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    VictoriaPorter reacted in West: Perivale   
    The theatre was amazing! I visited it this morning and it is one of my favourite minecraft builds I've seen
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Spawn Town Horse Stable [OFFICIAL]   
    So! I kinda felt like having a go at a stable because I am pretty excited for this next update I used the current spawntown building materials which were stonebrick and spruce logs for walls, and oak planks for roofs as I felt it would help it to fit in  I didn't know how many horses we're planning on keeping there so I made two pens for two horses, but I'm sure we could fit two in each if we tried! In terms of the building itself I wanted to make it interesting and give it a variety of levels. I used shallow curves for the roof to give it a unique look-curves are cool! 
    So anyways the building itself! I'm aware some of you don't know where testbuild is, so I've included some pictures for you guys

    This is a front view of the Stable itself.

    This is a side view looking at the tower.

    A side view looking from the other way.

    The interior, it's a little bare as I didn't quite know what to put in there!

    I also put in a little prize board for the awards the horses could win

    And finally this picture shows one of the pens, and me feeding one of the horses (although I couldn't quite find any so I had to make do with some cows instead  )
    Anyways I hope you guys like it, and feel free to add any feedback if you have any!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in My 28th Birthday!   
    Just a quick thank you again to everyone wishing me Happy Birthday! Also thanks for the presents!
    Hoped you al enjoyed the games we played, I wasn't expecting to do anything but thought I return the favour for sorting out my birthday area!
    To those of you not there, we played:
    Strike a light at the Oasistadium. The Walls Map. The cops and robbers map. Thanks again!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in North: Snowheim   
    Ok well castle wise we have made some headway on the eastern side of the mountain-thank you to everyone who has helped by the way, either through terraforming or donating, either way you're awesome!  We've managed to get most of the eastern side up to the current peak level, and after exams have died down for me and others I hope to get underway with making the North and South of the mountain more natural (particularly on the overhangs, as they look a little too unsupported). Once the base is done we can start work on creating the peak-which I think should perhaps be made of stone (leave your thoughts below obviously!). I think a steep peak with the castle built into it will look much better than a simple castle built on a flat mountain
    Down below the mountain a new park has been finished with some seating and lots of trees and flowers have sprung up everywhere!
    I have also managed to set up an area on the peak now for donations and stuff if you'd like to give materials. There are also instructions for terraforming up there for if I'm not on and you'd like to give it a go!
    I have to ask though before you take any materials from the donation chests to get an ok from me-just so we know what's been taken, otherwise it could get pretty confusing! There's also a chest up there for ores and minerals collected through terraforming.
    Finally I'd like to say thanks again for all the help so far in the project that's been given-and I know it's only just started but I'm sure it'll be a fun build!
    PS. I'd also like to see a few more members helping out-us staff don't bite you know!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Freebuild weekend - June 2013 #1 [OFFICIAL]   
    Everything we built looks so beautiful 8D This is definitely an event we should repeat sometime in the future
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Freebuild weekend - June 2013 #1 [OFFICIAL]   
    Free build weekend is now over, I have closed access to the world and removed your items, if you have a ridiculous amount of xp on you (obtained from freebuild world) please could you get rid of it by dying in lava or something, saves me having to clear it myself, I'm sure I can trust you all right?
    Here are some images of the world.
    We will return some day!

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    VictoriaPorter reacted in North: Snowheim   
    ok here goes.......
    first of all thanks for all the congrats i have recieved over the last 2 days.
    i am looking forward to hopefully making a difference to snowheim, even if it is slow and steady at least it will be in the right direction.
    having just finished moving all my stuff to my new plot i will be taking a few days to get my new house built and get settled before having a good look around to see what we need to make a priority. (i have already had a small wander    and have a list of things to do).
    i will be on holiday for a week from 12th-19th may, so its unlikely that much will happen before then. However when i get back things should start to change/improve.
    if anyone has any ideas regarding what they would like to see in snowheim then as before just leave ideas/suggesions in here as before.
    if u have any major concerns that you may wish to keep a bit more private then feel free to pm me on here.
    although am not always online, my phone is a constant resident on the forums so if i cant get on to help straight away i can at least give you a better idea of when i will be online.
    i am sad to be leaving perivale in a way,   and want to thank Steer and fellow residents for making my time there a great one.
    i deem this topic now open, lets make it an active one and catch up with the pages of perivale  filling it full of new ideas and great communication for the town.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Team Fortress 2 Matches   
    Sounds good to me! Count me in!
    I want to play 1 game of mann vs machine, if we can get 6 players (includes myself and steer) then I will pay for each of us to play one game of intermediate (easy for those that don't normally play mvm).
    So yeah get 6 players and I pay for tour of duty tickets, but you have to stay for whole match I need the achievement!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Nams' cupcakes half price sale!   
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in The Oasistadium hosts Strike a light and Sand spleef [OFFICIAL]   
    The oasistadium is now open at the oasis (aka North west corner station).
    Hosting strike a light, "massive" sand spleef and any other games you can think of inventing, it's really up you to decide what and how you play, though please read the instructions I've left there.
    Please come and visit for some fun, don't forget to bring others with you!
    P.S. Added public warp "/warp oasis". Though don't just tell people the warp, tell them to read this topic, if it gets leaked in chat it gets deleted, thanks!

