum of two players required.
    Please post feedback as I'm very excited about this addition to YAMS.

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    VictoriaPorter reacted in New public build warehouse now open [OFFICIAL]   
    I would just like to announce that the new YAMS public build warehouse is now open, massive thank you again to madrad for his help on getting this sorted with me.
    You may find the entrance to this new warehouse at the bottom of spawn tower, last floor.
    As a reminder:
    This public build warehouse has been setup for use on non town public builds and build challenges. Please do not take from here unless you are certain you are allowed to. If in doubt ask a member of staff who will help you. Only take the minimum amount of materials you need, don't for example take out diamonds to make tools when we have stone or iron tools already crafted in the chests. Also don't leave the items at your house or leave the game with them on you. Finally do not use them for your own personal use. Thank you.

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