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  1. My goodness the nostalgia is hitting me real hard right now. And I have no idea why I felt like checking on the forums tonight, glad I did.


    YAMS was an amazing time that helped me through school. I think trying my hardest to rank up through the system to eventually becoming a moderator really helped me in the real life. I remember a time when I had just became a CSO (by a razor thin line by the way) I would stay up all night long on the server by myself until midnight or 1am with dreary red eyes just waiting for Darren to log on (British morning) to make sure that the server constantly had someone watching over it. I was amazed at how a group of random people could come together to build a community. Especially one as diverse as we saw on YAMS. And I think that's what got me hooked. I spent so much time on the server and I don't regret any of it, it's weird how much I can remember. Not sure if there's any other chapter in life that's detailed and recorded so well just from memory.


    And Shadow I actually remember your house in Snowheim, I don't think we actually conversed too much however. And Ryan, I remember always being slightly jealous of you because people liked you more than they liked me. Lol, what a time. I do miss my talks with madRAD, I wonder how he's doing. I also wonder how my new sister in law is that I haven't talked to in forever.


    And as far as the Nether portal! It can't be spoken! It's STILL a secret that you must find! 

  2. Okay! So thankfully we have the main mountain bigger from the stone fill ins! But, we need dirt! And Badly! We're fine fine now!


    Ha never did I think I'd see the day where dirt was needed <_< but, it has came.


    So whoever can and wishes to donate dirt please do! Like I said above, chests are on top of the mountain.

  3. Hello everyone! Yes, including those that don't live in Snowheim. It's that time! Time to get ready for the building of the castle!



    So, starting tomorrow (2/19/13) around 4 pm GMT time. The mountain is located right next to the Snowheim Welcome Centre (To the right as you exit it)


    What we will be doing? We will be terraforming the mountain making it bigger, so that there will be enough space for the actual castle! :lol:


    What can you do individually? You can smelt cobble to get stone to help fill in the Hole. There are chests on top of the mountain, signs will tell you which chests they go into. Also bring dirt!


    When the terraforming itself starts, please make sure you don't leave any dirt on the insides, and make sure there arn't any gaps!


    P.S. Please remember no actual building of the castle will occur tomorrow.


    P.P.S. If I don't get on around that time it's because my alarm clock didn't wake me up <_< but I should wake up in time.

  4. Hello Nikita! It's nice to meet you, it is always a pleasure to have a friend of a member join..


    I'm afraid to inform you that you don't have a premium account! So whitelisting would be pointless as you couldn't join anyways. :(


    I would like to say that if/when you do get a premium account that you should post in this same topic that you've started to let us know!



  5. Hello there!


    Welcome to YAMS, I have gone ahead and whitelisted you.it's always nice to have friends of a member join. I hope you enjoy the server once you join :) and enjoy getting to know the community which makes up YAMS :lol:


    Once on you will be greeted by a Community Support Officer and be shown the rules, if no staff member is on then please proceed to the rules room by yourself and read all the info from that room and then the other rooms, this will help you find everything you need. :) From there please proceed to SandBox on ground level, where you can find yourself a plot and start building a house and get yourself approved to move to a town, more info explained in game about this! Please make sure you read everything that you can see, as it explains everything and ensures everything runs smoothly both for you and me.


    See you in game.


  6. So, just an observation. I went down the ladders to all the farms, landed in the future tree farm, and noticed that a giant slime had spawned. So maybe we could build off to the side or something, and make another slime farm? :lol: Yay slime chunks!!!
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