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    Shippinu reacted in North: Snowheim   
    I will look into this...but can I just not 1 thing...Woo first town to reach 2 pages
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    [quote name='TheWyrdOne' timestamp='1330715857' post='10188']
    ..he has friends? Since when?

    ummmm since high school wyrd my pal of mine

    also nice to see ya man! and @ ds i wont do like i did the other 2
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    Shippinu reacted in Fenrir_XIII   
    ..he has friends? Since when?
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    Shippinu reacted in 09/12/2011 - The Future of YAMS for 2012   
    I want to make Taco Bell down the street (64 blocks) from that discustiong place

    (i probaby should mention that my dad does advertizing for them(free tacos awaaaaaaay))
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    Shippinu reacted in Free potion from the Full Metal Alchemest!   
    I'll take one and one for every single player whos ever been on YAMS! I'll keep them in storage for them! Dont worry it's only 2000+ people. I'll start making some chests to store them in!
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    Shippinu reacted in 09/12/2011 - The Future of YAMS for 2012   
    The ark is a fantastic idea! I love it :D

    One of the reasons I haven't been on much is because I have a house and farm with everything I could ever need. There's no reason for me to come on and explore or craft because I want of nothing. Moving to a new world will definitely make me want to play more.

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    Shippinu reacted in Spleef Tournament [SUGGESTION]   
    King of Spleef your crown has tarnished with age. To regain your throne to its former splender, you must now face off with challengers new and old throughout the land. Should you fail to rise to the challenges your title shall be forfit. Should you win, you will be raised as the once and future King of Spleef.
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    Shippinu reacted in If You Could Add Something Into Minecraft, What Would It Be?   
    Stained glass would be a nice addition. Would certainly make things colourful
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    Shippinu reacted in 18/10/2011 - Mining world now open!   
    Hello everyone,

    A unanimous vote has been made between 15 people members of staff to open up a Mining World, what does this mean for you?[list]
    [*]No more mining in the current normal world, this will prevent a lot of issues we have seen lately such as people just strip mining everything and leaving mess everywhere for others to clear up.
    [*]You can only mine in the mining world (world_mining) but you can mine as much as you like here, of course try and keep things somewhat tidy, don’t just mine straight outside the spawn point... you have the whole world to explore.
    [*]You will get to the world by going through a town mining portal, each town has one including sandbox, if you do not live in a town I'm sorry but you will still need to use these portals. All portals lead to the same place so you can meet up with others.
    [*]Once you arrive please read all the info there.
    [*]Creepers...... ssssss...... need I say more? You are safe from explosions inside the mining hub though, but watch out for other mobs that try and get in!
    [*]Every so often we may change the world to a brand new one, this won't happen straight away and will be a while till it does but when it does all the mines will be closed for a brief period and reopened when the new world is ready, at this time it is expected that people hold off mining.
    [*]This is v1 so there may be changes...

    Remember Server Rules apply, this world is still part of the server, that includes building without permission, this is not a building world its a mining world!
    Please pass this info to anyone else you see who can't get on the forums. They need to know!

    See you over the other side! And good luck.

    And one more thing thank you to all the staff in helping me get my idea of the ground in 3-4 days! Great team effort. I really do appreciate it, it's a great feeling when everyone agrees to go along with something, I'm very excited about it and I hope people see the potential in a mining world but without going crazy and abusing the rules.
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