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    VictoriaPorter reacted in The Withers Challenge April 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    Thanks to everyone for a very fun and exciting event, a few hiccups along the way but overall it went quite well.
    People who attended are as follows:
    10:00 - darrenstraight, kolayhe, namscupcake, ryanrenton 12:00 - NO one turned up only SteerpikeSister, so we didnt play. 14:00 - darrenstraight, SteerpikeSister, madrad 16:00 - darrenstraight, SteerpikeSister, Nikki_Nutta, benjamine12 18:00 - darrenstraight, CoolKill21, Shadow7690, Blitzkrieg_HOSS, SwanofWar 20:00 - darrenstraight, SwanofWar, ElseJon, Jorgmeisterwork 22:00 - darrenstraight, BartyJnr, SwanofWar, SteerpikeSister, Nikki_Nutta, namscupcake, ryanfenton Takes a while to setup this event and coordinate it but I'm sure we can do another one some day!
    Good talking to everyone on mumble, especially on the last one, was really enjoyable.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in North West Corner Station [OFFICIAL]   
    The mini game I have been building is near complete, I just need to hook up all my redstone to each other and finish of fine details. Thanks to those who have donated all the sandstone I needed (don't need anymore) and thanks to SteerpikeSister for helping me where needed.
    It's certainly been a fun and challenging build and has tested my redstone skills.
    Trying to compact redstone that does 3 different things in very small spaces.Solution: Redstone comparators and redstone lamps! Getting redstone travelling vertically downwards in a 1x1 space.Solution: Pistons + Redstone blocks! Creating compact timers that are configurable with ease.Solution: Hoppers and droppers with redstone comparators! Building a main part of the game that you think will work based on the 5 minute despawn rule, then realising that it doesn't apply to a certain item that despawns after 1 minute so you have to think of a way to by pass that and redesign it.Solution: Vertical RS Nor Latches! Figuring out a short but sweet noteblock tune to use.Solution: SteerpikeSister!  
    So I'm progressing... but how is everyone else doing? Surely the obstacle course is down now? Also what about that spleef thing? Are we doing that or not? I was thinking about it and it may be annoying to play as once sand falls it would be like a maze inside and what happens if you get stuck inside a blocked space... in real spleef you can jump over holes, in this one would you be able to destroy sand walls or? :S
    Anyway I wont be opening my game till the rest is done, so hurry up and at least get the obstacle course done!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in "I Need Creepers" - A Minecraft parody of Use Somebody by King of Leons   
    Thought id share this with you, it's from last year but hey everyone loves minecraft music/song parody's right?
    I saw Kings of Leon at a Reading Festival back in 2007 and everyone time I listen to them it makes me want to go to a music festival and jump up and down!
    Anyway enjoy!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in West: Perivale   
    Ice rink should be built in snowheim is my personal opinion. I've always said that all towns should help each other out in builds this includes when someone mentions a build for one town which would be better suited for another town that it's built there, there's no reason why all players cant share ideas and resources!
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in North: Snowheim   
    I quite like the look of this castle... but of course it would have to be in cobble

    What do you guys think? 
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in The Ender Dragon Battle March 2013 [OFFICIAL]   
    Darren- feel free to take a stack of diamonds from my home to make some swords for everyone with :-)
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Halloween themed area [OFFICIAL]   
    Thanks to those of you that helped out at the Halloween, to those of you that didnt but could of easily helped! Shame on you! May you die a horrible death in Minecraft!
    Theres still loads of potential for future projects here and it makes me sad that more wasnt done, but it's time to close this project as it's been ongoing for way too long, maybe next Halloween it can be used again!
    We will be hosting some hide and seek and maybe some treasure events this weekend at the halloween area, we will announce them in game half an hour before they happen, so keep an eye on chat!
    I will leave you with these 2 images:


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    VictoriaPorter reacted in YAMS Halloween themed area [OFFICIAL]   
    Ok as there's not been much interest in the Halloween area anymore, I'm cancelling for the time being what I wanted built (ghost train) as no point hoping for something when there's clearly no interest.

