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Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)


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    666darius666 reacted in I don't know about you guys but...   
    I've played it but really didnt like it so un-installed it again.... its not like any shooter game that i play, just not my thing
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    666darius666 reacted in Which Free Keylogger is the Most reliable and Least detectable?   
    My son who is very computer savvy is doing things online that Im worried about and I would like to check up on. Does anyone know of a FREE keylogger that is hard to find, for example, if he were to look for it and try to uninstall it. Some Internet buddies recommended some like [b]Amac Keylogger[/b]([url=http://www.amackeylogger.com]kelogger for mac[/url]), but it seems not free and its price may be too expensive for me. Have any more informative suggestions for me?
    Thank you
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