    Other than that, is the Halloween area done?
    Trees all been placed on side of mountains? All bonemealing been done? Ferns, flowers, grass etc. Jack o lanterns around done? Water stream on hill done? Surrounding areas of mansion done? SwanOfWar's build done? If not can someone finish, it's exactly what she built in test build world. Sky Lady's sign board filled in at the start of her build (The mouth thing) with info? After it was griefed.... Seats / Maps / Tables / Bins etc around the place?  Anything else to make the place themed and look like a finished place. Get this all completed and as promised we will go and fight the ender dragon, it could even be this Saturday at 5pm GMT!
    If you all hurry up that is... hint.... hint....
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Hello. I am Brianetta.   
    Brian for short...
    I've just bought my Minecraft account (last night, as I type this) and I'm looking forward to joining everybody online.  I've been playing single-player survival for a couple of weeks now, but multiplayer's new to me.
    I'm fortunate enough to count SteerpikeSister as one of my friends IRL, so I'm grateful to her for pointing me in the direction of a sensible and friendly server.
    I won't be able to join you immediately. I have version 1.5, so I have a few days to get to know yu fine folk here on the forum first. (-:
    So anyway, about my play style:
    In single player Minecraft I've been mining, mostly. Got my first diamond pick, and built a little railway system to carry all the loot back to the surface. I have yet to find any redstone, so I'm using a coal powered cart for now. I'm breeding cows, sheep and chickens. My sheep used to be orange, but are now sky blue. Haven't seen any pigs yet. I'm growing melons and pumpkins, and fishing.
    I used to have a dog (he had an orange collar), but he went for a swim in some lava. Silly dog. I am often finding myself being stalked by spiders, and there's nothing like a creeper to wake me up. Those things need bells, I tell you.
    My house is carved into a cliff face. It has a little balcony, and a fenced of garden. Inside, I have a bit to live in, and a pit head where my little mine trains stop.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Magic minecraft poster illusion!   
    It's a brasspup illusion, not sure if anyone's posted it up before, but here you go!

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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Build Competition #1 - Spawn tower [OFFICIAL]   
    I like all the tower designs! And i say we all did a great job!!! :D
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in Minecraft Marathon 2013   


    And what can I say....

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    VictoriaPorter reacted in West: Perivale   
    One of my favorite things are puzzles. I wish we had more of them. I love Darren's redstone light-up-the-lights puzzle. I have often designed my own puzzle mazes in the real world, partly inspired by Robert Abbot's Logic Mazes. (Google it!) I designed a puzzle maze for Minecraft and would like to propose adding it as a tourist attraction for Perivale! It's hard to describe, so I built it in the test build world. Please have a look and maybe give it a try. It is easy/medium in difficulty. It took my daughters about 5 minutes to work through it. Only one person at a time can go through, or the maze becomes impossible. I used glass walls (1) as a tease to the puzzle inside, (2) to be sure the person inside doesn't get claustrophobia, and (3) to let friends laugh at you as you go through! I built it in the Perivale style, of course. It is designed in such a way that, when you successfully complete the puzzle, all the levers and doors are back in their original position, ready for the next person. (If someone gives up and does a tp to get out, well, the maze will be half solved and perhaps a bit easier for the next person, though if they don't know what they're doing, the levers and doors will quickly get randomized again.) Please leave feedback if you see how to improve it. It is small (11x13 + a little porch/entrance area), so we could tuck it away anywhere. If I had glowstone, I might replace the torches, but I haven't found the nether yet!
    Next project: I'd love to do a puzzle that requires 2 people to cooperate to get through, but haven't thought of a good design yet!
    -AustinSeb (Dad)
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in North West Corner Station [OFFICIAL]   
    I don't agree on this... unless you and everyone else have done everything I said on my previous post on page 3 (bottom of the page)? Did you see this post? Has all of this been completed?

    I want people to get involved and pyreflos is wanting too, so please let him. I don't see why we cant have an underground area like this if placed in the right place and done well with the gardens.
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    VictoriaPorter reacted in 01/02/2013 - YAMS 2nd World 1st Year Anniversary   
    What a mouthful of a topic... let me explain....

    On the 18th of February of 2013 we will have been living in our current world for 1 whole year, before that we lived in another world which is sometimes called YAMS v1, we journeyed to the world we live in now on The Ark which you can find in the north east ocean.

    I’d like to invite you all to celebrate our achievements throughout the past year in this world, not by revisiting the old world as this has been done before, but instead by celebrating what we have now in our current world. Though there will be some off world explorations.... :D

    So from now till Monday the 18th be on the lookout for some upcoming events that will be posted in the forums.

    Thank you,
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